Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Across the sea

Round 14: College
(Magdalena, Tate and Trent)

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Narrated by Trent Kirby

So college was not quite as exciting as I thought it would be. It was cool living somewhere other than the farm but there was a lot of work to do if you wanted to a halfway decent grade! Tate and I got started right away.

You could say Tate was a little excited after he finished his first term paper.

Our dorm was almost entirely inhabited by males, with the notable exception of Magdalena. Tate and I were both already good friends with her. She was always nice to us, even though we're several years younger.

Tate has been...I don't know what he's doing. Freestyling, I guess you could loosely call it.

Not many people have been too impressed by his noise pollution but I gave him a pity donation.

Christa seemed to like it though.

In general, girls have been rather forward with Tate at Suffolk. I haven't been so lucky, which has kind of sucked.

Magdalena will talk to me but she talks to everyone.

And she very much has a boyfriend.

A boyfriend who helped her monopolise the elevator every time he visited.

Speaking of Magdalena, she has been sick recently. She didn't spread it to anyone else, despite making no effort to quarantine herself (thanks for that!) but in any case, the soup she made in the kitchen hit the spot and she's feeling a lot better now.

I've been continuing to do my own coursework but Tate has been finding it easier to just flatter other people into doing it for you. I can't believe our dormmates fall for it!

I surreptitiously managed to replace the Don't Wake The Llama table with a poker table, so we can have tournaments now! No one has noticed yet and I know us guys all prefer this new game table to the old one (Magdalena has yet to so much as glance at it).

Separately, without knowledge of the other twin doing it, Tate and I have both had a crack at Magdalena. She wasn't into it. I don't think I needed her hand smushed right into my face to get the message though.

So we headed down to The Ball & Biscuit to see if we could find some girls there. Nope. Not unless you count my aunt Georgette, which we obviously do not. Total sausage fest.

From there, we decided to try out The Old Brick, which was a little more lively on the female front. Tate danced with Carrie, who runs some sort of gamers' hangout. She said it was a secret.

I, at least, got a woman to talk to me.

But she didn't even tell me her name and walked away after just a few minutes of conversation. What am I doing wrong?!?

So I've given up and am just going to wait and see what (or, who) comes my way. I do really want to find someone and get married one day but I have plenty of time.

I've just been hanging out with Tate a lot lately. It's a good thing we don't make huge bets because I've found I'm not very good at poker.

Magdalena graduated, finally, with a 3.6 GPA. She's moved back to Sullivan and is living with her parents until she sorts out all her finances and can buy a house. Buying a house at 24...I hope I can be that lucky!

Random funny:
OK, not that funny but I was mildly amused that Tate and Trent aged into the same shirt, being twins and all. One of the ugliest shirts in the game too, apart from those cowboy monstrosities!

  • Tate and Trent both have 2 bolts with Magdalena. I briefly entertained setting one of them up with her when they were teens and one of them (I forgot which) even had his first kiss with her. In the end, I decided against it.


  1. Total sausage fest LOL!

    Poor Trent, he doesn't seem to have much luck with the ladies. At least Tate got some action.

    I think Magdalena is a very pretty sim, I can't wait to see what her kids will look like.

  2. Yeah, poor Trent, wonder why he couldn't score himself?

    And I love that little touch about replacing the llama table with poker. Next, he'll be sneaking in a beer keg :-)

  3. Funny how they both tried at Magdalena! She must have felt smothered being the only girl in that "sausage fest," lol! And her boyfriend is lucky because she could have had her pick of them!

    Poor Trent, hopefully his luck will get a little better :)

  4. Haha college guys! It's funny that between Trent and Tate, Tate is the one getting action even though Trent is the hot one.

    But Trent is so easy going about it. Maybe there's someone special for him in store.

  5. LOL! Sausage fest. xD

    What an awesome dorm that is! Did you build it?

  6. Mao, no, I don't build anything that awesome! I think this might be a Beatdoc dorm.

    I hope Trent finds someone. He might be single for a while post-graduation, because none of the townies are catching my eye for him so I might wait for some of my playables to age.

    Simstate, I feel it was a massive oversight on Maxis's part that there's no beer keg. The juice keg doesn't cut it!

  7. Aw, poor Trent! LOL at him and Tate both getting shot down by Magdalena. I hope he finds someone that he likes soon.

  8. I love setting autonomy to spouse only - Magdalena would be in love with both of them, if I hadn't. She's been BFFs with them since they were teenagers. Plus, the rejection animations are really funny and since installing ACR, I don't see them as often!

    Magdalena had the other two male residents of the dorm flirting with her too but I didn't show it, because it didn't seem to fit in with Trent's perspective.

  9. Funny. Love the narration style.