Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hey ya

Round 16: Days 76-80

Caring for two toddlers and two children is not easy. Filippo barely has enough time to put Evan to bed...

...without turning around and finding Amelia asleep on the floor of the nursery.

At least Caleb helps out with chores when he can, so the family isn't overrun by flies.

Thankfully, today is Amelia and Evan's 5th birthday and the family decides to celebrate with a trip to the playground.

David takes it easy for a while and gets in a game of chess with his dad.

But like lots of little boys, sitting still doesn't hold his interest for too long and he soon joins the rest of his siblings on the playground.

There's time for parent and child bonding too.

Oooh, a little too much excitement for Caleb!

With a house full of rambunctious boys, some girls might become a little more rambunctious themselves to keep up.

Not Amelia though. Amelia is content to sit back and watch the chaos, contenting herself with a good book!

Four kids is not enough for Maria! She and Filippo both want another child and try quite often.

This family is growing up way too fast! Caleb and David are already teens and have started dating. Caleb shares his first date with Madelyn Nihill.

This girl's got expensive tastes! I wonder if she realises that it's not quite customary to order lobster in a restaurant in a bowling alley!

Caleb didn't seem to mind forking out $35 for her fancy meal though. They both get their first kiss in that most romantic of locations - in between the pool table and the pinball machine.

Then it's time for some bowling! Caleb isn't very good at it, so he learns to celebrate small victories.

Madelyn's not very good either but being more competitive than Caleb, she throws a tantrum.

While Caleb spends his time with Madelyn, David has been getting to know Kirstin Sitko. Their first date is a trip to A Lost Generation...

...followed by some quiet time at Sullivan Creek...

...and their first kiss!

  • This one is in third person, because it ended up working out easier that way. First person is easier to write when there aren't so many family members!
  • My brain is offline today. I had to think for ages to remember what a pinball machine was called and then I had to look it up on Wikipedia to make sure I had it right.
  • Filippo and Maria can try all they like for another baby. They're not getting one. I'm pretty sure Maria has zero chance of getting pregnant now (she's 55) but I have her on birth control to make sure.
  • Yes, David and Kirstin are standing unusually close at the arcade machine. Her arms became stuck when she got up from the table at dinner, so she was standing back further from the machine than they normally do. This is the main reason they ended their date at Sullivan Creek - moving to a new lot unstuck her arms. But the arcade picture is cute anyway, so I don't mind so much.
  • I actually have Madelyn in mind for James Novak but decided to let her go out with Caleb anyway. They almost definitely won't stay together but I like my Sims to have a bit of history.


  1. Lobster in a bowling alley! LOL! I suppose this is one of those times an extra character would be a good idea. Then you can set the menu to sandwiches and hamburgers.

    The picture of Caleb and Madelyn at the arcade machine is too cute, even if it is a glitch.

  2. I think Julian won't be too happy about his little girl dating, she's only just become a teenager.
    But the dates seemed like a lot of fun!

    Where did you get the cribs from the 1st picture from? (I really love them!)

  3. Hah, I love Madelyn, you gotta respect a girl who refuses to be normal and order a burger at the bowling alley! (I barely dare to eat the food at my local bowling alley, let alone seafood!)

  4. The kids grow up so fast! I can't believe Caleb and David are teenagers already!

    I thought for a moment that Maria got pregnant again! I didn't realize she's so close to elderhood now.

  5. LOL @ they can try all they like, but they're not getting one! I feel this way about some of my families sometimes :)

    Those boys got right onto dating, didn't they? lol! Sorry, Caleb, but I'm going to have to vote for Madelyn and James too! Have they actually met each other? lol! Or is this like a playing-cupid kind of thing? :)

    But anyway, Madelyn is gorgeous and at least Caleb got to kiss her, so there's that :)

    And ditto what Tanja said - I knew Julian was going to have to look out for Kirstin!

  6. Oh fun update, I've never seen anyone throw up from being swung in the air.

    Any chance you recall where you got Caleb's hair? It's pretty wicked!

  7. Lunar, I did that very thing last night! Very simple fare only at the bowling alley now.

    Tanja, I'm not sure where I got those cribs from but I know they're by kansascityrose, if that helps you track them down at all.

    Tacy, I don't know if I'd eat much at my local bowling alley either! It would be funny if Sims had hang-ups like that, like they do with public toilets.

    CissieMae, no, thank goodness! 55 year-olds are definitely too old for childbearing!

    Laura, I believe Madelyn and James have met but I'm stumped as to where and how. They don't know each other well though, so it's me playing Cupid too. He has her phone number at least, so he can call her up when I play him at college.

    Maisie, mine throw up from that all the time! About Caleb's hair, lately I get most of my hair from Garden of Shadows but I have a feeling that one is from somewhere else. Possibly Rissa Styles but I can't be sure. I wish I could help out more!

  8. Maisie, I'm just about to go to bed but I happened to remember you asking about Caleb's hair and checked the tool tip. All it says is [Cold Fire]. I have no idea where you might find [Cold Fire] but I hope that helps you somehow.

  9. Once in a while my simmies arms will get stuck in the weirdest positions.

  10. Chess arm is the most common affliction in my game but this was the first time I've ever had dining table arm!