Saturday, 28 March 2009

There goes the fear

Unlike my brother Leo, I actually graduated college and have moved in with my boyfriend Lake. Somehow though, we're the ones who've ended up living with my parents, so I'm back in my old bedroom. Leo got a well-paid job in the military immediately but Lake and I have both found it hard to find a job in a suitable field.

Dad has offered us both a job at his shop but from the stories he tells, I don't know if I want to be working there. He's considering banning teenagers from the store after Emil Collins joy-buzzered him the other day.

It's pretty cute when the little kids come in to buy presents for their parents though. I could cope with that!

I guess neither of us will have to work there for the meantime though, as we've both got jobs now! Lake is a library assistant and my cousin Adam put in a good word for me at his work and I'm doing events planning. It's not what I want to do but it'll do until I find a position at a law firm. I'm so excited about all the money we'll be bringing in!

We both have a little while before we start though, so we've been going on lots of hikes. Lake came back with a case of poison ivy the other day though, so we'll have to be more careful.

Lake and I are both learning to be more domestic, in order to not feel like such moochers. Neither of us are great at cooking but Lake is so bad! He needs my supervision to even make sandwiches!

Mum has been getting visibly older of late. She's a little depressed about it, I think. She spends a lot of time in the tub and I'm pretty sure I heard her sobbing the other day.

Lake has been trying to get fit and I think Mum might feel better about herself if she made more of an effort to be active too. No luck convincing her so far!

Lake and I went to a new club the other night. It's called P.U.R.E. and we just had to try out the dance sphere.

I wasn't really game to try it after Lake became quite sick after his turn though. Everyone was pretty impressed that he stayed in it for as long as he did anyway.

So we stuck to more conventional dancing instead.

You wouldn't think a night out at a club would make a girl start thinking about marriage but it really did for me. Right as we were leaving, another woman walked by us and went all swoony over Lake.

And I started thinking. Lake is all mine now but what if he strays? Would that be less likely if we got married?

I have some thinking to do. I don't think Lake is the type to propose so this might be something I need to bring up myself, if I want it to happen.

A Townie Love Story:
I don't really know what was up with any of this. Virginia is not, as far as I know, in any way interested in girls but she was in the mood for a poke fight anyway. So I'm left to conclude that Virginia is just an utter psycho, which I already suspected, what with her stalking of Pascal and then woohooing with Leo but refusing to kiss him.

  • The Drapers' family portrait took forever to set up. I'm playing with all my pose hacks because I download them and never use them. This one was a challenge, even with those super-cool new OMSPs from MTS2.
  • Just in case you care, one of my non-playable townies turned up at Elias' shop this round. Her name is Megan and she looks like this:

  • Nathalie really didn't like her elder look. She was quite disgusted when I finished with her at the mirror. She's depressed about aging.
  • Ottilie has the want to get married; Lake doesn't. Lake is Romance and we all know how thrilled they are about the prospect of marriage. He did have a fear of marrying Ottilie briefly but it spun away. So maybe a proposal next time, maybe not. I usually lean more towards fulfilling wants, as opposed to avoiding fears, so we'll see.


  1. I'm very impressed with the family portrait, good job! I don't think I'd have the energy to do that.

    I'd like to know where you've gotten all those cool careers like event planning and interior design. I'm a bit bored sending my sims on the same careers over and over again. I hope you don't mind me asking :)

  2. I'd wondered how you had done that family portrait. My computer is a little too slow (and needs a new graphic card desperately) so I haven't tried some of the great downloads on MTS2 - hopefully I'll upgrade the computer before I start to play Sims 3...

    Nice story! Love the townie love story.

  3. Uh oh! Ottilie may be in for a surprise if she does actually try to propose to Lake. Hopefully he's a different kind of Romance sim. ;)

  4. The portrait is great. Your work shows. It's very cute and natural.

    Poor Ottilie. Those Romance sims can be unreasonable when it comes to marriage. I've had them flip out even when getting engaged wasn't a fear.

    On the plus side though, way back before we had secondary aspirations, I had a Romance sim roll a want to get married to the mother of his child. (That's a story I should tell. They were the best couple ever.)

    So there is some hope.

  5. Thanks for the compliments on the family portrait. I used a few different hacks to accomplish it:
    These new OMSPs from MTS2, which are much simpler to use than any previous ones.
    This pose hack:
    And this one:

    I've had lots of Romance Sims roll the want to marry (Mina, Pascal and Galen all had the want before they tied the knot). It rolls up most frequently on dates but it didn't roll up for Lake. I will likely force him into it anyway - he can sob all he likes, it's my game!

    CissieMae, all my careers are from MTS2. They all apparently have chance cards (I won't download any that don't) but they haven't popped up yet).

  6. I noticed the unique portrait and wondered how you did it, thanks for sharing!

    I was so sad for your elder who isn't aging so gracefully.

  7. Nathalie's just a bit vain. She's looking pretty good for an elder, I think.

  8. I see you've made good use of the new omsp's. They are so cool - and that is one cool portrait you got out of it :-)

  9. Thanks!

    The new OMSPs are fantastic. I love that I no longer have to deal with the Sims flipping upside down when I move them too close together!