Wednesday, 18 March 2009

With every light

Round 14: Days 66-70
I met someone! His name is Henry. He's a security guard, he's 2 years younger than I am but I think he's really cute.

Not that I've really been able to act on it or anything. Living at home as an adult definitely has its downside. We've made plans to go out this Friday, so hopefully we can get to know each other better then.

In the meantime, I'm keeping myself busy. My parents both like to sleep in, so I'm the one who makes breakfast for everyone in the morning. I'm not a great cook, so cereal is all I can manage.

I'm also the one who has to check whether Zelda has done her homework. Her usual answer is a reluctant no so we end up having to do a rush job on it before the bus comes. Then I go to work, serve food to people all day and come home.

All that drudgery (I'm only kidding! I actually like my job) made me look forward to my date with Henry even more. We started out by getting some silly pictures taken in the photo booth.

Then things sort of just went from there. We barely left that spot all night. Except for a brief venture back into the photo booth.

Henry and I have had several more dates since then and Zelda always stays up until I come home. I tell her about our dates (not everything, obviously!) while I'm tucking her in. It's a little ritual we have.

Mum is a natural worrier and is always telling me to be careful with Henry.

I'm not worried at all though and I think once Mum meets Henry, she won't be either. I'm more and more sure that he's "the one" every time I see him.

Henry charms just about everyone he meets. He's met Magdalena's approval, which is good enough for me!

Speaking of Magdalena, I finally got to meet her boyfriend Jace on Saturday afternoon. It's harder to get together with her away at college but she's graduating soon, so hopefully we'll be able to live close by again.

Henry and I have discussed moving in together and we both want to stay somewhere in Sullivan. Neither of us are big city people, even though I once found the idea kind of exciting.

Jace was a real outdoorsman, apparently so Mags would probably end up back in Sullivan too.
Oh, did I mention they were having an open mic thing at Center Drip and I got up and sang?!?! Can you believe that? I'm normally pretty shy but something just propelled me to the stage. Alcohol? Quite possibly.

After ditching the guys and making a quick escape, we ended the day at H&M so I could pick up a new coat.

It's always easier to choose something when you have someone else there to offer their opinion.

Finally the day had come for Henry to meet my parents. It was also Zelda's 13th birthday. I didn't want to overshadow that but Zelda insisted she wanted to meet him too. Anyway, Dad must have said something to offend Henry because I've never seen him react like that to anyone.

I decided to change the subject, sit between them and play mediator for a while. After that, things between my Dad and Henry went much more smoothly.

I was pleased when I finally saw Mum's car pull up outside. Not only was I eager for her to meet Henry, I was also eager for her to take over the role of hostess. I do enough of that sort of thing at work and Mum really enjoys it.

And just as I knew she would, Mum liked Henry right away. Hopefully she'd stop worrying about us so much now!

Even though I was pretty sure everything would go well, it was still a huge relief when it did! I guess I was more nervous about it than I realised!

And to end with, a shot of my little sister the birthday girl! Pre-makeover.

She's going through an all-black phase that Mum and Dad are both hoping she'll grow out of!

Random cuteness:
I never get sick of the photo booth pictures! I'll have to have one of the Bentons give it to Araminta. I've already moved her out into the bin with Henry but forgot to have her take the picture with her.

  • Not pictured in this update but I took Xanthia and Stan on a date to the diner this round. Stan is BFFs with Julian and because they were friends, Julian comped 30% of their bill! How cool is that? I have no idea when this was added or how close the relationship needs to be but it was a nice little surprise.
  • Araminta's narrating again because ultimately, it made the most sense. I drafted it with Xanthia, Stan AND Zelda and it didn't work. It'll be someone else next time.
  • As I said above, Henry and Araminta have moved out together but are not yet on a lot. Both have the want to marry each other but they're not engaged yet.
  • I had always planned to make Araminta wait until she fell in love to woohoo (just because none of my Sims do that any more, since ACR!) but that still ended up being on their first date, because they fell in love fast! They were borderline 2 bolters and changing Araminta's turn-ons nudged them up to 3.
  • Henry is one of my playable townies. I have 5 more of them (2 guys, 3 girls) but you won't see them unless they happen to develop a relationship with one of my real playables. They live all together on my testing lot with a phone and a bunch of hack objects I use to makeover townies.


  1. I like the lil' sis' make-over - it fits her.

    And I want a coat like that too! ha ha

    And I didn't know that could happen - that's a sim-owned business, right? Hmm, so the employed server can spontaneously do that? It is pretty cool.

  2. They are a cute couple. I'm glad things are going so smoothly with them. I can't wait until they get married!

  3. I do still manage to have some couples that don't immediately hop into bed. It's rare, though. ACR definitely lowers sim inhibitions, LOL!

    It's good that Araminta found someone. :D

  4. I didn't know sim would comp bills for friends! That's cool, and very realistic.

    Also, kind of random, but I love the photo booth pictures too.

    Araminta's a cutie. I love the pic of her standing up singing.

  5. I didn't know Sims could comp the bill for their friends! That's pretty cool. :)

    Araminta and Zelda are very pretty. I think Zelda looks cute in her all black look! :D

    I'm glad Araminta found someone and I hope she and Henry are happy together!

  6. Simstate, I don't know if servers can comp. Julian owns the place and works as the host - Araminta is the server (although she seemed to just be standing around when I took her parents there).

    The comping thing apparently works with non-owned restaurants too, if you're friends with the host. I had always meant to try it out but never got around to it.

    I'm just excited they both have the want to get married, not just engaged. I hate when my Sims roll the want to get engaged and then not married! That's what happened with Lukas and Raffaella - they didn't get married until Augustin was a toddler.

    Mao, I have a few couples like that too. The last one I had was Charlton and Aphrodite, who waited quite a while before they woohooed, despite good chemistry. With Araminta though, I cancelled her entering the photo booth several times and I think I even cancelled an attempt at couch woohoo. At home. Sorry, but you are not woohooing on the couch in your parents' house!