Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mix up the satellites

Narrated by Betsy Carmody

Ugh! I just arrived home from college, sneaking in through the back door because I wanted to surprise Mum and instead, she and Dad surprised me! Ugh, ugh, ugh!

Once he put some damn clothes on, we welcomed each other back home. I'm glad my parents are back together and everything (I'm sure Anna will take credit for that) but I really didn't need to see that. I don't think I'll be sitting on that couch any time soon.

I also discovered that Anna had acquired a dog, Nacho, while I was away at college. A dog that won't leave my poor cat, Yul, alone. I think she'll have to take Nacho with her after she graduates.

Anyway, nothing particularly interesting has happened since then. Just work, work, work. So I decided to head out with Kimberly one afternoon for some shopping.

Yeah, I know the store is a bit dodgy looking. It's in a slightly dodgy part of town too. If Exeter had trains, it would be on the wrong side of the tracks. But you can pick up some awesome bargains here that you can't find in the regular stores. So the trade-off is more than worth it, in my opinion.

And the company was pretty good too.

It wasn't the most romantic place in the world to propose but I didn't want Kimberly to suspect something was up.

Besides, the end result is what matters and once she made me sweat it out a little, she accepted!

Yes, you could say our family is kind of big. This isn't even all of us. My cousin Samson wouldn't come once he heard his dad was coming.

Mum and Dad agreed to pay for all the wedding stuff - the arch, the chairs, both our dresses.

I would have been just as happy to get married right there at Betty's Used Clothing but I thought I'd go a bit more traditional.

Nice of my little sister to give me and Kimberly her full attention. This was during the actual ceremony by the way, not at the reception afterwards.

Ah, so that's why they were so keen to pay for all of this! Mum and Dad have decided on a surprise vow renewal. They were never actually divorced, so this is only symbolic.

As predicted, Anna is totally smug about her couples counselling abilities.

Random pics:
Arianna made Tatiana take off her headband and brush her hair for the wedding. Here she is being cute with Jonas.

Zelda is totally unimpressed by...something or someone (the Pascal thought bubble is not hers - it's Owen's).

Get a room, Trent and Megan! There was a couple acting pretty much exactly like this at the Ben Kweller show I went to last month. It was not at all uncomfortable for everyone around them.

Joseph and Vivienne weren't divorced in the story but they had to be in the game for me to get the pictures of her kicking him out (and to do the vow renewal). I still took a pic of the proposal but the yard was so crowded that the only way I could see it was with an aerial view.

Galen finally meets his illegitimate daughter, 20 years after she was born. He marks this momentous occasion by ventrilo-farting on her...

...and making the poor girl cry. Oh, really are better off just thinking of Liam as your dad. Galen's got some pretty major issues, I think.

  • Really, I just forgot to invite Samson. Oops. I was trying to get the whole extended Lachance clan together but I was unsuccessful! It would be cool if Sim families did that thing real families do sometimes though "Well, I'm not coming if he's coming!"
  • A super-short update, after what seems like a lifetime of very long ones!


  1. Yay, I love weddings! I was wondering how you did that vow renewal thing but you answered it already!

    Exeter looks great after the modifications! It looks like a real city. Did you build the clothing shop yourself?

  2. Very entertaining update! I LOVE clicking the links and looking back at family connections. I truly enjoy your writing, even though I don't always comment! Please keep up the great work!

  3. That clothing shop is AWESOME! I love it. :D

    Awww, a wedding. A big one, too. Those are a ton of fun, because you never know what the guests are going to do, lol!

  4. Ack, poor Betsy, almost being blinded seeing her parents like that! ;) Love the clothing shop! I guess weddings make Sim couples feel romantic, although they could stand to be a little more courteous to everyone around them and wait until they get home! ;)

  5. LOL! All those last pictures perked up my day. Do your sims know how to party or what?

    And Galen! D'oh! Poor Tatiana, but she looks so pretty despite the tears.

    And I'm kind of glad that sims will come to the party even if someone they don't like isn't there. It makes it entertaining when a random fight breaks out. XD

  6. Thanks everyone. Your comments really do mean a lot to me, especially when I feel like my entries have lacked something or other.

    The clothing shop is from a set of slummy buildings I got from TSR. I can't remember who did them but I think the lot was called Betty's Used Clothing, if that helps anyone in their searches.

    Mao, in the case of the wedding I had last night, what the guests did was all go home! Very disappointing! The community lot ones work better with the party hack I have but they're still not quite as good as the home ones.

    Also, after last night's wedding, I'm thinking Anna just gets bored at them. She spent the ceremony last night playing chess with Max Nihill.

    I think Betsy is quite traumatised now. She hasn't walked in on any more woohoo but Joseph and Vivienne are three bolters, so they make out all. the. time.

    I think Galen has actually become more of a jerk, if that's possible. He has 7 nice points but he's going around ventrilo-farting his daughter? What's with that?

    Lunar, you're probably right. If they did do that, I'd be on my blog complaining about it! I don't think I've ever had a fight at a wedding. I wish my sister would do a blog. Her weddings are slapfights galore.