Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The luxury of hysteria

Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Araminta Benton

Henry and I were finally able to get enough money together to get married! Everything was perfect.

Well, except for the fact that we spent all our money on the wedding and had none left for the reception. Therefore, there was nothing to eat afterwards and I was starving. We stayed for the entire time we'd booked the chapel for but I thought I was going to die of hunger.

Henry is still working for the Sullivan police force and doing well. He's a desk sergeant for now. I can sleep a little easier knowing he's got a boring, safe job like that. I know he's anxious to get back to doing something a little more challenging though.

I've quit my waitressing job at the Greasy Spoon and am working in events planning, which pays twice as much. Unfortunately, I can't start for a while so I've been doing a little bartending to make some extra cash. It's okay, except when I have to serve creepy guys like this. Ugh!

I'd much rather be doing karaoke! I usually work afternoons to early evenings, so there's enough time for me to get up there and sing a few tunes.

Then it's back home for some free entertainment, courtesy of the night sky. Yes, we still can't afford a TV. We really need either a TV or a telescope. There's only so much you can see in the sky with the naked eye.

Oooh. Whoops! I wonder if this is why I was so hungry at the wedding. I haven't had any morning sickness or anything so this is completely unexpected. But Henry and I are both really keen for a baby so it's definitely good news.

I have to say though, the pregnancy cravings are not helping the little weight problem I've developed. It's going to take forever to shift this baby weight the way I'm going!

Zelda comes to visit me all the time. Ostensibly, she has a job. She's a "noob", whatever that entails. Whatever it does entail, it doesn't seem to require her to be anywhere very often because she's at our house more than her own. Not that I'm complaining - she's good company for me.

Henry and I have been trying to think of any ways we can to make up extra money. That nursery isn't going to decorate itself! Henry is trying to make a prize-winning dish for the cooking contests that are constantly going on in Sullivan (who knew?!) No luck so far.

On a whim, I decided to dig a hole in the backyard and see what I found. I unearthed a vase and when I went to sell it, it turned out to be worth $4000! Sounds like a lot of money, but we've got so much stuff we need to buy, it was all eaten up pretty quickly. We do, however, have a decorated nursery now. And a TV.

Just in time too! I gave birth all alone but I felt well prepared, so I was okay.

Meet Ione Tamsin Romilly! Surprisingly, she has red hair and green eyes. We were expecting a dark-haired little thing with brown eyes, like me. But no, Ione's colouring comes from her great-grandmother.

We just love her. Because my new job still hasn't started, I've been taking care of her during the day...

...and Henry takes over after his shift finishes.

Ione's growing up super-fast and she's really keeping us on our toes. She was a really fast talker and a total champion at potty training. I wish we could train her to empty the potty herself but I guess that's asking a little much of a 2 year-old.

She's really smart but she seems to be completely surprised by peek-a-boo every single time. She hasn't caught on to the fact that when I cover my face, I haven't really disappeared!

Off to work for me, so Henry and I have had to hire a nanny for Ione. There are two nannies in Sullivan, one is better than the other. You've got no control over who the agency assigns to you, so we were thrilled to get Joanna.

We've been lucky enough to not miss any of Ione's big milestones though. She's walking now, which means we're both run off our feet even more than before!

  • Araminta is quite an enthusiastic karaoke performer. She actually jumped through the ceiling at one point.
  • Recessive genes in action! I love unexpected genes popping up. Speaking of genes though, Ione had some slight plastic surgery. Her nose was way up high on her face and her mouth was way down low - she kind of looked like a monkey and not a cute one. So I've lowered the nose and raised the mouth a bit, keeping the same shape of her features. I'll make it genetic next time I go into SimPE.
  • I had to guess how much debt the Romillies were in, because their loan token has disappeared. I didn't think but I had to load my hood with no downloads the other night to track down a hack that was causing problems (I'm looking at you, outdated mailbox hack!). Turns out that even if you don't load the houses, the bank accounts will still be at $0 next time you enter the house. So I am kind of bummed. :\ I might go back through my old posts and see if I made any mention of how much money everyone had saved up/owed. And make sure to keep closer track of it in the future!


  1. Where is Amaraminta bartending? It looks like a neat place. I really enjoy how inter-connected your posts are, like having friends and relatives over and noticing the great grandma's genes. So is Sullivan in its 4th gen?

    Keeping track of everyone's money is tricky...

  2. I was going to say what a doll Ione turned out to be, but I see she had to be helped along! ;) Yay for recessive red haired genes!

  3. Red hair! I feel like I should congratulate you. What a little gem she is. With green eyes even!

    Haha, the karaoke machine is awesome. Sims sure get excited about it, don't they? And look at Araminta's rock star pose. XD

  4. Francesca, thank you. We'll say roughly fourth gen - some families are further ahead or behind than that. Araminta is bartending at Be Real, one of the lots that came with the N99 expansion Rags to Riches. I think I've shown it a little bit before. It's a fun (and small) lot.

    Tacy, she was such an ugly toddler. Very chimp-like. I hope TS3 improves the way facial features are blended.

    Lunar, blonde and redheaded babies don't seem to be nearly as scarce in my hood as they once were. And the karaoke machine is still one of my favourite objects. I was watching Araminta and thinking anyone who doesn't have NL is missing out!

  5. You know I have that night club too! When they sign all I do is laugh, I love when they go through the ceiling, lol.

    Araminta is so cute pregnant. I honestly have no idea what it was, but she was truly cute. Maybe the tube top shirt? IDK.

  6. Yes, I remember seeing Be Real in some of your updates. And Araminta's just cute in general, I think!

    Those are my new pregnancy defaults by engram at LiveJournal. They're a bunch of different Maxis outfits from the later expansions. I'm still forcing some into custom maternity wear though. Linnea's maternity wear was so inappropriate for her!

  7. Ione is adorable. I just love her. Recessive genes are great. I love when they pop up in the game.

    I just had to find a hack causing trouble in my game too. I made sure to back up my hood first and then found the hack. Then I loaded my back up.

  8. Heh, the smart way you mean? The silly thing is I back up Sullivan all the time and didn't think to do it for this!