Monday, 27 April 2009

Definitive breaks

Round 15: Days 71-75
Narrated by Kit Royce

Leo was wonderful enough to organise our whole wedding on his own. Apart from my dress, of course. That was a surprise. It would be bad luck any other way, and we don't need any more of that!

Fortunately, the whole ceremony was perfect. We didn't have much of a reception - just a brief meet and greet afterwards.

We did spend $1000 of money we didn't quite have on it though, so it was pizza for dinner that night. It wasn't even our pizza. When the landlord had a gathering for all the residents, this pizza was completely untouched. It didn't look like anyone else was going to take it and we were hungry so...

Zaria is growing up fast and our days are consumed with caring for her and making sure she stays out of trouble.

She's very sweet - a real joy, not that I'm biased or anything.

I've been working a lot, so Leo has been doing the bulk of the child care.

We always wondered why on earth we'd want fold the bed away into the wall.

It's proven really useful. We can't put any furniture there but it's left us lots of space for Zaria to practise walking. Not having a big, huge bed to bump into has helped her confidence, I think.

Amongst all this parenting though, we managed to forget to pay the rent. Our landlord came demanding payment on Tuesday morning. We managed to scrape up just enough money to pay him!

Leo has been feeling a little under the weather lately. He had some vacation days from work and he's used two of them so far. He says it's just a cold but I'm a little worried. "Just a cold" can turn into something much worse sometimes.

At least he hasn't been trying to care for Zaria while I'm at work. He's getting lots of sleep and letting our nanny do the rest.

He just wasn't getting better though. After an attempt at making comfort soup which didn't really work and a fruitless (no pun intended!) search for oranges at Kirby Market, we ordered some oranges online and Leo squeezed them into some juice.

It did the trick, thank goodness! He was feeling better in no time.

So we're both back at work now and I think Zaria is becoming pretty well-acquainted with the nanny by now.

It's always one thing after another with us. Leo got demoted recently. He's worked his way back up already but he was really upset. I have to wonder if he was more upset about me making 5x more than him than anything else. Our financial situation isn't so dire any more that it requires tears.

It will be even better now because we can save money on nannies. Zaria has just celebrated her fifth birthday and will be spending most of her day at school.

And she's already showing her dad's enthusiasm for fitness. She and Leo are having nightly swimming and tai chi lessons downstairs. This apartment complex is not short on things for Zaria to occupy herself with.

Random pics:

I don't want to tell you how many times I clicked on that second crib before I realised that it was not, in fact, a changing table. Be kind to the bare bones nursery, by the way - remember how poor the Royces are! Or were, at least. They're doing a little better now.

Synchronised swooning! I don't know if you can see it properly, but all the boys are swooning over Linnea and the girls are all swooning for Lake.


  1. LOL at that last picture. WOW!

    Kit looked very lovely at her wedding. What a beautiful dress.

  2. Is that pool in the basement?

    Leo and Kit have that "underdog" thing going for them. I am cheering for them!

  3. Thanks guys.

    The pool is in the lobby of their apartment building, which is just at street level. I don't tend to use basements very often. There's a lot of stuff in the basement of Galen's apartment and I find it really hard to get in there and take pictures. All the photos of it are taken from really weird angles.

  4. That last picture is pretty good.

    Poor nursery!

    Nice update.

  5. Poor Zaria, more likely. Lucky she was born at the end of Round 14 so not having a changing table likely didn't affect her!