Saturday, 18 April 2009

Carrying Cathy

Round 15: Day 71-75

Narrated by Aphrodite Nihill

Charlton has finally got himself up to a more respectable position in the music industry. It's still a little embarrassing to tell people my 48-year-old husband is a summer camp music teacher but it's better than coffee shop sound engineer.

Me, though? I'm a little bored. I've gone as far as I can go in my career. There's nothing to improve on, nothing to study for, no promotions to look forward to. I need something else to keep me occupied and to challenge myself.

Madelyn has taken her cousin Kirstin under her wing. They're both so different but they get along like a house on fire!

E.T. is being a bit of a bratty cat lately. He's still young, so there's still a lot of training to do.

Because we can't really continue letting him tear up Madelyn's homework. Her teacher was not pleased.

Madelyn needs some training herself, at least before she heads off to high school. Her time management skills leave a lot to be desired. Whenever the school bus arrived, she can often be found in the front yard, bug hunting while still wearing her nightdress.

I think Charlton is starting to dread Madelyn's impending birthday. He's not ready for her to go off to high school or start dating. Neither am I, come to think of it! She's still a little girl to us.

I finally found a solution to my restlessness - I've started my own business.

Well, not exactly. It's A Lost Generation, which is already well established in this town, so it should be a good money maker for me. Previously, entry was free but I've had to start charging. The price is ridiculously low right now - my target market is teenagers and I'm not positive how much they'd be willing to pay, so I'm testing the waters.

I'm serving as manager and hostess...

...and I've hired two local kids to work as my chef and my waitress. Abhijeet couldn't cook at all when I hired him (he was cheap!) but he's coming along nicely.

And you might have noticed the place has had a bit of a makeover. The old decor was a bit garish for my liking, so I've replaced a lot of it with some more subtle stuff, while still trying to keep it bright.

I'm hoping Madelyn will come help out on occasion, now that she's old enough. Right now, she's working as a gofer at some office building but I don't know if she's cut out for the corporate world. Whenever I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she answers with "a visionary!" She's got lofty ambitions, my daughter!

  • I was having much trouble with Lost Generation, trying to get only teens to show up. Adults and children were staying away, for some reason, but the lot was being besieged by elders! I just checked the post about the customer selecter at MATY though, and it turns out I should have been using the AND setting, not the OR. Duh. It makes perfect sense to me now but I just couldn't figure it out while I was playing! Hopefully when I fix that up, the lot should run a lot more smoothly (read: as I want it to).
  • Guess who the only teen boy Madelyn is attracted to is? Emil! Well, tough crap, girls - you can't all have him, as much as I'm sure he'd enjoy that! Madelyn is waaaay too sweet for him.
  • I'm thrilled beyond belief that Madelyn rolled Become Visionary for her LTW. Too many "Become Criminal Mastermind" and "Become Rock God" in this hood! It's nice to have some variety. I might start rolling them myself if they keep being so samey.
  • I actually think summer camp music teacher sounds like a pretty awesome job but Aphrodite is a Fortune Sim, so she's waiting for Charlton to start raking in the dough. She's probably still pissed that he abandoned his burgeoning law career and she's been the primary breadwinner since then.


  1. Haha, she's attracted to Emil! That's sim-player's luck for you. Well, he is cute, and there is something about that attitude of his.

    The business looks good though. I can't wait to see it running the way you want it to.

  2. Poor Madelyn, she'll have to get in line if she wants Emil.

    It'll be interesting to see how the business will start going. I like what Aphrodite has done to the place :)

  3. Lost Generation looks really cool. Do you sell sims on buying a ticket or just let them decide? And I was also wondering, how much time do you tend to play the business for at a time? I know you play five day rounds, and business time doesn't count, so...

    I've never heard of the Become Visionary LTW. I think I have a glitch where I only have limited LTW's.

  4. Francesca, "Become Visionary" is the LTW that matches the Artist career that came with Uni. Stupid Maxis didn't activate the Uni career LTWs so I have a hack that does it. .

    All this attraction to Emil - girls love a bad boy! I'm still wanting to find someone who likes James Novak. Poor boy. They're next on my play list, so we'll see how it goes.

  5. Yeah it took me a while to get how to use that customer selector too :-)

  6. I tried it out when I sent Naomi there as a visitor (thought it was worth a shot and she was able to use it even not being the lot owner) and the elders who were already on the lot stayed but no others came. So that's a good sign!

  7. Hey I'm catching up! I'm really not but I'm making progress lol. I'm really enjoying all your families. Can't wait to get caught up :).

    Just a quick question, do you remember where you found that hack for the Uni LTWs? I'm sure I missed it if it's at MATY or MTS2. It's so easy to bypass stuff if you're not looking for it.

  8. Danielle, well, you've got about 10 rounds to go! You're past all the stuff I'm a bit embarrassed about, anyway. I'm glad you're still enjoying it - I'm excited for you to get caught up too!

    The Uni LTW hack is definitely from MATY - just went and checked for you. If you're interested, you should also check out the Expanded and Reduced LTWs hack, which I link to in my hacks post in the sidebar. It unlocks all LTWs for all aspirations and adds extra ones - like a Sim can aspire to get only 10 dream dates, marry off only 2 children or woohoo 50!