Sunday, 22 February 2009

All mine

Round 13: Days 61-65
Narrated by Ben Nihill

It took us long enough but Caterina and I finally found an apartment we were happy with. It's in Exeter and has 2 beds and 2 baths. We weren't planning on kids just yet but the second bedroom would come in handy for something.

What we didn't realise was that the apartment didn't come furnished. We only had $11,000 when we moved in and we spent almost $3000 on the first week's rent (even though we moved in on a Friday!). That was not enough to decently furnish the house and have enough left over for next week's rent.

So we kind of had to go scrounging. We hit the yard sales (separately, to cover more ground) on Saturday to find some bargains. Caterina found these chairs for $1 each.

I hated them but she was so proud of her find. I probably should have kept my opinions to myself. I think I hurt her feelings.

She was never one to hold a grudge though. Note to self: get curtains for the living room and close the front door before couch woohoo! That glass door looks right out onto the street too! We were lucky no one saw us.

Or at least, if they did, they didn't say anything. Next door to us lived a middle-aged couple whose twin daughters were away at college. The wife, Drusilla, seemed pretty cool. I haven't met the husband yet but his name is Floyd. Actually, I don't even know if they're married - I didn't see a ring on her finger.

Even though it had been a few years since we were robbed, I still get so angry when I think about that burglar woman. She didn't take anything but the idea of someone being in my home without being invited was really maddening to me!

Caterina had been bored stiff at work recently. She was forced to take a job in the gaming industry when she couldn't find anything else but it was hell for an active Sim like her. She searched every day and finally, she found an opening on the local soccer team and she was accepted as a Starter!

She didn't really start off on the best foot though. When the carpool arrived on her first day, she was still eating her breakfast and hadn't even got dressed yet. That was typical of Cat. She definitely wasn't lazy - just disorganised sometimes.

I guess that was why she left most of the wedding planning to me. We held it in Central Park (which, in hindsight, was a poor choice financially - we're in quite a bit of debt now) on a Sunday morning. All these people here are our guests - all of them are family, or spouses of family. I guess we have a big family!

Even though there were plenty of seats for everyone, some people still stood up during the ceremony. I think I even heard some people talking in the middle of it, which seems kind of rude!

In the end, all that mattered is that we were finally married.

I did invite Charlton to the wedding but I really wasn't ready to talk to him too much. I was still pretty sore about the Caterina thing, even though I'd forgiven both of them.

On the other side of the park, Caterina was getting into some sort of argument with Maria, her brother's girlfriend. I'd love to know what it was but when I headed over, it seemed like it was over before it began.

I did think that paying $2000 to the city for the use of the park would have ensured that the reception was free of buskers but this weirdo still set up shop right near where all our guests were! I tried to ask him to leave and predictably, he refused to break character and do so.

Caterina and I got a bit sick of our guests and snuck away to a more secluded corner of the park to be alone.

We almost woohooed on a nearby park bench but thought better of it and settled for cuddling on the grass. For one thing, there was an old guy sitting on the bench already and for another thing, our parents and siblings were all there! Not even we were that adventurous!

So we waited until we got home for that. We didn't woohoo nearly as much as we did in college. We had actual jobs to go to now, so there wasn't as much time.

Charlton dropped by a little time after the wedding but honestly, things were still pretty strained between us. Our relationship gets a little better and then he'll say something and I'll picture him kissing Caterina (or trying to at least, seeing she pushed him away, to her credit) and I'm angry all over again.

Okay, I really don't like this Floyd guy. I'll have to keep an eye on him. I'd appreciate it if he kept his hands off my wife's boobs! The guy was shameless.

Collette came to see us too and boy, was she getting touchy! Caterina tried to rub her belly to feel the baby and she went completely nuts, shielding her bump like Cat was going to hurt it.

She wouldn't even let her baby brother feel the baby kicking. Geez...I was just curious! I guess I'll have to wait until Cat and I have a baby. Dad is hassling us about that already. Even if we were ready emotionally though, we are so not ready financially! We really are living paycheck to paycheck right now.

  • I have never had a pregnant woman react to attempted to belly rubs like Collette does. Usually, they let anyone do it as long as the relationship is high enough. Collette is friends with Caterina and BFF with Ben but still no go. But this is why I love Collette.
  • I can't believe Ben is still angry about the damn robbery. Maybe he'd get over it if he'd stop thinking about it every 5 minutes. Silly boy.
  • As was mentioned, Ben and Caterina don't woohoo as much as before. Seeing they used to woohoo up to four times a day, it's still more than most Sims though. At the very least, it's once a day. I've never had a couple like them.


  1. I've never seen any pregnant sim react that way either. Unless their relationship score isn't high but that's not the case with Collette. Maybe she's a bit overprotective.

    Four times a day?! Are they sims or rabbits LOL I've never had a couple that active!

  2. The only time I've noticed my sims woohoo several times a day was only at Uni - so these two are something else! They'll be bringing on the babies soon, I'm sure!

  3. The only reason she's not already pregnant is because I have her on birth control right now. They really can't afford a baby!

    Just to clarify though, 4 times a day was in college. It's dropped off now but they're still *at least* once a day, usually twice. Most of my couples go a couple of days between sessions of woohoo so Caterina and Ben are really something else! Total rabbits!

  4. I've had snippy pregnant sims, but it's rare! Hilarious that it is Collette, of all sims, though.

    Hahaha, the living statue! I only recently noticed that. Very interesting addition...

    Sheesh, these two will have billions of babies with the way they woohoo. You should be glad they've slowed down. ;)

  5. Oh, I am! The constant woohoo got annoying. I'd want to direct them to do something and they'd be tearing off their clothes to go at it on the couch!