Monday, 9 February 2009

Porcelina of the vast oceans

Round 12: Days 56-60

Since her recent promotion to manager, Drusilla had been hard at work trying to earn her gold badge in pottery. She didn't have a wheel at home, so she read about different techniques on the internet instead.

Her daughters, Athena and Linnea, were concerning themselves mainly with music. Athena was the main talent but Linnea had picked up quite a bit of enthusiasm for music, just by hanging around her sister so much.

Athena was probably a little too into music though. She told everyone she was going to be a lawyer. She'd already earned a scholarship for her good grades, along with one for her musical ability and one for her success at work. She needed one more scholarship to be accepted into Suffolk but didn't seem to devote much time to trying to earn it. She always preferred drumming.

Fortunately, she found something she liked almost as much as drumming. It was even music-related and earned her a scholarship.

Athena was relieved to finally confirm her enrolment at Suffolk. She wouldn't have been able to stand it if Linnea, who doesn't even need to go to college (having zero career aspirations), got in and she didn't!

Linnea's girlfriend, Debbie King, was a frequent visitor to the Lanes' apartment.

Debbie was happy just to be with Linnea but she didn't realise that Linnea was hoping Debbie would be one of many women she would hook up with in the course of her life.

While Floyd and Drusilla were out one night, the girls took advantage of the empty bed. One down, 19 to go!

Linnea wasn't the only one getting some woohoo in this household!

Drusilla had brought Jonah Draper home from work one afternoon. Finding the apartment empty, they got busy on the couch.

A short time after Drusilla and Jonah's...encounter...on the couch, Drusilla felt herself coming down with something. Perhaps she'd caught it from Jonah, she didn't know. All she knew is she felt terrible.

She decided to try a new treatment for illness she'd read about online. Apparently, if you reached a state of pure enlightenment through meditation, you could freeze your motives completely! It sounded good to Drusilla. Anything was better than running to the toilet every five minutes!

After a couple of days of meditation, Drusilla could have sworn she was levitating.

In case you were wondering about Floyd and Linnea, he was still ignoring her. She tried to engage him in conversation sometimes, but he just looked bored, so she usually gave up.

Maybe that was just Floyd though. Even when his favourite daughter, Athena, would talk to him about anything outside of the realm of rock music, he would stare blankly into space.

Perhaps Floyd was just tired though. He was sleeping on the couch every night while Drusilla was sick. She was contagious and didn't want to infect the rest of the family.

  • I didn't even realise Debbie was over until she and Linnea were both getting naked and lying on the bed! I think it was a booty call.
  • WTF Jonah! He doesn't seem like the philandering type, so I'm choosing to blame it all on Drusilla. It's not the first time she's attempted to seduce another woman's man.
  • Drusilla is still sick. This might mean Elias will be on his own at the store next time. I might have her sister Xanthia invite her over for some comfort soup instead.


  1. I took out the booty call part of ACR in my hood - it messes up my game (lags) when everyone does a booty call and suddenly my lot is full of sims!
    Is Drusilla really sick or maybe she's pregnant?

  2. I was SO HAPPY to see the title to this one! Now the song is running through my head vividly... ahhhh...

    Anyway, lots of busy gettin' here. Sad that Floyd is still ignoring poor Linnea!

    When you mentioned Drusilla was sick, I instantly thought "SIM STDS!" Which is so wrong...

  3. I fortunately do not have lag issues any more. Lag drives me nuts!

    But to answer your question, no, Drusilla isn't pregnant. She's too old to get pregnant easily (through ACR, anyway). She's actually sick and her life is actually in danger, because I use Realistic Sickness.

    Glad you liked the title, Mao. I have to admit STDs crossed my mind when Drusilla got sick too. I restrained myself from saying anything in the update though, because it is much, much too wrong!