Tuesday, 10 March 2009

So. central rain

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Simona Moretti

So my daughter Arianna finally went into labour.

I was hoping I'd be able to be by her side as a kind of birth coach or something but as it happened, Arianna was up very early that morning and was downstairs before Jonah or I had woken up. I was certainly shocked when I looked over the banister and saw what was happening!

All's well that ends well though and Jonah and I now have three grandchildren. Tatiana is our first granddaughter.

Arianna had only just put the finishing touches on the nursery the night before, so it was all ready for the baby when she arrived. I can't wait to hear what Filippo has to say when he discovers what his sister has done to his old room. It's very girly in there now.

Arianna didn't even need to call the nanny - somehow Joanna just knew. She always was a great nanny with our kids, so maybe she's got a sixth sense for knowing when she's needed.

Poor Arianna has been having issues with some cheerleader tramp who had some sort of thing going with Galen. She must know how many girls that man has been with, so I don't know why she's picking on my daughter.

Tatiana grew up so fast! It seemed like just yesterday that she was born and soon she'd be walking and talking!

I thought some of you might be interested to see what's going on at the new school. I am the principal and I'm also the only teacher, currently. I had considered hiring another, but right now, we only have 8 students and it's not really necessary. Anyway. I always make sure I come in a little early so I can collect my thoughts in my office before classes start.

The bell rings at 9 and all my students come pouring into the classroom. Being teenagers, it's sometimes hard to get them to settle, as they're all more interested in socialising than learning.

Once they get started though, they're all fairly conscientious workers. I got lucky with my class, I think.

At the front, from far left, we have Renee (her elbow, anyway but you can see her in the previous picture), Amber, Elmer and Margaret. At the back, also from left, there is Marylena and Trent. Sitting beside them but not pictured are Tate and Connor.

On my days off, I love spending time with Tatiana.

I'm so excited that I'll get to watch her grow up. I was a bit concerned about Arianna remaining at home but I'm very pleased with how things have turned out (even if Tatiana's father doesn't seem to be taking an interest, beyond sending a child support cheque).

She had plenty of attention from the maternal side of her family anyway. Great aunt Raffaella came over to see Tatiana not long after her birthday.

It was also at around that time that we all got sick with the cold (and I got old!). Luckily, we had enough oranges for me to make a big batch of it. Some Vitamin C was exactly what we needed to get better!

Tatiana seemed to be completely immune to it - not so much as a sniffle from her!

We dragged the old activity table out of storage for Tatiana and she's really taken to it. She just adores building things with the blocks.

Arianna has started dating again. I know she was dying to but I think she was a little concerned that I wouldn't approve. I don't, really, but she's a grown woman, so her decisions are her own.
This man, named Liam, turned out to know Arianna's boss quite well and promised to put in a good word for her. She found out she'd got a raise not long after that.

Tatiana had yet another birthday! I really wanted to throw her a big party and for her to enjoy it but Arianna was concerned that it would all be too much for her (Tatiana is very shy). She cried a little bit at the beginning of the party but all she needed to see was the cake before she broke out in a big grin!

Tatiana wasn't quite sure what to do with the candles, so Arianna blew them out for her.

And so Tatiana was left to celebrate her childhood, while everyone else walked off for some cake. She'll be starting school soon and is already very excited!

Random funny:
I think Joanna might be going senile because she appears to have forgotten her clothes! This is what greeted Arianna when she got home after her first day back at work!

And this is the reason you didn't see more of the school. I can get the kids into the classroom for their first class but when I end the class or end school, they just all stand around the door and don't seem to be able to leave. Even when I direct them to walk out the door, they won't. I have to delete them off the lot. Anyone know what's up with that? I know many of you use the school in your hoods.

  • I really didn't need to call the nanny. She still comes according to Simona's work hours. She hasn't been needed since Filippo was a kid but she still remembers, apparently! It was handy but I ended up keeping Arianna home that day anyway.
  • I accidentally grew Tatiana up to toddler a day early, which is why she's still 4 but a child. I had to readjust her child age stage to 9 days because it was a while before I realised it.
  • Arianna was the one who started the fight with the cheerleader (as per the ROS she rolled - "Completely understandable fight - fight with the Sim you have the lowest relationship with). But I hate that cheerleader, so I chose to blame it on her anyway.
  • The picture of Arianna on the phone is completely pointless. I just like how she looks like she's snorting.


  1. Here's hoping Arianna doesn't end up with another illegitimate spawn, LOL! Although, Tatiana is quite a cutie. ;)

    LOL at the naked nanny. The Christmas bow cracked me up, hahaha. Oh boy...

  2. I agree with Mao; Tatiana is quite cute.

    Here's a random question for you: How do you choose your sim names? You have some interesting ones, like Simona. Is that a made up name?

  3. I think you might have the door in the wrong direction. I had mine like that and had to switch them around. I forget which is the right way. Just know whatever way you have them now it wrong, lol. Hope that helps.

  4. Can Simona go through the door herself? Maybe something is blocking the door from outside. That's all I can think of...

    I liked that little glimpse into the school - I hope you figure out the problem so we get more posts about the school!

  5. Are you using the classroom doors? If so, it may be what Riverdale Blogs said, the door is facing the wrong direction. Try turning it around and seeing if that helps. I had that happen too. I finally got annoyed with the classroom doors though and just put down regular doors instead.

    Tatiana is so cute!

  6. I'm quite fond of Tatiana too but I'm just glad she doesn't seem to have inherited Galen's cheeks (which are actually Gina's cheeks, I figured out the other day). Owen didn't either so maybe Samson will be the last we see of the Cheeks of Doom.

    Arianna's on birth control now. If she gets the want for another baby, I'll take her off it and see what happens.

    Lunar, I think the only name in my hood that's made up is Madelyn and that's only a made-up spelling. Simona is an Italian name, as are the names of most of her relatives (Caleb and David aren't Italian names, obviously). I have a very nerdy system of naming my Sims. I use the random generator at Behind the Name http://www.behindthename.com/random/ for CAS Sims and first children. If I'm naming a younger sibling, I'll use Nymbler http://www.nymbler.com/ so that the names in one family are of a similar style. I'm a name nerd so this sort of stuff is really fun for me.

    Thank you for the ideas about the door. Nothing is blocking it and Simona isn't able to walk through it either. I didn't realise you could put the doors in the wrong direction. I'll bet that's what's wrong. I didn't realise you could use regular doors either.