Thursday, 4 June 2009

Twin falls

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Megan Kirby

Due to a malfunctioning sprinkler, the entire season's crop was destroyed. Brandon took it all in his stride though and simply pulled all the plants out and used them for compost instead.

There were still enough apples for Leontine to put together a few crates but the market definitely wouldn't be as profitable this winter as it had been in previous seasons.

Seeing Brandon could sell ice to Eskimos though, our financial situation is still more than stable.

He's even been able to take some time off recently, after he promoted Arianna to manager.

She's more than capable of looking after the dozens of customers the market gets every day.

And she does it with a smile on her face!

Claudia and Victoria are growing like weeds.

They're learning so much every day and it won't be long before they're starting kindergarten.

Brandon has decided he wants to focus more on selling baked goods at the market, so being that I love cooking and baking as much as he does, I've decided to help out.

Tate came to visit us recently and Trent couldn't resist getting a dig in at his brother about his hair. I actually think it suits him but it was a haircut borne out of necessity and Trent thinks it's hilarious.

The girls celebrated their fifth birthday recently and I made sure Trent and I were both up early enough to make them breakfast and see them off on the school bus.

Claudia and Victoria are so close. They always look like they're plotting something. Being a twin himself, Trent says they probably are!

And yet he still wants to try for another! I was a little dubious about it but he can be very persuasive when he wants to, so I've gone off my birth control.

We've had a really mild winter in Sullivan so far but we finally got some snow. The twins were thrilled because it just so happened to snow on a Saturday, when they were guaranteed to not have to be in school.

Brandon told Claudia about the holiday house he owns in Three Lakes and now she won't stop talking about planes, travelling and when we all might be able to go. I wonder if he told her how small the house is. The girls would be sleeping in a tent in the backyard if we stayed there but then again, Claudia would probably love that.

We gave Victoria a games console for her birthday and she roped me and her sister into playing with her one afternoon.

Not really our thing, so we both wandered off and did other things and left Trent and Victoria to the game, not that either of them minded!

  • I'm not sure if want Megan and Trent to have another baby. Victoria and Claudia are not the most attractive children! They both have that Lachance chin (Betsy and Anna both have it too), which I can't remember whether it came from Sacha or Emmy but I think their main problem are their small mouths. I'm hoping they'll look a bit better as teens.
  • Trent wants to go on holiday to the mountains again. Even though he has been twice already.


  1. LOL at the hair cut. I forgot about that incident, but it's a cute style. I think it looks good!

    You have to love sim genetics. They just might grow into their features. The oddest sim girl I had grew up to be one of my prettiest sims, I think. She was very unique!

  2. They do tend to grow into small mouths, and Megan's mouth is pretty small as well, so I'm guessing they'll grow up to look like her, and she's cute :)

    One of my Deppiesse twins had a mouth almost identical to theirs as a child, and she grew up into a really pretty teen!

    But LOL @ discrimination based on homely Sim-children! I'm sure I've done that before! I know I'm worried about my Lind girls, and their definite lack of cheekbones, lol! :)

  3. I wonder how long it will take to breed out that chin?I actually don't think they look that bad. But I guess I like unique looking sims as long as they aren't ugly. lol

  4. Lord, I don't know how long I'll be stuck with this chin! I'm hoping not too much longer.

    I do like unique looking Sims too but I think they're often really odd looking as toddlers and children. But already now, they look better than they did as toddlers. Trent and Megan are both good looking to me, so I'm hoping their features melded don't create monstrous looking adults!

  5. You know, usually, I would agree with you and lament poorly mixed genetics. But to be honest, after playing TS3 for two weeks, I'M JUST GLAD TO SEE GENETICS! I'm sure they'll grow into them. Hopefully... maybe? :(

    It's weird how two 'attractive' sims can beget weird children. Maybe the extreme features not playing nice.

  6. The babies of the two Sims I've found who are already pregnant when you start the game are still babies. But I have heard about it and the genetics more than anything are what's encouraging me to keep TS2. I love the TS3 gameplay but I would hate it if Tatiana wasn't almost an exact clone of Arianna or if Galen hadn't passed down his ridiculous cheeks to Samson. I do love that sort of stuff, even when I complain about the results!