Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Round 17: Days 81-85

Narrated by Kendal Kalson

I'm an amateur astronomer, so I'm usually outside with the telescope at night long after everyone else has gone to bed.

But the other night, Samson hadn't gone to bed at all and had a little surprise for me!

I accepted, of course! I couldn't stop looking at my ring. I don't think I've ever owned a piece of jewelry so sparkly before.

When we announced our engagement, Galen told us we should hold the wedding at Cedarwood Hotel, a new wedding venue in Sullivan. I thought it sounded fantastic. Samson barely talks to his father and I think he may have grunted in response. I've been trying to get them to talk more but Samson won't have a bar of it.

Anyway, we drove to Sullivan after work one evening and I have to say, it's really a beautiful place. I can just imagine what we can do with it!

Outside, where the ceremony would be held, was even more beautiful. I think I was grinning like a loon the whole time.

We sat down in one of the empty suites to discuss it. I had to talk Samson into it, because he just didn't want to take advice from his dad. He did agree though, finally. I'm so excited!

The morning of the wedding, Georgette made us all breakfast but I was too jittery to eat. I just sort of picked around it.

Samson decided a pre-wedding quickie in the bedroom was just the thing to relax me.

It did actually work, until Georgette freaked me out all over again with all her fussing in the bathroom. We were going to be late!

We weren't late though, in the end, and everything came together perfectly.

The cake was delicious.

And Samson and I got to sit at a special table, just for us. It was so lovely.

When we all entered the ballroom, Elias played piano for us while we all danced.

It was a perfect end to the afternoon.

We decided to stay in the honeymoon suite overnight after everyone else went home. It was very romantic.

But we had to come back down to earth sometime. It was kind of depressing the day after that to wake up and have to go to work.

But we soon had another reason to celebrate - we're having twins!

There's only one (very small) spare bedroom in the house and Georgette and Galen have been talking about extending the house. Galen is really keen to reconcile with Samson and he's always trying to do nice things for us but so far, it's not having much impact on Samson.

I've been a little bit lonely since moving to Exeter but I'm starting to make some friends finally. I met Zelda at the wedding. She's about my age and we get along really well.

At least I have something to do when I'm on maternity leave after everyone else has gone to work! I used to end up just sitting at home watching the Weather Channel all day!

Wedding spam:

Faux pas! Twinsies! Does it make it any better than they actually are twins? I fixed this up with the InSim Wardrobe Adjuster. Ditto Zelda who showed up at the wedding IN HER WEDDING DRESS!

I didn't even notice the lighthouse when I placed the lot, or when I sent Samson and Kendal there to check it out. But it's a nice little touch, I think.

Just a wide shot of everyone enjoying their cake at the reception. I like how James and Madelyn are sitting together as are Georgette and Galen.

James got some grab-ass on the dance floor, much to Madelyn's surprise.

Athena and Adam engaged in a little PDA...

...and Adam looks pretty proud of himself after they're done!

But Galen and Georgette have to steal the show!

  • I love this lot! I think I'll do all my rich Sim weddings here (the Clarkes are absolutely loaded). Venue hire for Cedarwood Hotel (which is modified from the Cedarwoods Weddings lot at MTS2) is $10,000. It's set up as a hotel, so couples really can spend their wedding night there. I'm so happy that Kendal and Samson automatically sat at the table I had designated as the bridal table. I think I might put in darker flooring and walls in the ballroom though - might look a bit more elegant. I considered it and then decided against it.
  • I am having a minor issue with it though. I have the career reward camera there, so I can take wedding pictures to hang on the couple's walls. I had Galen take Kendal and Samson's picture and only then did I discover that inventories are disabled on community lots, even with the dormspecifictools cheat activated. :\ So I'm going to have to rezone this lot as a community lot, get my tester Sim to buy it, put the picture in his inventory and then rezone it to hotel. What a pain.
  • LOL at Drusilla and Xanthia slap dancing while everyone else is slow dancing. Sims are such idiots!
  • If you're the type to be curious about these sorts of things, the twins were conceived from the pre-wedding quickie, so Kendal was already pregnant when they got married. She's a very happy pregnant woman - no sickness at all.


  1. Can't the sim who takes the picture just gift one of the couple sims and give the picture from the inventory? The item doesn't disappear, right?

    I love your wedding pictures. XD They're always so fun. Family get togethers and all that-- plus it is really cute that some of the sims you would want together sat together.

  2. Awww, that was a beautiful wedding! I love the pictures of all your couples dancing! That must have taken some time to coordinate! ;) I really wish couples would slow dance autonomously.

    I like the lighter colors in the hotel - it looks gorgeous! I recently redid my wedding hall in lighter colors too, so maybe I'm biased ;)

    That does really suck about the photographer's camera. I've always wished they could take the pictures home with them too. I haven't ever found a mod to enable inventories on community lots. It seems like something someone should have made by now.

  3. You put so much effort in the wedding parties! This one looks fabulous (just like all the previous ones). My sims don't usually have enough money to have a nice wedding party so it's nice to see your sims' wedding pics.

  4. Thank you, everyone.

    The dancing pics were a bit of a pain to set up, so I'm especially glad you like those. Using the slow dance instead of the classic dance at least guarantees that they won't stop the interaction without my permission! I think it was worth it though and I'll do it again, at least when I have a wedding on this lot.

    I like the lighter colours too but my main problem with the decoration on this lot is that the downstairs is incongruous with the upstairs. I'm still fine-tuning because I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it.

    Lunar, no. When you take a picture with the career reward camera, it stays in the camera, not in the Sims' inventory. And when you go back to the lot later, the picture *has* disappeared from the camera. The BV camera that all Sims have sucks (very small pictures), so that's not an option either.

    I've come to the conclusion that there's not really a workable solution to this. Even what I was planning to do doesn't work because when they left the hotel, the lot reset and the picture was gone. Nocommente at N99 suggested I make wedding pictures into paintings with SimPE and I'm kind of excited about that now! I may set up one of the Sims with a little portrait business. I could do some other kinds of pictures too.

  5. Beautiful wedding. I love seeing sim weddings. It always makes me want to put in the effort. But of course I am just to lazy. I have done it once and it was so much work. Maybe I will do it again. It is a great way to get rid of sims money.

    Let me know how the SimPe painting thing goes. I would love to try that out.

  6. Monique, making paintings with the Photo Studio is so easy. It's as simple as loading the Photo Studio and then choosing what image you want to go on what painting. It shows you a preview and everything so you can see if it'll be distorted. Give it a go! I made a bunch of wedding pics last night but this round, I'm going to take pictures with an eye to "framing" them so I should have some better ones soon.

  7. What a gorgeous venue! That wedding was something else. Very lovely. Shame about the pictures, though. Bah.

    Do you use insimenator? You can turn on build/buy mode and perhaps move the picture from the camera? But dang, inventories are disabled on community lots. That's a bummer.

    I usually just make my sims paint wedding pictures using the custom picture option. xD

  8. Thanks, Mao.

    Yes, I'm a faithful InSim user. Turning on buy/build mode can be done with that or the dormspecifictools cheat but like you said, there's still the problem of the inventories. That's one good thing about TS3 - inventories are available everywhere!

    The custom picture option is another good idea, actually. I used that for Steffi and Anton (waaaaaay back) and never did it again. I'm just going to have to try all the different ideas I have and see which one is the least trouble.