Monday, 20 April 2009

Sullivan Primary School

Here is my newly completed primary school, as it appears from the hood screen. I plan to open it at the beginning of Round 16. I hate the roof more than I thought it was possible to hate a roof (it looks way worse from the lot view) but considering how often I'll see it, I'm not going to stress too much about it.
Here's a look at the actual lot. I apologise in advance for the darkness of the pics. I couldn't turn the lights on because I didn't have a Sim there.

This is the music room. I never thought to add a music room to the high school but I just may now, because I like how this turned out and I'm excited to play it. It's a shame the kids can't use the drums, guitar or bass though. I have no idea if they can use the microphone but I've added it just in case.

The art room, which is a little empty. I'm blaming that on Maxis for not enabling the pottery wheel for kids. ;) There are two more easels along the wall that you can't see here.

And this is just a regular classroom. Kids at primary schools here generally sit in grouped tables like I have here and I really hope it works in game. I don't see why it wouldn't but I have my fingers crossed regardless.

All classroom seat eight students. I've just checked my Sims' ages and there will be exactly 8 children of primary age at the beginning of Round 16, so my grand opening should have a good amount of Sims to play around with.

And here is the playground and soccer field. I took a picture of the cafeteria but it's disappeared. :\ Hopefully, you'll be able to see that in my first school update.

I'm undecided on who is going to run this school, or the high school for that matter. Simona is not likely to survive much longer, so there will need to be a new principal/teacher for Sullivan High School too. At this point, I'm thinking Augustin might run the primary school and Hanna might take over the high school. Or maybe vice versa. I'll have to have a look at my other Sims and see who else might be suited.


  1. That school is really neat. My neighborhood is going to have a school soon, too.

  2. Oh wow! I think it looks really good. That looks like it'll be so much fun for the children.

    Just for comparison, how do you work the school? Do you call the sims in and make them selectable?

  3. The school looks über fantastic! I love the music room. I HAVE to get a school in my hood too!

    I've been meaning to ask, do your kids go to school normally on the bus when you play their lot or do you have some kind of other school type for them from Inge's site? Does my question make any sense? I just woke up and my brain hasn't been switched on properly LOL

  4. I love the school tour. Looking forward to a post explaining how you'll run it :-)

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Lunar, basically, Inge's school set does all that fiddly stuff for me. It's very easy. I'll put up a post explaining how I run the school, either tomorrow or the next day. :)

    CissieMae, I don't do anything to the kids on their home lots. They just go off on the regular bus and I pretend they're going to my school.

  6. Did you design the school? Its got amazing, realistic detail. It will be great to read about how you do the school stuff. I read Inge's post but decided to go with a residential lot and teleport in the students for school updates only.

  7. Thanks, Francesca. Yes, I did design it. The school post is coming tomorrow, so you won't have to wait long to read about my method (which is really nothing ground-breaking, I should add).