Friday, 24 April 2009

Devil in the water

Round 15: Days 71-75

Linnea and I have been slightly at odds lately. We're not fighting or anything but basically, I'm ready for a child and she's not quite there. That's kind of what Icarus here was about. Linnea felt the best way to prepare for parenthood was to test ourselves on a parrot first. I think we should just jump in. I don't think there's anything that can quite prepare you for parenthood. Nothing's really comparable to an actual baby.

So we're still talking. I had sort of a lightbulb moment when Linnea became all buddy-buddy with Caterina, our neighbour, recently.

Like I said, I believe nothing can really prepare you for parenthood but I thought that maybe being around a cute baby might get Linnea feeling a little clucky. So I volunteered myself and Linnea for some babysitting one afternoon.

And you know what? We didn't do half badly!

Max is a really sweet little boy.

He was eager to show us both his musical skills and I think Linnea was pretty charmed by the little tyke. How could you not be though?

So I left it for a while and eventually, Linnea broached the baby subject again and she finally agreed we might be ready to give parenthood a try.

Obviously, we can't conceive a child the traditional way but reproductive technology is amazing these days. So the child Linnea is now carrying will be biologically ours. Linnea decided she'd be the one to carry the baby. There's nothing she likes more than time off work (this picture was taken when she got home from her last day) and pregnancy will give her quite a while off.

I don't know if she wagered on her morning sickness being quite as severe as it was though.

Once she was past the first trimester though, she was feeling pretty good. She felt good enough to try out the tai chi I taught her and is getting better all the time. I can't believe that I taught Linnea the health nut something fitness-related. I really thought she knew it all.

She's certainly not lonely at home on maternity leave. Floyd works weird hours so he's home during the day and our friend Leo lives in an apartment across the road and he's over a lot too.

When she is at home alone, she tries to teach Icarus to talk. I don't know what kind of a conversationalist he'd be but it amuses Linnea, so I leave it alone.

We've both become really eager for this baby to be born already! Or babies, I should say. We're having twins!

  • Yay for babies! This was not chosen by Linnea or Debbie but gay Sims never roll up the want to have a baby and in my game, they never seem to roll up the want to adopt either. So I'll be family planning for the gay Sims.


  1. Linnea and Debbie are a neat couple. So funny, practicing on a parrot and babysitting...

    I love Linnea's maternity clothes.

    So in your experience, gay sims don't autonomously try for baby either? (With ACR) just curious.

  2. I think gay Sims might autonomously try for a baby if you have some kind of same sex pregnancy hack installed. Gay Sims getting pregnant via woohoo is outside of the limits of the realism I've imposed on Sullivan though, so I don't have a hack like that.

    Linnea's maternity clothes are from Liana Sims, I think. They're the same ones Mina wore for one of her pregnancies.

  3. lol, "let's start slow. Let's get a parrot!"

    The pic of pregnant Linnea talking to the parrot is too cute. She sure looks excited about whatever they're talking about.

    Clever idea sneaking a little one over to help cure the jitters.

    Do you charge your sims for these services? I'm thinking I might open up a "fertility" bank of my own (male and female). Still working out the logistics, but I have a hospital now. XD

    Also, the sweetest thing I ever saw was my gay sim rolling the want to adopt after his marriage. Before that the sweetest thing was his parents wanting to see a relative getting "joined." I hadn't realized there'd be a seperate want for the marriage of homosexual sims. It was sweet that they had him specifically on their minds.

  4. Aw, I can't wait to see the babies! I'm impressed with Linnea doing tai chi while pregnant in those high heels! ;)

  5. Linnea and Debbie were actually visiting Caterina and Ben's apartment, which is right next door. They were visiting. Ben and Cat were right there, not that any parenting was going on.

    You know, I didn't charge them for this but I should! I'll consider it part of my fertility treatment program and charge them the $5000. Hope to hear more about your hospital.

    That's very sweet, Lunar! I love when I see Sims roll up wants like that. Normally, anyway. Galen rolled up the want for another baby the other night. You've done quite enough!

    Shana, Linnea's mad skillz in heels are genetic. Witness her grandmother, Gina (who is also responsible for Galen's cheeks of doom):

  6. They're such a cute couple! And I love the whole "parrot first, baby next" idea, hehe.

  7. I have a similar view of the limits of realism, Sullivan. I want my gay couples to be able to have children but doing it through woohoo is not something I've included in my game. I can definitely understand it being a fun surreal aspect though for others.

  8. Yeah, it doesn't bother me how other people handle gay pregnancy in their games but I feel the need to rationalise things in my game and I can't rationalise them getting pregnant via woohoo or men getting pregnant at all. So that doesn't happen in my game. :)