Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tuff luff

My best friend Araminta decided to skip college and look for a job instead, so I've arrived at Moretti Hall alone for my freshman year. I got down to work straight away, because I knew I'd end up getting distracted by social activities if I waited.

I love my dorm room. First of all, everything is purple. Secondly, it's the only room at Moretti with a double bed.

I have been "entertaining" someone in my awesome room of late. His name is Jace and he lives and works all the way up in the mountains.

He's been coming down to campus fairly often recently though, so we've got to know each other (knew that bed would come in handy!) It's not super-serious yet but I like him.

I've also been making friends in my dorm. Ottilie is a junior but she's taken me under her wing and we've become good friends in the process.

Her brother Leo also lives here. He's a little bit...strange.

He's also flunking his classes. Leo's on academic probation now and if he doesn't improve his grades this term, he'll be kicked out of the university.

Leo's academic probation has propelled Ottilie to work a little harder at her own classes, so she's been slaving away on her term paper.

All it's propelled Leo to do is Tai Chi on the front lawn. Probably not the effect the university was going for.

I've discovered there is a freakin' sauna at this dorm! Why everyone doesn't choose to live here is beyond me! And look - cute boys in towels!

I know...Jace. But we're not exclusive or anything. Seeing I never really dated in high school, I don't want to just settle down with the first guy I meet. I want to have a long marriage when I do marry, so I don't want to rush into it.

Ottilie has been having the same thoughts lately. She's been dating a guy named Lake but she's become a bit curious about what else (or who else) is out there.

She ended up getting set up with the (OLD!) repairman, who planted a huge one on her before she even knew what was happening.

In the sauna the next day, she told me she'd wasted $5000 on that date. I had to try not to laugh.

Unlike us girls, Leo has pretty much decided who wants to be with us, at least for now.

In fact, Kit was probably one of the main reasons for Leo's poor grades. She lived so far away that when he did see her, he spent days at a time with her.

It didn't work out too well for him, unfortunately. He failed his final exam and was sent packing back home.

I was missing Araminta a lot by that point, so we met up one evening in Central Park. Our parents would probably have a fit - deserted parks aren't the safest places, I guess.

But anyway, we had a great girly chat. Araminta is well on the way to choosing a career path and I got my head in order about Jace and Lucian.

I chose Jace. I had the most chemistry with him and I felt it immediately, so I listened to what my instincts were telling me.

The only hard part now is breaking it to the other guys I've been seeing. Neither of them have taken it all that well. Lucian looks like he's slapping me in that picture but he's not - he's still a good guy, just not the right guy for me.

And now I'm all alone in the dorm. Ottilie graduated and has headed back to Exeter, where she and Leo are living with their parents until they decide what they're going to do with their lives.

  • Magdalena arrived at Moretti Hall with the flu. She must have caught it from Drusilla when they were both visiting the Bentons. She cooked up some Comfort Soup so she didn't spread it, or suffer too much.
  • Leo is the first Sim I've had expelled from Uni. I was secretly thrilled, because I've kind of been waiting for someone to not graduate. My other non-studious Sims have scraped by just by going to class and being lucky enough to have the right skills. Leo was not that fortunate. I believe his GPA was 2.4 at the end.
  • Ottilie graduated with a 3.6 GPA. Fairly average, for Sullivan.
  • Magdalena woohooed with 3 guys, including Jace. Family Sims can be a bit like that with ACR (if they're not married) but it's been a while since I've experienced it. I think she's over her experimental phase now and will settle down with Jace. I considered Lucian but the chemistry with him is much lower and Jace is a blonde, which I need more of. He also has a terrible surname, so if they do marry, he'll take hers. I'm not having a sim named Magdalena Fuchs!


  1. LOL - a dorm with a built-in sauna! If only I had that in real life - ha ha - your uni sims are so pampered!

    Family sims with ACR on are even worse than romance sims!

  2. The pics with Ottilie and the matchmaker made me laugh! She looked SO hopeful in the first pic, and so surprised in the second.

  3. I can't help but laugh at the matchmaker! Poor Ottilie, paying 5.000 out of her student budget and then getting a date with the repairman!

    I have to agree that Jace Novak sounds a lot better than Magdalena Fuchs LOL!

    I really like these updates from a sim's point of view. I might try it too with Lexie Hayes since she's the only uni student on round 5 in Wellington.

  4. what a surprise, her being a family sim and acting like that. I didn't realize she was a family sim since this is the first update I've read about this sim.

  5. LOL, poor Ottilie! Looks like the repairman enjoyed the date at least. ;)

    I don't blame you for having Jace take her name if they marry!

  6. Fuchs is honestly one of the most terrible townie last names in the game. I'm sure it's legit somewhere but it seems like the kind of surname you'd really want to change in an English-speaking country!

    Francesca, Family Sims (with ACR, anyway) tend to go a bit mad with the woohoo if you don't give them someone to have a steady relationship with. In my old hood, I had one family Sim who racked up about 5 or 6 notches on her bedpost. ;)

    CissieMae, I find it so much more fun to write like this! Even when it's quite a boring play session, I usually still enjoy writing the updates and I find the words come easier too.

  7. A dorm with a sauna? Now that's living! Magdalena is a lovely young adult.

  8. The dorm is totally pimped out. I downloaded it from...somewhere. It's on a relatively small lot but it also has a massage table, greenhouse, pool and a band rehearsal space.

    I love how Magdalena has turned out. I'm not surprised she's had so many guys after her in college.

  9. Fuchs is german, it would be fox (the animal) in english. ;-)

  10. Astrid, thanks for the info! You know, since I wrote this, I actually found that out! I was reading about some German immigrants to the US who were Fuchs in Germany but quickly changed their name to Fox once they got to America.

  11. Hello Carla, your welcome. :-)

    I'm from Austria and Fuchs is a very common name here. And I really enjoy reading about Sullivan's Sims; two years ago I had a NB very similar to yours (with schools, a hospital...) but I stopped playing. Now reading about your great town gives me so much motivation to start again!

    So thank you and greetings from Austria. :-))

  12. Astrid, thank you! I'm really glad you're enjoying Sullivan so much. :D