Sunday, 5 April 2009

The summer

Narrated by Athena Lane

Ever since I graduated and moved in with my fiance, Adam, he's been very eager to marry. I really wanted to wait a little bit but Adam, despite being a pleasure seeker by nature, has a really strong family streak too.

So I finally relented and surprised myself by not being nervous at all, right up until our vows. I was feeling very relaxed. Maybe that meant I was doing the right thing.

The ceremony in Central Park ended up being very beautiful and I was glad I'd agreed to it, in the end.

I was glad that both of my new in-laws were quick to welcome me to their family. I'd got off to a bit of a shaky start with Adam's mum so it was sort of a weight off my shoulders.

It was a little bit awkward having my ex-boyfriend at my wedding but he is Adam's cousin, after all. I was so sure Filippo would be the one I married, way back in high school. I never would have thought about Adam that way!

Speaking of my new husband, I think he needs to learn that you can't just go around randomly rubbing the bellies of pregnant women. They don't all like it! Maria certainly didn't, even though she and Adam are quite good friends.

Our reception was interrupted by some bratty party crasher with a joy buzzer, which really upset Arianna. Honestly, for the money we paid to hire this venue, you'd think some sort of security could be provided to prevent things like this from happening. It puts a bit of a dampener on things.

We ended the evening with a dance, bathed in the glow from the vending machines.

Our honeymoon was not really what I'd imagined. I kind of hoped we'd go...well, anywhere. Right now, that's not possible unless we beg off Adam's parents. Seeing we don't want to do that, we contented ourselves at home. It wasn't so bad!

I was gone all day having finally gained a job as a legal secretary. Adam had grown bored of events planning and had decided to quit until he found a job in a restaurant. This meant he had to stay home and oversee the extensions and renovations of our home. Adam and I were planning on kids eventually but we were definitely going to need more space. We've added another storey onto the house but only the extra bathrooms have been done so far. They were certainly a welcome addition! 4 adults sharing a bathroom is not an ideal situation!

I like to practise speeches in front of the mirror in the bathroom, so it's a good thing we have two extra now. No one could ever get in there before! But it's all paying off. I've been promoted to paralegal at the law firm.

I think living together has actually brought Petra and I closer together. Petra and I have always been a bit weird about each other. That's all evaporating with time though. Maybe she was touched that I wore her wedding gown? Maybe she's softening with age? I don't know.

We have a lot more in common than I realised.

I've always got along well with Isaac and that's continuing to be the case.

I haven't been feeling too well as of late though. I've had to take a few days off work here and there because I could barely leave the bathroom. The smell of Adam eating leftover fish in the morning doesn't really help matters much.

At least we've discovered the cause of my constant nausea now! I'm pregnant! Earlier than we were planning on but I think we're in a good place for a baby right now, so I think we'll make out okay.

I'm looking forward to my maternity leave, now that we've dedicated one of the extra bedrooms to all my music stuff. Petra's been testing it out for me.

As for Adam, he finally got his foot in the door at a restaurant and is now a prep cook. I don't want to say anything to him but I think he might have been sampling a little too much of the food - he seems to be putting on a little weight recently!

  • I don't know how many of you have read all the way back in the archives but Athena is wearing her mother-in-law Petra's wedding gown. I liked the little nod to tradition. I had chosen another gown for Athena but had her try on Petra's on a whim.
  • Athena is pregnant with only one baby. I thought she might have twins because both she and Adam are twins themselves. I think I might have a few babies due next round, so it might be a good thing this is just one baby.
  • This might be my most nonsensical title ever, seeing it's very clearly winter in this update. But blame Yo La Tengo for that, not me.


  1. Oh Adam. I don't know why, but I have such a sim crush on him. Maybe it's the hair. He so rocks that hair style.

    The little nod to tradition is a cute idea!

    Also, the line about them dancing "bathed in the glow from the vending machines," priceless. XD The wedding looked like a lot of fun.

  2. I love the idea of wearing someone's old wedding gown. I might have to snatch that idea for my hood ;)

    Lunar Fox, you're not the only one. I have a crush on Adam as well. I think he's soooo cute!

  3. I love the fact that you insert traditions in your game, it adds a fun touch to the story!

  4. LOL!: We ended the evening with a dance, bathed in the glow from the vending machines.

    LOL! funny!

    I love the first picture! They are such a cute little couple.

  5. Awww, that is so cool about her wearing the hand-me-down gown :-)

  6. Aww, what a nice wedding! I DID notice she was wearing Petra's dress--how sweet. :D

    And a baby on the way, too. These two are definitely hitting the ground running when it comes to starting a family.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    I'm quite the Adam fangirl myself. He's very endearing to play too, as well as being pretty cute.

    It'd be cool if I could get one more generation in before TS3 and have someone else wear the dress.