Sunday, 26 April 2009

Don't stop me now

Round 15: Days 71-75

Narrated by Mina Lachance

Since Abigail started school, I've had extra time on my hands, which I've been using to check out some other men in town.

Just because they're cute though, doesn't mean they have anything at all interesting to say! I'll have to look further than the apartment next door, convenient though that may be.

Speaking of Abigail, she's proving to not be quite as academic as Jonas. Pascal has to watch over her every afternoon to make sure she does her homework.

It's not that she's unfocused. She's just focused on things other than school. Like tai chi, for example. She picked that up at the age of 5 and she had completely mastered it by the age of 6. There are adults who can't say that!

Oops, how did this get in here? Well, now the secret's out. I don't really read D.I.Y magazine for the articles!

Anyway, back to my kids. Unlike me, Jonas is actually genuinely interested in tinkering and how things work and all that. We don't think he's quite old enough to be taking things apart with screwdrivers yet, so he contents himself with looking up websites where other people take things apart with screwdrivers.

I don't know how Abigail has made so many friends already but she's yammering away on the phone every night to at least one of them.

The other day, I ventured out of the apartment and went off to the park. I came across what I thought was a wonderfully realistic statue.

It turned out to be some joker in grey face paint pretending to be a statue. I was kind of disappointed. The guy wasn't even good looking!

This guy was kind of handsome though. I forget his name. Gary? Steven? One of those, I think.

Kind of an asshole though. I'm not FAT enough for him?!?! Who says that to a woman?

And while we're at it, who wears grass skirts (or grass anything?) to a park in the middle of the city? This place is chock full of weirdos.

Jonas has grown up a bit now. Predictably, he's now completely college-focused. I'm hoping he can step away from that for a brief minute to tell his sister that she'll still be able to get chili in her mouth without putting her entire face in the bowl.

He hasn't brought home any girls yet - just his friend James Novak. So he apparently doesn't take after me or his dad. He's a strange one.

Extra pic:Mina's not the only one having extramarital fun, which should surprise none of you. Pascal headed down to the beach (where it rained the whole time) and met up with the lovely Vanessa here. He didn't feature much in this update because his work days are the same as Mina's off days. Which works out well for them, really.

  • I don't think Mina has done anything tinkering related ever, apart from playing with blocks at the activity table when she was little. She's just in it for the sexy mechanic centrefolds now!
  • Jonas isn't gay, in case you were wondering (because I just realised it could sort of read like that) but he hasn't rolled up any first kiss wants either, so I haven't been looking for anyone for him. I don't think that's especially unusual for a Knowledge teen - mine are often not interested until college.


  1. LMAO @ the sexy mechanic centrefolds! Looks like Mina has found the perfect inspiration for reading those tinkering magazines LOL

  2. My knowledge teens also tend to not roll those romance wants till college.

    I love the picture of Abigail doing tai chi. She's so cute!

    Mina is a strange combination--Romance/Family, concert pianist, and tinkering, which she only likes for the centerfolds! Really funny.

  3. I was wondering if Jonas was going to turn out gay, glad you cleared that up! Knowledge sims are slow to come around that way anyway! I have never seen that human statue, gonna have to send my sims off to the park today! Loved the centerfold, hehe. How funny that she wasn't fat enough! I love Mina, she's got a great attitude.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Mina is one of my favourites too, so I'm glad you also like her. She's a bit of a contradiction. I don't know if you've all read back in the archives, but as a teen, she had a thing for Joseph Carmody (who was an adult at the time) and for only having one outgoing point, she's very forward! She doesn't act like a shy Sim at all.

  5. I can't wait to see these kids grown up. They're both so cute and interesting. And what a family dynamic. Maybe that's why Jonas isn't interested yet. He just wants to be different from his parents. (Even though they try to be discrete, kids can still tell these things.)

  6. Children can be very perceptive, it's true!

  7. I agree with the other comments in that Mina is adorable.

  8. Mina's always been one of my favourites. A little while ago, she was my avatar at N99. I'm using Ottilie instead right now, but I might make a new one so I don't get bored.