Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Round 17: Days 81-85

Narrated by Megan Kirby

Our honeymoon had been planned for ages and I was initially really excited about it. Trent's mum and dad own a cabin in Three Lakes, so accommodation was taken care of. Right before we left though, I found out the reason I had been so nauseous lately was because I was pregnant. Being out in the wilderness with morning sickness was the last thing I wanted to do.

So for the first few hours of so, I lied on the couch like a big grump. Trent tried to cheer me up with this silly dance the locals here do. He learnt it when he came to Three Lakes during college.

And it actually worked! Trent looked so ridiculous that I couldn't help but laugh at him and soon, I was joining in. It's harder than it looks too!

I was starving by that time, so we went out to find somewhere we could barbecue. We could see the campground from where we sat and I thanked my lucky stars that Trent got his urge for camping out of his system while he was at university! Cabins, I can do; tents not so much!

We spent the rest of the afternoon (the rest of the afternoon after my massage anyway) soaking in the hot springs. It was heaven.

The next day, Trent insisted we'd lazed around enough (I didn't know that was possible!) and that we should go and do something physical. I don't know why I let him talk me into this.

Oh, yeah. Very funny.

Will you look at that murky water? I definitely wanted a long hot shower after being immersed in that.

I'm just glad I eventually got good enough at it to push Trent off the log! Payback!

On our last day, we stayed home. It was my suggestion but Trent didn't mind!

Back at home, I went from hardly being able to keep anything down to wanting to eat everything in sight! I usually love cooking but I can't be bothered right now. I just want to get my hands on the food as fast I can. I'm starving all the time.

Having left the day-to-day running of the market to his late manager, Jonah, Brandon has decided to take a more hands-on role again.

He's hired Arianna as his cashier and is training her in sales too. She's not quite as skilled as her dad was...

...but she'll get there.

Tate (and his fiancée Zelda) is over so often that it's almost like he lives here too. I don't mind but he wish he'd stop making fun of my piano playing. I know I'm bad but how am I supposed to get better if I don't practise?

All along, my doctor has been saying we're expecting one little girl. At our last appointment, he tells me that we're expecting TWO! Twin girls! We're excited but a little stunned too.

We didn't have much time to get over our shock though because the babies arrived not long after we found out.

We now have two little daughters. This is Claudia...

...and this is Victoria.

Everybody pitches in with the twins, thank goodness! Leontine is a big help. She's done the twin thing before, obviously, only they had no help. Both of Brandon's parents died before they got married and I think both of Leontine's parents were gone too.

We usually end up needing to tend to both babies at the same time. If Victoria needs her nappy changed, she cries and that makes Claudia cry. Having four adults in the house made the twins' first year much easier than it would have been.

Kids are so much more fun once they're a little older and you start seeing their personalities develop a bit more. We're finding both girls are quite similar in their personalities but Victoria is more the type for cuddles...

...while Claudia loves singing nursery rhymes with her daddy.

Leontine is 63 now and she finally looks like a grandma. She doesn't mind, because she says she felt older having two granddaughters but still looking quite youthful.

Random pic:

I've put in a whole bunch of extra community lots in Exeter today and rearranged a lot of the old ones too, so Exeter looks a lot more fleshed out now. I took this shot when Trent was testing out one of them and just liked it.

  • I am continually amazed by the recessive genes in TS2. Victoria has red hair which has not been expressed in any of the Kirby family since her great-grandfather Nathaniel.


  1. That last shot is awesome!

    Awww, twins. I love recessive genes, too. It's always so cool to see what will pop up. :D

  2. I thing my favorite part of the sims is the genes. I love seeing how the next generation looks and what pops up.

  3. Like Monique, my favorite part of the Sims is the genes! I'm always eager to see what genes the next generation will inherit. :)

    Love that last shot! I'm glad they enjoyed their honeymoon, even if they didn't get to do much. Taking a pregnant Sim on vacation isn't much fun. :(

  4. They managed quite a lot considering the pregnancy.

    Yay for red hair!!

    And I'd love to see more of Exeter.

  5. Genetics is definitely one of my favourite parts of the game, so I'm glad no one seems to mind me blabbing on about them all the time! I always used to hate how in TS1, Sims would have a child who looked nothing like them. I'm glad we can see family resemblances now.

    Francesca, when I play today, I'll take some pics of the overhauled Sullivan. I'm playing several families ahead of the blog right now and there are a few more pictures coming up of Exeter with Sims hanging out there too.

  6. I'm not as far ahead as you are with new generations, but the little bit that I have seen, I'm very surprised. Yo are right, it's amazing how they play out.

    I wish I could convince you to keep playing Sullivan after sims 3 comes. Couldn't you start a new hood with new sims for S3? ROFL I know, I want as well as need to move on. I'll just miss them. *sniff* :( lol

  7. LOL, Riverdale! I'll miss them too, for sure. But playing a TS3 hood and a TS2 hood wouldn't work for me, just like playing more than one TS2 hood at a time didn't work for me. It would take me twice as long to get through a hood and part of the reason I love Sullivan so much is that I've been able to play FAST!

    I hope you'll enjoy what's in store for my Sims in TS3 anyway. ;) What that is, I have no idea because I've not got the game yet, but we'll see!