Friday, 20 February 2009

Rudie can't fail

Round 13: Days 61-65

Charlton got this round off to a bad start by being promoted to personal injury attorney and then promptly getting fired.

Having felt quite worn down by working in law, Charlton had decided to remain unemployed until he found an opening in the music industry. Aphrodite tried to be supportive of his decision but she was worried.

They had a baby coming along soon and there had been no sign of any job Charlton wanted online or in the paper.

She also worried about what kind of job he would even get. It would have to be entry level which was code for "low paying". She found it difficult to sleep at night with Charlton's job situation weighing heavily on her mind.

Still, at least he was making himself useful while he was at home. Charlton was a crappy cook and his repertoire was limited but he always made sure there were some toaster pastries or cereal for Aphrodite's breakfast.

And she had to admit, she liked having him home all the time. It was a stark contrast to how he'd been recently.

The incessant nausea of Aphrodite's first semester had been replaced by incessant cravings. At the Saturday gathering at the Bentons' house, all she could talk about was food. Xanthia was quite the gourmand herself and so, luckily, was happy to listen.

Soon enough, Charlton gave her something else to think about.

Aphrodite didn't have to think for very long! She got straight on the internet looking for a maternity bridal gown - she wanted her wedding to happen as soon as possible!

She found one but it didn't seem to make standing around waiting any more pleasant.

It got the job done though and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Charlton liked it too.

No sooner had they climbed into bed that night than Aphrodite went into labour. Charlton wasn't sure what to do, so he supported his new wife from a distance.

He tried to make up for it later on by helping out with Madelyn as much as he could. But he had a pathological fear of smelly nappies and would try everything to console his daughter before changing her.

He left the dirty work to Aphrodite, who didn't seem to mind.

It turned out that Madelyn did mind. She minded very much. The expressions on her face while she was being changed were those of pure indignance and irritation.

Sorry but I'm very taken with her. She's absolutely adorable!

Random pics:
Ben and Caterina were doing this pretty much the whole time, before and after the wedding. I guess they've recovered from Caterina's infidelity last round.

  • I'm using new defaults, so if you're wondering whether the Sims look different, they do! I have replaced Xianah's Soft Touch set with corvidophile's Dermalicious skins, using the exotic tan tone as medium. I actually prefer the look of Xianah's set but there's never been enough variety for me. There are 9 different shades in the Dermalicious set (I geneticised the non-default ones). I'm still getting used to them but these should give me the variety I'm craving.
  • Speaking of variety...RED HAIR! I can't even tell you how excited I am about Madelyn's hair. The genetic diversity is finally improving. Collette and Julian's baby could be a redhead or a blonde, and I'm absurdly excited about that too.


  1. Madelyn is adorable! I love the face she made when she was getting her nappie changed, really adorable. And yay for variety (of any kind)! I've always loved the Dermalicious skins and it's awesome to see them in other people's games :)

  2. I actually cheered when I noticed she was a red head. Yay! lol Great update!

  3. Madelyn is really cute! Hooray for red hair. :D

  4. Aw, Madelyn is absolutely adorable! I want to (gently) pinch those cute little cheeks! ;)

  5. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Riverdale, LOL! I was dancing in my chair for a while when I saw those red eyebrows.

    Valneanne, I didn't realise you used the Dermalicious skins too. I'm still getting used to the tan one (a little yellower in tone than I'm used to) but I'm getting there.