Thursday, 16 April 2009

Box full of letters

Round 15: Days 71-75

Narrated by Emil Collins

My mum is pregnant. Again. With twins. Again. For most people, three kids and extremely tight finances would be enough but my mother wants five.

I'm really glad I'll be leaving for college soon. The new house is great but I have to share a room with Caleb and David and I can't take it for much longer. I haven't been able to save any money, because I've been giving all of it to Mum to help with said tight finances. But my promotion got me the last scholarship I needed to gain a place at Suffolk, so getting a job wasn't all for nothing.

During her pregnancy, Mum hasn't been sleeping well and she's using the extra time to write archaeology articles for a few magazines. They don't pay that well but the more money she earns from that, the more of my money I can keep for myself. So I don't complain about being kept up late by her tapping on the keyboard.

Mum ended up going into labour just as we'd all left for the day. Filippo's carpool had literally just pulled out of the driveway and sped off down the road.

So Evan Andrew...

...and Amelia Rachel entered the world with just Mum to welcome them. What do newborn babies care anyway, right?

It wasn't too long before Simona came nosing around. She wanted to meet her new grandchildren and catch up with Mum. All that's fine but I wish she'd leave me alone. I am not her grandson and I don't think I should be under any obligation to talk to that old hag.

On the other hand, my not-grandma can bring my not-aunt around any time. She's pretty hot for being in her late 30s.

David's really obsessed with those ants of his. He checks on them multiple times a day and he actually even gets up in the middle of the night to look at them too. I can tell, because he stomps across the room like an elephant when he does it.

Okay, so I've almost come around on the twins. Almost. I'm expected to help out with them a lot, so I had to get over any objections I had to their existence pretty fast. Listening to them trying to talk to each other is pretty cute, I have to admit.

Heh, here's why I said "almost". This isn't so cute but better Mum than me. I love how Evan thinks it's like the funniest thing ever.

I have been going out with this girl, Anna. I don't really know if it's going anywhere, 'cause I'm going to college this round and she's not - she's too young. I think I need to keep myself open to any new experiences (read: new girls) that might come my way in college. But anyway, we were having a pretty good time together the other night when you-know-who came along to butt in.

Gah, get lost, old lady!

Anna wasn't shy about telling her to mind her own business either.

It was pretty funny.

So Anna is pretty cool but like I said before, I don't want to tie myself down just yet. So I made a move on Opal when she came home from school with me the other day. She wasn't into it.

But I don't give up that easily!

You see? Like putty in my hands!

Random pic:
Traumatising the children! They both just sat there staring for the whole time. They can't unsee what has been seen!

  • So I think it's been clearly established that Emil is an asshole. I have no idea why he hates Simona. He and Anna (also a complete bitch, apparently) were pranking her constantly on the lawn and then laughing about it.
  • The Morettis are officially completely out of debt, with a few thousand dollars to cushion them too. I did have to dig into the boys' college funds, which don't exist any more though. Sorry, kids! You'll have to make your own way!
  • As mentioned, Emil will be going to college soon. So will Zelda and Naomi (who also likes Emil), so there may be more Emil-related romantic hijinx this round. We shall have to wait and see.


  1. Emil is a character. But then with such a family, I can see why he'd have an attitude problem.

    What a complex family. I think I have it figured out now. So the father of Emil's youngest siblings is Filippo, Simona's son, right?

    It almost sounds like he's annoyed and jealous of Simona coming to check on her grand babies.

  2. Emil might be an asshole but it's very entertaining to read about him. It's nearly not as much fun to play that kind of characters though.

  3. He's a teen so he still might grow out of being nasty to certain people, lol.

    No more college fund. I hate when I have to do that too. But Emil will go to school anyway, so it's all good.

  4. Emil definitely has an attitude problem! Maybe he'll grow out of it when he gets older. Poor Simona, just trying to get along with her grandchildren's half-brother and he only wants to be mean to her. :(

  5. I still haven't had two toddlers at the drawing table together. Its so cute!

    Emil's voice really comes across. I think you're channeling him :-)

  6. I love complicated Sims' families. Yes, David, Caleb, Amelia and Evan are Filippo's kids. Emil's dad was Anton Collins, Maria's first husband. To add to the confusion, Emil's half-sister is Mina Lachance (nee Collins). Anton was also her father.

    Emil might mature a bit but I suspect he won't grow out of having only one nice point! I've ended up with several mean Sims in Sullivan but not all of them act on it as often as Emil does. I never make him act mean, by the way - he does it all on his own!

    He seems to have met his match in Anna, because she's truly a little snot. She also only has one nice point. Her sister Betsy is her clone but she doesn't seem to do nasty interactions as often as Anna does.

    I do feel bad for Simona. He really doesn't like her and I'm not quite sure why.

  7. The family is all over the place - no wonder Emil is who he is!

  8. Ha, yes, he's a bit confused maybe.

  9. I had gotten behind on your blog, so I decided to start it over from the beginning. I wasn’t going to comment until i caught up, but Emil cracked me up so much in this entry. He is too funny, especially his comments on Simona.

    1. Oh, wow, that's an undertaking! These stories are a little fresher in my mind than they might have been otherwise, because I just redid all my tags. So long ago though! Crazy to realise Emil is still around, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!