Friday, 8 May 2009

Sullivan and TS3

We are just weeks away from the release of TS3 now. I know many people aren't going to get it but I'm definitely planning on getting it and I want to blog it too.

I would like to continue with Sullivan in TS3. No, scratch that - I will continue with Sullivan, in some form or another. I have several options for doing this and I'd love your input. In the end, I'll do whatever is easiest or seems to most fun for me but I'd like some different opinions too.

Option 1) Remake all the original Sullivan Sims and restart them in TS3. I can't see any particular technical problems with this option but I'm not sure I'd want to play the originals again, as they're already "set" in my mind. But then again, they may act totally differently in TS3, due to traits and all that bizzo.

Option 2) Remake all of the current Sullivan Sims and move them to TS3. Major logistical problems with this. All of my families are interconnected now and if I remade them, there'd be no way for me to do the family relations.

Option 3) Choose certain Sims to represent the TS2 Sullivan families and remake them in TS3. Possible logistical problems, as in Option 2, if I don't choose carefully. But this could be the best option but I have the same reservations as I do with Option 1.

Option 4) Pretend TS3 is Sullivan in say, 30 years time and make new Sims who are the descendants of the current Sullivan Sims.

Option 5) Make all new Sims and leave my Sullivan Sims as is. I think it might be too sad to do this though.

So are any of you as geeky as me and thinking about this way too much? What do you think of these options? Is there one that I've missed or are there unforeseen problems with the options I've got already? I really wish there was an Option 6) import all my current Sims into TS3 but that's sadly not going to happen.

Edit: Because I know a lot of you will be reading this far into the future (from my stats, I know some already have), I'll add here that I eventually decided not to blog TS3 at all. There are a few TS3 entries from when the game first came out but I decided it wasn't working for me and abandoned it. I still play every couple of weeks but I am a TS2 girl, through and through. :)


  1. lol, I am quite geeky and I'd give this some thought too.

    How about selecting a few families and having them "move" to another town? If you do blog the new one, maybe you can find ways to connect it to the old blog.

  2. OMG, you are not alone! I totally have my plan all plotted out, and it is currently in the works - that's all I'll say for right now... ;)

    Option 4 is really interesting! I didn't think about that! What I'm doing is closest to option 3, I suppose.

    I'm a little worried about how they'll act in Sims 3 too - but then, I'm also working a few major dramas into the plot, so if they act weird, I can just blame it on a mental breakdown ;)

    I'm glad to see others are taking the plunge though, and planning to blog about it. I'll be a little late to join the party, but I'm getting it for sure!

  3. You are definitely not alone! I really want to move my Crescent County sims into the next dimension, but I'm not going to do it immediately. First, I'm going to get the feel of TS3, and THEN I'm going to try to figure out how I'll shift Crescent County into the new dimension.

    I can't wait to see your TS3 blog. :)

  4. You know my view on T3, lol. I think I'll stick to my original plan. Wait, and see what others think about the game. As of right now, I can't find anything that I like about T3 other than pregnancy.

    So I'll wait, see what you guys have to say. See if the wonderful modders of the community will be able to give us our mods, and object makers will be able to give us new objects and skinners, give us new skins. Then I will get the game. But I don't think I will change Riverdale. That will stay in T2. I most likely will start a new hood in T3. I want my inteen, lol.

  5. I've been trying to figure out the same thing. I recently (as in last month) just had to totally redo my neighborhood and readjust the family relationships, so much work! So I hate to have done that for nothing, but I was too impatient to wait till June so I felt I had no choice. I may take a few from a couple of choice families, from each original clan. I'll see, I guess. You have given me some good options though!

  6. (this is Francesca Dean) I think given the differences in the game, something like option 4 sounds the best for linking it to Sullivan TS2, or choosing a few sims to "move" and recreating them there.

    I am very curious to see what everyone thinks of Sims 3. I'm not rushing to get it; I am so happy and relieved that the sims 2 is finally at a point where the mods don't have to be updated and I don't have to beta test for EA. But at some point, I'm sure I'll get TS3 and move on.

    You could leave Sullivan as-is and if you miss it, it will be there...

  7. I have decided to wait until I see what other people say about it. I am not in a rush. I like my sims and game the way it is. I don't want to lose any of my beloved hacks.

    But I like option 4 the best.

    If I get the game, I probably will continue to play Oasis Valley and start a new hood for TS3.

  8. I would go with option 4. That is what I am doing with Jubilee Holow. :)

  9. I'm really grateful for all of your opinions. Options 3 and 4 are the frontrunners, and were before this post too, but I guess this has kind of cemented it. I'm currently kind of infatuated with Jonas and Tatiana (if you post at S2CF, you might have seen the pic I posted of them in the Sim Couples pictures thread) but in TS3, will they be the same Jonas and Tatiana anyway? Maybe I wouldn't like them as much. Or maybe I'd like them more!

    I'm so glad you guys have all been thinking about this too! Like Laura, I'm also glad I'm not the only one who'll be moving on to TS3! When I do get it, I will almost definitely make a clean break with TS2. I still love the game but I won't be able to devote the time I'd like to devote to both games.

    I definitely would never delete Sullivan. I have a backup safely on my portable drive from about halfway through Round 16 (I'm near the end of it now). So it'll always be there for me.

    I won't start Sullivan right away in TS3. I'll save a clean copy of the hood (SO dumb that we can't make our own) and then play with some of the Maxis Sims. I'll probably do some very casual commentary blogging on that and once I get a feel for the game, I can be better equipped to make my final decision on how to continue Sullivan.

  10. I think that's sweet that you've stuck with TS2. I absolutely adore TS2 and still do! But I didn't get to play it as much as I wanted too because my boyfriend and I shared a laptop back in the day. lol

    It wasn't until I got my own laptop that I really became addicted to the sims (or TS2) and then TS3 came out and well I felt like I should have given TS2 more of a chance but the graphics blue me away on TS3, it was so 3D like, and I remember looking at the game for the first time after I'd installed it on my laptop, I was amazed. Though playing did take a bit of getting used to compared to TS2, it did feel a bit alien like at first and I had some negative thoughts of 'should I have made the switch', 'maybe I should switch back', lol. But I persevered in the end.

    TS2 will always be in my heart though because it was my first true love of all the sims versions! :)

    1. I used to share a game with my sister back in the day but it was always my computer, thankfully! She's never wanted to play as much as I did, so I never had to pull rank. ;) But I do like hearing about TS3ers who still have a soft spot for TS2, whether they play or not.

      The thing with me and TS3 is I see other people's beautiful pictures or read their stories and then I want to play. Then I'll load up and get frustrated or bored with it after not too long. :\ At least, that's how I've been feeling lately. Last time I played, I played for one sim day and quit out. I don't know if my spark for TS3 will come back but at the moment, I don't miss it. I've never felt that way about TS2. I've never got bored with it and I always miss it when I can't play. So I know that it's the game for me. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!