Monday, 12 January 2009

Up in arms

Round 11: Days 51-55
Lukas and Raffaella Novak are moving on after the death of Lukas's younger sister, Alexandra and are also raising their two children, Augustin and Magdalena.

It was almost time for little Magdalena to start school, so Raffaella decided to get a little more one on one time with her before she was off at school all day every day.

Speaking of school, Augustin, of his own accord, invited the headmaster of the private school over for dinner. He gained admission but it was a close shave - the headmaster wasn't very impressed with the house at all. Too much purple, perhaps?

Augustin was determined to prove he belonged at his new school, so he worked extra hard on his homework every afternoon.

Magdalena was loving life at school and had made good friends with neglected Lane twin, Linnea.

Lukas' niece Collette had recently graduated from Suffolk and had found it hard to get a job, especially in her chosen field of Science. As Chief of Staff, Lukas hired her as a paramedic at the hospital. It lets her earn rent money and will look good on her resume. It's also meant that she often comes home for dinner with her uncle and has grown closer to the rest of his family.

Magdalena's favourite birthday present was easily her toy stove. She, amazingly, was still managing to burn most of the muffins she made with it but she loved playing with it regardless.

All the recent death in his family has made Augustin quite pensive. When he's not studying, he can often be found on his bed, musing over deceased relatives, like grandmother Chiara.

Raffaella has been attempting to complete her bug collection but spring has brought bees to Sullivan and she's constantly interrupted.

Lukas and Augustin spend most of their evenings on the basketball court. Augustin might be shorter than his father but he's an excellent player and is more than a match for Lucas's skills.

Athletic and academic! With his promotion to Sea Lice Research Assistant, Augustin earned his sixth scholarship, cutting his university tuition to just $2000.

To celebrate, he decided to spend his Saturday with his girlfriend Hanna at the Village Centre.

Being the sweet, Family Sim that he is, he even let his little sister and her friend Linnea tag along.

He shouted them all to lunch at the cafe there. They all enjoyed the food but Hanna doesn't look too impressed with Linnea's table manners!

After lunch, they all worked off some energy at the skating rink.

Back at the house, Lukas and Raffaella had been taking advantage of their new-found privacy.

They had the hot tub installed with the $80,000 bonus package Lukas had recently received from the hospital. The hot tub was mostly for them.

They also had a pool put in for the whole family to enjoy. Augustin wouldn't have long to enjoy it, as he was leaving for college. So he made the most of it while he still could.

  • Augustin's hair changed halfway through because the mesh is totally weird. It makes his head look see-through from almost all angles except front-on. You can sort of see what I mean in the picture of him at his desk, although it doesn't look as bad in pictures as it does in game. I'd never noticed it before but it was bothering me, so now he has the ponytail. Or pony-knub.


  1. Agh! I hate crappy hair meshes. Icky.

    That pool is really cool! I always just make boring ones, LOL.

    I still need to try and have a sim complete a bug collection. Poor Raffaella! Those bees are nasty.

  2. I usually make boring ones too. The bit in the middle of that pool is actually by necessity - for some reason, the pool tool wouldn't build over that area.

    The plants were because my sister was watching me play and said "God, would you put something in the middle of that pool already?" She does not care for my minimalist decorating. ;)

  3. How do you trim the bushes though? ;-)