Monday, 9 February 2009

No one else

Round 12: College (Augustin and Hanna, plus their twins James and Naomi)

Augustin knocked up his girlfriend Hanna in their freshman year at Suffolk University. They are now living in Suffolk's family housing unit, raising their twins James and Naomi.

Hanna was more easily flustered and stressed out than Augustin, so he was often content to take the reins with the baby care and let her relax.

So Hanna tended to be the more social of the two. Even though the family housing unit was a little remote from the main campus, there was a lot of walk-by traffic and Hanna met just about all of them.

One person she had grown quite close to was Debbie King. Debbie was a former townie who'd followed her high school girlfriend, Linnea, to Suffolk.

Athena Lane also dropped by frequently, although more to see Augustin than Hanna. Athena had a longstanding crush on Augustin's cousin, Filippo, and now that she was at college, she planned to pursue him.

All that socialising meant that Hanna was often forced to do her assignments at the last minute. It was a miracle she passed. She handed this assignment in a mere three hours before her final exam!

Hanna and Augustin thought that once the twins got older and could do more things for themselves, they might be a bit easier to care for. They were wrong. They just got more demanding. Food...

...potty... Repeat.

It's a good thing the twins were so adorable!

Somehow, they found the time to sneak in a few minutes here and there to work on their coursework.

Augustin's professors must have been impressed because even with all the difficulties and responsibilities of being a new parent, he managed to graduate a little early (with a 4.0, no less!).

After Augustin graduated, Hanna found it pretty lonely, even with James and Naomi.

So her friend Debbie came around to visit pretty often.

As did Linnea, an old friend of Hanna's as well as dating Debbie.

Linnea was a huge help to Hanna, because she even helped her put the twins to bed before she left. It was hard enough to chase down two toddlers for bed when Augustin was around. She didn't want to imagine what it was like alone.

She was thrilled when she finally graduated with a 4.0 GPA. She called a taxi almost immediately and took herself and her children back home to Sullivan, where she and Augustin planned to make their home.

  • Just a general note: it didn't affect this update but everyone currently at college will be graduating this round, whether they started in Round 11 or 12. The aging is just not working for me the way I have it now so even though I prefer their families to notice they're "away", college will only last one round now. I really wish Maxis had included numerical ages as part of the game, so maths idiots like me don't have to work with numbers any more than they need to.
  • Parenting at college is much harder with toddlers than with babies!


  1. I'm impressed that you're letting your college sims have babies! Babies are already a lot of work, even in the main hood - with a whole bunch of family members to pitch in and help.

    I stopped using math in sims a long time ago - what really messed it up for me was the seasons - as basically - there are 20 simdays per year (if you consider the 4 seasons to make up a year).

  2. Now I wish when Zayllia had her daughter Bri, that she had more time at uni. I wanted to see how that would have turned out. But she went into labor right before she went home after graduating, lol.

    But I'm happy that they were able to juggle parenthood and school work and both graduated with 4.0 WTG!

    Now on to a "real" life together. Can't wait.

    (I really need to get off my butt and update my blog)

  3. The twins are adorable! I'm still waiting on my first YA parents. I've always had them drop out if they get pregnant, but now I've got everything set up so that they can finish their degree if they want. I can imagine it will be tough though!

    That sucks about the aging. College time is really hard to sync with the rest of the hood.

    Here's something that might help you though, something I was doing back before I did the whole base-hood uni thing: you can use the multipainting to give four extra days to your Sims not going to college. It won't really show up on their age bar (just imagine their days left stretching back further than you can see), but for four days it will say the maximum days left and then you'll finally see it starting to move again.

    That way, you can send your Uni kids to college for the four years, and your kids who don't go to college will have four extra days/years in the main hood. I worked it that way for a long time to keep everyone in sync, before I started my base-hood uni.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions :)

  4. Wow, I can't believe they made it through Uni with kids! Did you have any issues getting the kids back to the hood with them? That was always my worry--people seemed to have an issue with it.

    As for the aging, yeah, it can be annoying. I couldn't imagine doing Uni it one fell swoop though, LOL. The pain, the agony!

  5. I've grown to hate uni from the bottom of my heart. In Wellington one uni year equals one sim day (1 year) in the main hood. But it's such a pain to play them through college on one sitting. I might start rolling a dice for grades and then just speed them through college in a few sim hours.

    The twins are really cute! And wow! 4.0 GPA! That's amazing with two kids in the house.

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Simstate, babies are a lot of work but on the plus side, they break up the monotony of college!

    Laura, I was actually doing something similar until this round (giving them 5 days though, as that's how long my rounds are). It's kind of moot now though, because I'm probably going to keep doing it that way! I hadn't tried to play a Sim all the way through for a long time and I tried last night and found it just as tedious as I did then.

    Mao, I don't know if I would have had issues getting James and Naomi back to the hood because I dodged that issue. I was scared of getting them taken away. Augustin graduated, I exited the house, moved him onto my transition lot in Sullivan and then added the twins to the family from there. Hanna was actually never alone with the kids, like she was in this update. She was alone all by herself for a few days though.