Thursday, 25 June 2009

Out with the tide

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Tate Benton

I have to pull all my fancy cooking tricks early in the morning before everyone gets up. Xanthia freaks out about having eggs permanently stuck to the ceiling. But I'm an expert and I totally know what I'm doing.

I've got a real talent for cooking, just like Dad. My friend Emil comes over and helps himself all the time.

Enough about my cooking though. Zelda and I have been really busy with our daughter Josie. We both work, so we end up keeping her up much too late to maximise the time we spend with her when we're home.

We've been trying to conceive another baby but it's not going so well so far. I would love to have six children but Zelda's pretty adamant that's not going to happen.

We're both young, so I think part of the reason is just a lack of time. Every time we think we're going to get some alone time, Josie needs us for something or another and Xanthia's gone to bed.

Up until recently, Xanthia was still working but she has since retired. She takes care of Josie full time during the day now, which is such a load off our shoulders.

There are two nannies in Sullivan - one fantastic one and one who leaves babies sitting outside in calf-deep snow. Guess which one we got lumped with and were thankfully able to fire once Xanthia quit working?

Hachiko is still with us and he's really taken a shine to Josie. Or maybe he's just hanging around waiting for her to abandon her bottles.

Time passes by so quickly! Josie is just about ready to start school now. Zelda has got her hooked on her video games. I think Josie likes them even more than her mum does now!

We decided it was time Josie met her cousins, so I invited my brother, his wife, my mum and dad and my two nieces, Claudia and Victoria over.

Claudia and Josie seemed to be getting along okay at first but Josie started getting a little bit aggressive.

She was sweet as pie with her grandma...

...and again with Trent later. I'm kind of worried about sending her to school now! I hope she doesn't become "that" child, constantly in the principal's office and having her parents called down. I'm hoping she was just a little over-excited.

  • I never noticed how high they flip the eggs before. I love how they flip it up, bacon and toast and all!
  • I'm just as adamant as Zelda that they won't be having 6 kids! I would like them to have another though but they're having trouble. It was 12 years between Araminta and Zelda and I think Xanthia and Stan tried for about 5 years to have Araminta in the first place. So I'm hoping Tate and Zelda don't have similar troubles.
  • Josie looks sweet but she is, as you may have guessed from her interactions with poor Claudia, a complete brat. She's yet another of my Sims with only one nice point!
  • I have since played the primary school though (bumper enrollment this round...could not believe it!) and Josie did okay. So far at least, Tate's fears have been unfounded.
  • Primary school update, plus two Novak updates (Magdalena/Jace and Augustin/Hanna) coming tomorrow! I had the day off work today and I managed to play through three families!


  1. "that child," I don't think they have to worry about that until she gets a bit older. lol Sometimes it dosen't show it's head until the child gets settled in at school.

    Hopefully they'll be able to have another baby soon. Have they though about adoption?

  2. Josie is adorable sitting in the snow! LOL at the egg flipping. Have you seen the animations for it in TS3? They flip things over their head and catch them behind their back... it's pretty crazy.

    I wish my sims had fertility problems... seems mine are all TOO fertile! Geeze!

  3. I'm glad my sims aren't the only ones with 1 nice point! I'm shocked and amazed when I get one that's nice! I hope they are able to have another baby. Nice or not, Josie is so cute!

  4. I love mean sims they keep things interesting. Josie is a cutie, I wish I could say the same thing about her cousins.

  5. It seems like all of my Sims have just one nice point, LOL. Ha, I love that Tate is flipping the eggs and bacon and toast! Good thing he's skilled enough to not end up with breakfast all over the floor. ;)

  6. Riverdale, no, they haven't. I've only done gay adoption in my game but that could be an idea for Tate and Zelda too. I can't remember if they have enough cash for fertility treatments anyway.

    Mao, no! I haven't seen that yet! But only one of my Sims has learnt how to make Eggs Machivellian and I probably wasn't paying attention. I'm going to watch her next time!

    I have a whole tribe of mean Sims in Sullivan. I have some nice Sims but I don't seem to have any Sims in between, like with say, 5 nice points. They've either got between 1 and 3 or between 7 and 10. Insane.

    Yeah, Josie's cousins...yeesh. I'm crossing my fingers that they're ugly ducklings who will turn into beautiful swans when they become teens but I'm not confident about that. It'll be a little while before I find out.

  7. I'm so glad you could fire the nanny. I've never seen a child sitting in the snow like that. I hope she didn't get too cold! Stupid nannies!

  8. Yes, it took long enough to be able to fire her though. She kept moving around the house every time Tate approached her and the interaction would fall out of his queue. It was like she knew she was going to get the sack. ;)

  9. Sullivan, I've had nannies try to avoid the sack too. Sometimes I wonder if its part of their programming.

  10. Francesca, I've thought the same thing. XD

    I have a herd of mean sims, too. A few have said that the nice points get distributed last, so sometimes there just aren't enough points. I don't know if I believe that, but I have learned to enjoy the mean sims.

  11. Ah, that's interesting. Now I'm wondering what makes some Sim babies get more personality points than others. Or at least it seems that way. I'll have to have a closer look at my Sims later.