Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Fluorescent adolescent

Lukas had long felt the urge to sow his wild oats but had never really found opportunity to do so. This particular night, while Raffaella and Magdalena were both at work, seemed like as good a time as any.

At least, he thought Magdalena was at work. She had actually immersed herself in her yoga routine in her bedroom and completely missed her carpool.

If Lukas wanted to reconsider, it was a bit late for that now.

Noelle Harvey, renowned homewrecker of Sullivan, had already arrived and got her claws into him. Not that Lukas was bothered in the slightest.

Within mere minutes, they'd undressed and were making out on the bed.

Magdalena was right next door in the bathroom and unfortunately for her, she heard everything. It was traumatising, in more ways that one.

Magdalena couldn't believe the way her father was acting. Was he crazy? Standing in the hallway, making out with a strange woman, in his underwear and he'd not even noticed her standing there.

Magdalena had to get out of there for the evening, so she called up her best friend, Araminta.

Sneaking out started to become a routine. Araminta waited until her parents were asleep, before pulled up outside the Novak house, behind the wheel of a limousine that she acquired from Lord knows where.

Her husband had had his fun, her daughter was off having hers and now that Raffaella, the nature Sim, was home from work, it was time for her fun. She was still attempting to finish her bug collection. She'd found 22 of the 30 different kinds of insects in Sullivan and she was determined to find the other 8 or die trying.

Unfortunately for Magdalena, this meant her mother was in the front yard when she tried to sneak in the front door at 4 in the morning. Raffaella subjected her daughter to a very long lecture about responsibility and trust. Magdalena couldn't wait to get inside and crawl into bed. Thank goodness it was Sunday.

Of course, Raffaella hadn't particularly enjoyed lecturing her daughter either. Magdalena had always been a good kid and her mother couldn't help but wonder what had gotten into her.

She tried to have a heart-to-heart with her later on but whatever the issue was, Magdalena didn't want to talk about it.

Raffaella tried to discuss the situation with her husband but he played dumb, and pretended he had no idea why Magdalena might be acting out.
Talking to Hanna, her new sister-in-law, helped Magdalena a little bit. She'd always liked Hanna but she appreciated being old enough to chat to her like a friend now. Magdalena didn't actually tell Hanna about Lukas and Noelle but she felt like she could, if she wanted to, and that was important to her.

Magdalena's relationship with her dad had definitely soured somewhat. Perhaps putting some distance between them when she went off to college was the best answer. All she knew was that she really didn't want to be around Lukas right now.

  • I love how Lukas is looking at his wedding ring, a la Maxwell Shaw! I'll never be able to look at that hand gesture the same again!
  • Lukas rolled the ROS this round - "Have an affair". Because my Sims don't have enough affairs. I'm glad it was him who rolled it though. Lukas has secondary romance aspiration (and has had it since right before he got married) so I figure it's something he's been supressing for a while.
  • Don't teenagers get upset anymore when their parents cheat on each other right in front of their eyes? Despite appearances in this update, Magdalena actually couldn't care less about her dad and Noelle. She'd make her little crazy motion and then go back to grinning like a loon. She even tried to give Noelle a hug. LAME! I was really hoping for a hissy fit but this was as close as she got. So I had to stage the whole thing.
  • If Magdalena gossips about Lukas and Noelle to Raffaella, I'll take that as Raffaella finding out (even though Sims don't actually react to gossip) something. So far, Magdalena has preferred to gossip about the cat. I guess it's still too hard for her to talk about.


  1. Yes, because cat gossip is the best gossip out there! ROFL

    I don't have that many cheating sims, but my one teen did react to her parents making out, lol. She covered her mouth with her hand and grabbed her stomache.

    I was surprised to see him have an affair though. I hope his wife finds out, I WANT her to reacte to it.

    When Nita told Simone about her husband making out with her mom when she was at college she did react. He mouth fell open. But she found out the day before he wedding, a few years after she grauated college. Gossip takes a while to get around Riverdale, lol.

  2. Well, if he keeps gallivanting around town, making out with random women at weddings, Raffaella might found out without me doing anything at all! I'll have to see how that plays out.

    I know Sims react to gossip but it's nothing like what they promised it would be in the original previews. I don't know if you remember but there was a video of a guy cheating on his wife, someone saw, told his wife and the wife went over and slapped him. That *never* happens and it should!

  3. I am still so angry that was taken out! That would have been FABULOUS. Remember that video was even in a hood we never saw. Those two sims were SUPPOSED to be included, but weren't. The girl he cheated with eventually became Dina.

    As for teens getting upset, maybe it's ACR? It does change that stuff. I dunno, I haven't run into it yet. Hehe, sims and their affairs...

  4. They were supposed to make it so that Sims would know when a woman's baby was not her husband's and react accordingly. Instead, they all seem to "know", in terms of who gets the family icon but they never seem to make the leap to "Oh, she must have cheated on him!"

    I was really disappointed when I realised it wasn't going to work that way in TS2.

  5. LOL, gossiping about the cat! I guess that cat must be doing some very naughty things. ;)

    I so wish Sims would really react to gossip. I love how Lukas's fun is cheating and Magdalena's is sneaking out, but Raffaella's is bug collecting. LOL :D

  6. Raffaella has a secondary aspiration of Pleasure but apart from the occasional urge to jump on the couch, she rarely gets wants for it. She's a true nerd and is much happier catching bugs and birdwatching!

  7. Add me to the list of people disappointed that they took out that "react to gossip" feature. I had already wanted Sims 2 when I had heard about aging and genetics, but that feature made me lust after the game!

  8. Oh, me too! We just have to fake it, unfortunately!

    I guess, in the end, it works out okay for me the way it is because you know that sometimes the gossip would spread when you didn't want it to. So I'm at peace with it now, LOL!