Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Who takes who home?

Round 12: College (Ottilie and Leo)

Ottilie was not too impressed with the offerings at Moretti Hall, the new dorm at Suffolk University. She thought Lucian Bryant was hideous.

Martin Miller was nice but nothing much to look at. Definitely no chemistry there.

Ottilie was pleased about one thing. The Education Minister lived on a farm herself and had seen fit to supply the dorm with a greenhouse. A nature Sim like Ottilie was in her element!

There was even a barbecue area. Ottilie couldn't cook but she managed to make a batch of hot dogs for Athena, Linnea and dormmate Sabrina Evanson without burning them.

Leo, meanwhile, was trying his luck at Blue Velvet in Exeter. Ottilie had tagged along but he was planning to try his hardest to ignore his older sister and meet some girls who weren't related to him. Virginia Watkins would do to start with.

She seemed very...friendly and wanted to woohoo within minutes of meeting Leo.

But when they got out of the hot tub and Leo tried to kiss her, she turned away.

Downstairs, Ottilie was having more luck with a man named Lake.

Almost as soon as their food was served though, Ottilie started to doubt her judgement. What was with the straggly hair? Why wasn't he wearing shoes?

When he ended the date by farting on her, it was finally too much for Ottilie. It was her first date ever and she hoped they couldn't get any worse than this.

Right before he and Ottilie left, Leo met another girl. He didn't get a chance to ask for her number but she was really cute. Her name was Kit Royce and she was a native of Cape Elizabeth. Guess that explained the strange clothes.

Back at Moretti Hall, Leo has taken a liking to Sabrina, who lives in the room right next to his.

She was also very friendly. For someone who didn't date at all in high school, Leo was certainly making up for lost time now.

Back in Exeter, Leo meets Kit Royce again outside Center Drip. They were pleased to see each other again and decided to head inside for a quick cup of coffee.

A quick cup of coffee became many cups of coffee. For Kit anyway - the girl really liked her coffee!

She really liked Leo too!

And this led to yet more woohoo for Leo. He had to admit he was starting to wonder if there were any shy women at all in this town.

After calling a taxi for Kit, Leo runs into Lake, Ottilie's date from a little while ago. He admitted the date did not go well but he really liked Ottilie. He begged Leo to put in a good word for him with his sister. Leo thought he seemed like a cool guy, so he agreed.

Ottilie finds the idea of another date with Lake quite hilarious, not to mention unappealing.
Finally though, she agrees to give him another chance as a favour to her brother.

Once she arrived at Central Park, she found it wasn't as bad as she was expecting.

Lake still wasn't wearing any shoes but he had got a much nicer haircut and was much more of a gentleman than on their last date.

All in all, it was a good night.

Leo was now planning to pursue things with Kit. He told Sabrina there would be no more woohoo in the hot tub and she didn't take it well.

She constantly paraded around the dorm in her swimsuit, hoping to tempt him.

Leo made it quite clear that he was no longer interested.

Random funny:
That's Linnea in the hot tub, if you can't see Leo's thought bubble. She's completely naked and Leo likes what he sees! I wonder what their chemistry would be like if she wasn't a lesbian.

  • Moretti Hall is, of course, named after Simona Moretti, the first (and so far, only) Education Minister in Sullivan.
  • This batch of college kids are the closest ones so far. They're all BFFs with each other, which thrills me. My previous hoods were too focused on other Sims in the same household and it makes the hood much richer when it's not.
  • If it looks like Leo and Ottilie did no work at all for their first two years at college, it's because they didn't. Neither of them spun up the want for a single assignment or term paper, so they didn't do them. They managed to completely max out their grade meter every semester just by skilling and going to class.
  • I tried in vain to find playables for Ottilie and Leo. I even checked Leo's ACR scores for the teens going to college next round (Araminta and Magdalena). Nope, no attraction. I think he was even negative with both of them. Both Ottilie and Leo's highest scores are with Lake and Kit, not counting Sims who are already married or otherwise attached. On the plus side, Lake and Kit are both blonde so I might finally get some blonde babies if these ones end up together. Ottilie and Leo's mother is blonde, so there's a good chance.
  • Poor Sabrina! She had fallen in love with Leo but he only had a crush on her. I'm pretty sure I heard the BOOOOING after another brutal rebuttal from Leo, so she may be over him now.


  1. Hooray, hopefully you will get some blonde babies! The comment about Lake not having any shoes and his messy hair made me LOL profusely!

    Whoa, Leo was hittin' everything this round! He's certainly had a string of luck. Hopefully things go well with Kit. At least she's better than MY Kit, eesh.

    The idea of naming things after sims is really cool. I need to try that sometime...

  2. Ottilie had the date from hell! Good thing 2nd time was the charm!

    And did Leo and that girl with the lei actually woohoo on the couch in the coffee shop? Oh my eyes! ha ha

  3. No, Leo and Kit woohooed on a park bench in the alley next to the coffee shop! Not sure if that's worse or better! It was more discreet but it was an ALLEY, for God's sake!

    Mao, I was thinking about your Kit when I noticed this girl's name! Now I'm wondering what aspiration this one has. I've sent them on a date but I didn't think to look!

    I am going to be really annoyed if I don't get some blonde or red-headed babies soon! These kids are possibilities, as is Charlton and Aphrodite's unborn bean.