Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Round 17: College

The new influx of students has arrived at Suffolk University and Anna Carmody has taken a liking to one of those students in particular. David Moretti certainly seems to have grown up since since Anna last laid eyes on him!

Also moving into Moretti Hall is the dorm's namesake's granddaughter, Tatiana Moretti. It's her first time away from home and her first time living under the same roof as her boyfriend, Jonas so they're a little lovey-dovey.

The couple has spent an awful lot of time in the hot tub. Jonas waited a long time for Tatiana so neither of them were keen for much more waiting.

The third new student at Moretti Hall is Kirstin Sitko, Tatiana's best friend and David's girlfriend. Anna wasn't thrilled to learn this little nugget of information. Then again, having a boyfriend didn't stop her from starting a little "friends with benefits" thing with Owen, so maybe there was still a chance.

It would be a challenge though, with Kirstin always hanging around.

Dorms are allocated on a first come, first served basis and Tatiana and Jonas are the lucky pair who get the only dorm with a double bed.

David and Kirstin will have to keep separate rooms and get their freak on in the hot tub or, even worse, the common room couch while everyone else is at class.

Jonas's younger sister Abigail is the other new student at Suffolk. Because she's brought her baby son Nicholas with her, she's living in Family Housing Unit C instead of in the dorm with the other kids. She makes short appearances at the frequent parties but motherhood is taking it all out of her. She barely has the energy to sit on the couch and watch TV, let alone get up to any wild shenanigans.

Anna has plenty of energy though. The cheerleader (whose name, oddly enough, is Tottie) is upset at the monopolisation of the hot tub. She doesn't want anyone jeopardising her position as the campus bicycle. She can't continue her reign if the hot tub and couch are both occupied!

The Old Brick is pretty popular with the Exeter college crowd and all six kids head down when they're sick of the sight of the dorm. Jonas and Tatiana keep close to each other (and to the bar) most of the night.

Anna wins a dance contest, despite being pretty terrible. Everyone else was terrible too, so the $500 prize was hers.

She's still striking out with David, so she tries out her winning dance moves on Tracy.

He's no David but he'll do.

Alcohol makes shy Sims do what shy Sims usually don't. Like karaoke...

...and making out on couches in dingy bars.

Back at the dorm, it's almost morning so most of the gang stay up playing cards. Jonas and Tatiana, perhaps wisely, try to get at least a couple of hours of sleep before class.

Yeah, they probably had the right idea. David felt great all day but come 7pm, he was ready for bed. It would probably be a little while before he pulled another all-nighter.

Anna's boyfriend Emil asked her to meet him in Exeter and he stunned her with a marriage proposal.

She's really never considered Emil as husband material or considered getting married at all but despite all that, they are now engaged. Marriage doesn't really hold much appeal for Anna but a wedding sounds fun. And why should she get to miss out on that just because she has no plans on being monogamous?

David has heard about the science hobby club and he begs Anna to take him down there. Maybe he can ingratiate himself towards the club leader and get his own membership? Kirstin comes along for the ride and regrets it almost immediately.

David is in his element and has the opportunity to be coached by more experienced club members.

Kirstin, meanwhile, is in the lobby, trying desperately not to fall asleep.

Finally though, she succumbs and falls asleep on the couch. David can come and wake her when he's done being boring.

Jonas and Tatiana have headed to their own hobby club hoping to find some old junkers to work on, just like they did when Tatiana was in high school. Instead, they find sad, middle-aged men playing with train sets. They probably won't be coming back here any time soon.

David feels the need to make it up to Kirstin, after she suffered a tedious (for her) afternoon at Aspirational Laboratories, so it's down to the sports park.

The basketball court looks like it's filled with hardcores today, with even 10 year-old's techniques being harshly criticised.

So they settle for soccer instead and Kirstin well and truly kicks David's ass. As usual.

Yep, Anna's still trying to crack onto David. David thinks Anna's graduation can't come soon enough.

Owen and his girlfriend Naomi met up at Be Real for drinks, cards and karaoke. Poker quickly loses its appeal, at least for Naomi, but the bar is calling out to both of them.

And yes, so is the karaoke machine.

Naomi has been oddly fatigued lately though and it ends up being a very early night. Owen invites her back to the dorm but she can't think of anything she's less enthusiastic about right now. She'd rather a quick back rub and a cab trip home to Sullivan.

Jonas and Tatiana's time together feels like it's gone by so quickly. It's already time for Jonas to graduate. He knew graduation was creeping up on them and tried to slow down his progress a bit, to extend his time on campus. But he's just that smart and is the first of the seniors to graduate and move back home.

He just missed out on graduating with honours and is heading back to Exeter with a 3.6 GPA. He'll live with his parents until Tatiana graduates, at which point they'll move to the farm.

Inspired by Jonas's graduation, Anna learns how to hack into the university's computer network and changes her grades. She doesn't bother studying for her finals at all, because she knows she's set.

And it works. She graduates with a 4.0. She's bunking in with Emil in his mother's basement for the meantime.

Owen is the last to graduate. He has a GPA of just 3.4 but unlike Anna, he's come by it honestly. He's moved back in with his parents until he builds up enough money to move out.

  • I have no idea why Anna was so into David. Her panel was filled with David-related wants the second he moved in (literally) but they have negative chemistry.
  • Jonas and Tatiana really did share the dorm room. I had Jonas unclaim his old dorm, put an extra door on the double and had Jonas and Tatiana claim one door each. It works really well and I think I'll use it again eventually. It meant I could keep the door locked without having to unlock it every time they wanted to use the bed for woohoo, because they both just used their own door. You do have to be careful to remove the extra door if one of the occupants graduates so a dormie won't move into it. Apparently, that messes things up for the remaining occupant. But as long as both doors are claimed by your own Sims, it's all good.
  • I'd never been to the tinkering club but it is every bit as lame as Jonas and Tatiana found it to be. It's called Will's Garage, despite the fact that there are no cars there. There's not even any robot or toy making stations. And those two guys were hogging the train set the whole time, so the only option was "Watch". Yawn, Maxis!
  • Naomi's fatigue is pregnancy-related, if you missed her last update. She doesn't know yet and neither does Owen but I have ACR and InSim to inform me of such things. ;)


  1. Yay! Isn't it so much fun having a big college crowd? This was so much fun to read :)

    Anna is funny! It's hilarious why they bother to get hung up on the ones they do sometimes. And LOL that she just wants a wedding! That is very realistic for some girls!

    LOL @ Kirstin falling asleep at the garage! Wow, I can't believe she's so grown up already!

    I'm glad Jonas and Tatiana got to spend some time together. I usually have my couples share a room too, whether or not they claim their own extra room. Though, all my rooms are big enough for double beds, lol!

  2. Anna and Emil are certainly a pair. I do love her flippant attitude towards the wedding. That is very realistic.

    And her obsession with David makes things fun. That's very realistic too. I used to have a friend that was slightly like Anna. (She never admitted to herself that remaining monogamous was difficult for her, and she wass always planning her dream wedding.)

    I like these updates too. It's nice to see a lot of the kids grown up and getting into trouble.

    Tatiana is so cute getting her freak on at a dingy bar and singing karaoke.

  3. I'm just glad I've got enough community lots that I like to break up college a bit. It can still be really tedious at times, as much as I also enjoy it.

    It's probably a good thing Anna's not marrying anyone but Emil. I doubt he wants to be monogamous either. That's just his Family secondary showing. ;) I don't know what kind of a wedding they'll be able to afford, seeing Emil is such a bum, but I'll see what I can rustle up.

    J & T's room is literally the only dorm room I have big enough for a double bed! It's really something I find lacking on my dorm lots! I need to look into getting more dorms like Moretti Hall.

    Yeah, Kirstin just sat there the whole time at the garage. She was chatting with Anna and James at first and then they went off to do sciencey things and she laid down (I told her to nap because I have a hack to stop them doing that autonomously).

  4. This was hilarious! "when he's done being boring" and Anna thinking that a wedding "might be fun"! She's nuts. Actual wedding planning is the most UNFUN thing ever. Ugh. Now I see why people get paid big bucks to do it for you.

    LOL at Anna's mad hacking skills. Now she can go look forward to the man cave, er, basement... ;)

    All of the hobby lots are extremely disappointing and not very well put together.

  5. I imagine Anna will try to rope some minions into her wedding planning. Tatiana is nice and pliable. ;) It's a lot more fun when you have others to do your bidding (or so it appeared when my friend had us bridesmaids do all the grunt work for her wedding)!