Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Round 13: Days 61-65

Augustin and his girlfriend Hanna became parents in college, to twins James and Naomi.
They have now graduated and moved back to Sullivan, where Augustin grew up.

Augustin and Hanna's new house was much bigger than their campus housing and they didn't really have the money to decorate it any more than sparsely. The walls would remain bare for a while - they were in enough debt.

At least the twins had their own bedrooms now. Naomi was content to play quietly on her own.

James, however, would quickly become angry and frustrated with his toys without the calming influence of his sister.

Maybe a visit from Grandma was the ticket!

Raffaella had dropped by to see both of her grandchildren but James had already been put down for a much needed nap. She did get to share some bonding time with granddaughter Naomi, for which she was grateful.

She was glad to get to know her daughter-in-law too. Augustin and Hanna weren't married, so "daughter-in-law" was more of an honorary title than anything.

Augustin and Hanna had decided not to waste a single scrap of food, being as far into debt as they were. Unfortunately, this meant they often had to eat things like chili for breakfast.

Somehow Augustin had managed to scrape together a bit of money for an engagement ring and a marriage license.

James and Naomi, who had just turned 5, were thrilled at the prospect of a wedding.

They decided to hold the wedding in the backyard to cut down on costs and invited all of their family and many friends.

It was a beautiful ceremony.

It was a wonderful opportunity for James and Naomi to meet the whole family, not only their grandparents but aunts, uncles and friends too.

There were a few friends who were unable to make it and Hanna was thrilled to receive congratulatory phone calls from them instead.

It was back to normal right after the wedding though. James and Naomi had started school and needed to learn some good study habits. This was where it came in handy to have two teachers for parents.

Hanna had taken pregnant cousin Arianna under her wing and invited her over often, for dinner or just a coffee and a chat.
And to end the week, the Novaks gained a new member of the family - a lovely dog named Zeke.

Random pics:
I couldn't fit this into the update but this was minutes before Augustin proposed to Hanna. It looks like he has a glint in his eye, doesn't it?

A group shot of the kicky bag extravaganza in the backyard at the wedding. The bride and groom are in the foreground. Mina is in the pink, all four of James and Naomi's grandparents are in the centre (even Isaac, who got over his hatred of Augustin for the day). Linnea's girlfriend, Debbie King, is in the yellow. She's good friends with Augustin. This isn't even everybody - there were about 5 other guests in the house, plus James and Naomi.

  • Augustin took out a $100,000 loan, even though I knew he wouldn't need it all. They've paid back most of it and are now $39,000 in debt. Still a pretty significant amount.
  • Note to self: buy Raffaella formal wear more appropriate for a 51-year-old. Petra's is similarly inappropriate but she's Petra, and she's all about inappropriate.
  • Augustin and Hanna didn't have the want to get engaged or married (weird for a Family Sim like Augustin) but James had the want for a new family member. I stupidly thought getting their parents married would count. It didn't.


  1. I loved the wedding. It's ok, I sometimes marry sims even if they don't roll the want. I count thought bubbles as a desire too, lol.

    He does look as if there is a gleam in his eye. I love that pic.

  2. I love the left-overs in the Sims - it makes things more realistic!

    And do you have your sims wear unique wedding gowns? Hanna's gown is beautiful!

  3. Riverdale, I only mentioned that it wasn't in their wants because it's contrary to how I play Sullivan. I like to stick to their wants. I hardly ever notice thought bubbles, except with Araminta and her adopting babies bubbles a few updates ago!

    I try to make sure each Sim wears a different wedding dress (I have a lot of them!) but I think someone may have worn Hanna's before.

  4. Shame that it didn't count! But at least they are married now. They can lecture their kids without any backtalk. ;) They've certainly made it through a lot.