Monday, 15 June 2009

Insane children and more tidbits from TS3 pt. 2

Back in Sunset Valley and Eliana is not happy about Mummy being pregnant again. Or who knows why she's ranting really?

Doug escapes the house and goes fishing. He's an Angler and his lifetime wish is to display 13 perfect fish in fishbowls (one of each species). I have to say, this is really irritating. Why could Maxis have not included an aquarium type thing so you could display all 13 fish in the same contraption? Finding 13 spots for 13 fishbowls is going to be really irritating.

Perhaps it will be easier in their new house. Summer gives birth to more twin girls and with the addition of Amabel and Mehitabel, more room is definitely needed. Jemima and Eliana are becoming teens soon too, so they'll appreciate the extra bathroom.

Crazypants Eliana as a teen (pre-makeover to make her look slightly more crazy).

And Grumpypants Jemima (also pre-makeover). Her outfit was actually more crazy than Eliana's. You can't see in the pic but she was wearing green running shorts and red pumps. Nice.

So she's crazy but she's also Friendly, so Eliana is very keen to help out around the house and is very sweet to her sisters, who are now toddlers.

The one above is the best one I have of Mehitabel as a toddler, I think, but this one shows Amabel pretty well.

Zachary usually chooses formalwear for bed and swimmers for school but Eliana feels the opposite is appropriate.

I figure Insane Sims are the only ones who'll wear that ugly cowboy hat in my game, so Eliana has donned it, along with matching cowprint skirt.

Luke Crosby seems to like it well enough - he's Eliana's new boyfriend. I'm still working on one for Jemima.

Who, by the way, is not as understanding of mental illness as she could be.

Everyone else usually humours her but it's hard when she starts with the crazy talk about butterflies.

And here's where I breathe a sigh of relief. Children at last! I think Mehitabel is on the left. One of them, possibly also Mehitabel is an Angler who Hates the Outdoors. The guide warned not to use this combination, so of course, I had to. I've taken her fishing though and I don't think the mood hit from being outside is enough to completely discount fishing, even if it doesn't make much sense. EA probably should have made them mutually exclusive traits, like Good and Evil.

Popping with the Chapmans again, Eloise is pregnant with her second child. She and Zachary have discovered the children's room of the library and have taken to going there for story time.

Connor and Eloise have both wanted a boy both pregnancies, so Eloise gets chomping on some apples.

Eloise is a superwoman who cycles herself to the hospital when she feels the first pangs of labour. Connor does eventually go and join her eventually. This one is a boy named Joshua. He's another Virtuoso but he's a Genius, rather than insane.

I honestly wouldn't leave him in the same room as Zachary for too long. He's unsettling.

Zachary's insane trait is definitely rearing its ugly head.

Will you check out the expression this kid is giving his father? I don't know if this is TS3 creepiness or the insane trait but yeesh!

Speaking of Connor though, he's promoted his way to something or other in the Law Enforcement career and has been given this nifty laptop for free. Which is great because now Eloise has hers to herself (she's a Computer Whiz).

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at school! Insane Sims wear whatever they want to wear, rather than the clothes suitable to the activity, so Zachary wears his swimsuit to school, more often than not.

The Chapmans hold a birthday party for Joshua and...

...he grows up looking pretty similar to Zachary. I don't know. I think it'd help a lot if there were more than two non-fug hairstyles for toddlers. The selection is really poor. I'm spoiled for choice in TS2.

Eloise and Connor have their birthdays too, aging from Young Adult to Adult. They keep their clothes and hairstyles and don't seem to look any different at all but I give them little makeovers anyway (these are Eloise's pyjamas though). Eloise, being Excitable, loves her new look!


  1. Unfortunately, that's TS3 creepiness. You have no idea how many shots get ruined because of the "Temple of Doom" eyes as my fiance dubs them, LOL!

    A lot of the traits seem a little pointless, which is sad. Because some of them could be really fun. Dislikes children is still hilarious, even if it doesn't function the way it should.

    Also, cowboy hat and skirt, LOLOL!! That is fantastic. You're right, only crazy people would wear it. The hats are a whole new realm of fug.

  2. I would totally wear tht skirt! lol And I'm not crazy. I just love animal prints. lol

    WHen I saw his eyes I thought of the Omen. I hear the music in my head right now. lol

  3. Yeah, those eyes are unbelievable.

    Bikes herself to the that's a tough woman!

    You really seem to be capturing the fun of the TS3, Sullivan!

  4. LOL! I love insane sims.

    And actually, I think she wears the cow girl hat and the cow print skirt really well. Eliana looks like the kind of girl who's want to jump off a cliff into a pond or something exhilarating!

  5. LOL, I love Zachary. I can just imagine his teacher trying to ignore the kid in the swim trunks. But whoa, that expression is seriously creepy!

  6. Forgot to mention, there IS a difference between YA and Adult. They get fine lines on their foreheads, more defined faces (harder lines), etc. If you don't see it, zoom in. My sims always look different as adults.

    On some it is more subtle than others. YA faces are also more round.

  7. I'll look out for that, Mao. I noticed lines on one Sim's face but I haven't really zoomed into any of my Sims' faces to check them out.

    My sister would like to me to tell you all that she was the one who selected Eliana's clothes. I think Eliana looks kooky rather than completely off her rocker. Part of my sister's client base could probably be described as (literally) insane and I doubt any of them look like Eliana.

    Zachary is another story. He is actually a really unsettling child. He dresses completely normally, except for his athletic wear. I saw his gym gear in the options and it was so hideous that I just had to use it. When you look in game at boys' athletic wear, you will know which one I mean for sure. It looks like something one of Santa's elves would wear. I have him wearing gum boots with it, for maximum insanity. I don't know what gum boots are called elsewhere but they're the boots kids wear in the rain.

  8. nice TS3 update. I'm really curious about it so I like seeing your updates.

  9. Thanks, I'm glad you like them. There won't be a TS3 update for a while because I'm trying out the empty hoods and am having issues. Once I get them ironed out, I might put up something.