Thursday, 7 May 2009


Round 16: Days 76-80
Narrated by Madelyn Nihill

So Abhijeet Turner quit Mum's business. His cooking skills had improved but she hadn't given him a raise, so he got fed up and got out of there.

Guess who she called to replace him?

Yes, me. And guess who was too nice to say 'no', even though Mum insisted that I didn't have to help out. Yeah, me again. Not really what I wanted to be doing on a Sunday morning. Especially seeing no kids even turn up until about lunch time.

So instead, I had to watch the other kids playing pool and pinball, while I slaved over a hot stove. I hope Mum finds someone else soon.

She did let me go early though and I had time to go to the pool with my boyfriend, Caleb.

We got some really cute pictures taken in the photo booth but it all went downhill from there.

First, he completely ignored me when we were in the hot tub, directing all his conversation to the other girl, whoever she was.

Then when we went to have lunch, he didn't even sit at the same table as me.

And he also cheated at Marco Polo by jumping in the other pool. That's not really such a big deal but piled on top of everything else? I was annoyed.

To top off my wonderful day, I got mugged.

Caleb did end up leaving flowers by my door but I don't know if that's enough. I'd pretty much already decided to end things.

I called him and said we needed to have a serious talk. And he brought his cousin with him. I still have no idea why.

So we had our serious talk.

He tried to blow me off with flirting.

But I remained firm.

I'm still too nice for my own good though. After we'd broken up, I could see he was upset and I went to hug him to console him. I hope he didn't get the wrong idea. I definitely don't want to get back together.

I think it's probably for the best that we broke up. I don't think our families would have meshed well together. I was hanging out with David after school and I think he tried to ventrilo-fart my Dad or something but Dad got totally furious at him and kicked him out of the house!

Whee, my cafeteria man is working again! He was working everywhere except the aquatic centre but that appears to be fixed, with absolutely nothing changed by me! I knew I hadn't forgotten anything!

  • Madelyn, in direct opposition to um...just about everyone in the hood, has 10 nice points! She's really a sweetheart. Neither of her parents are very nice at all, and she's related to Collette, so she's somewhat of a black sheep in the family.
  • Madelyn has aged to adult now, so you can check her out in her profile. She wanted to go to college but in the end, she only got 3 scholarships so she wasn't accepted. Normally, her LTW would require a degree but artists in my hood don't need one, so she should be fine.


  1. First off, LOL at the mugging pic. Just where was her wallet? XD

    10 nice points? That's awesome. (Most of my sims are mean too, but they amuse me.) That could be one heck of a flaw. She might just be too nice or too trusting.

    Also, about your businesses, as you are setting uniforms, how do you get around the bug that changes sims faces to one of the templates? Is there a trick you've heard about? I put my sims in uniforms too, but once I change them into a uniform, about 50% of the time their faces changes too.

  2. It sucks that Madelyn got "mugged", but that photo was hilarious! I agree with The Lunar Fox; just where was her wallet? Lol! :D

  3. LOL, I love 10 nice point Sims! (My Dallas is 10 nice points.) They're so adorable when you ask them to do something mean or raunchy, lol! And they're so ridiculously cheesy when they talk :)

    But then, the 0 nice point Sims are fun too!

    Too funny that she's a black sheep for being nice :) And LOL @ where was her wallet? Also, where was her daddy! Somebody needs to kick that creepy dude's butt!

  4. I don't think I've ever had a sim with 10 nice points!

    Her date with Caleb really didn't go well, no wonder she dumped him!

  5. I agree, Caleb was totally cheating when he jumped in another pool playing Marco Polo! LOL And she is just so sweet! I finally got a couple of super nice sims too, I'm never sure what to do with them, I'm so used to the mean ones that make up my 'hood!

  6. "Where is her wallet?" is a very hood question! I guess it's the same place Sims keep their cell phones when they're naked. Perhaps it's best not to think about it too much!

    Lunar, there's a little trick which you may already know but it only works when you're there as the business owner, not as a visitor. You have your Sims change into their uniform and do "Change Appearance" on them (you don't need to make changes, just click the tick). They'll then be in their casual clothes with their faces normal again but you still have to click "Wear Casual Clothes" and then "Wear Uniform". You'll be right back where you started next time you go to the lot though, so it's a temporary fix. You haven't seen Naomi and her friends going to Dragonfly yet but when you do, note how you never see the waitress's face. Now you know why.

    Crescent, I'm having a bit of an epidemic with the Unsavoury Charlatan but I still find the whole thing very funny and I always stop to watch it.

    Laura, I love them too but I think Madelyn is my only one right now! It figures your Dallas would have 10 nice points - he's a sweetie!

    CissieMae, I agree. I was going to have her dump him anyway but he really deserved it.

    Tacy, I have to remind myself when I have a nice Sim. So many of my Sims are mean that my natural instinct is to write them as such!

  7. Oh I guess its because she was a townie...duh

  8. Shannon, did you mean to post that comment in Samson's update?

  9. sorry, I don't know why that posted in Samson's, it was about Kendra who wants to max out all 7 skills, but is a knowledge sim who didn't get to go to college.