Saturday, 31 January 2009


Round 12: Days 56-60

Julian Sitko was new to Sullivan. He loved his new apartment but he'd have to do something about the decor. No time for that now though. He was hungry so he headed downtown for a meal at a small diner.

Outside the diner, he came across Collette, a woman he'd taken a liking to and befriended while visiting her parents. He asked her on a date and maybe she was vetting her men more carefully since she'd become a mother but she said no.

Julian did finally get Collette to come in and have a bite with him but only after he agreed to a platonic outing, not a date! They had a common interest in movies, so they spent most of their meal talking about their favourite films.

After they'd finished eating, Julian felt rather bold and pulled a bit of a cheesy move on Collette. She seemed to think it was awfully romantic though, so it had the intended effect.

Collette must have really liked Julian, because he found a small gift outside his doorstep later that night.

Arianna Moretti had rejected Julian earlier than week but she certainly seemed to turn up outside his apartment block a lot for someone who was "not interested". Oh well. It'd be tough luck for her if she'd changed her mind. Julian was the one who was "not interested" now.

And of course, Mina Collins had dropped by to check out the new man in the neighbourhood.

When he was at home, Julian mainly stuck to hanging out with Stan Benton. He'd also made good friends with Aphrodite and Charlton (always good to get the brother on side).

Julian and Collette shared an official date (finally!) at Center Drip on Tuesday night.

They didn't end up drinking much coffee at all though and passed the evening by "getting to know each other".

And probably made the other patrons want to shout out "Get a room!"
Before the night is over, Julian and Collette do just that!

Julian had the next day off and decided to spend it all with Collette. They both head down to the sports park in Exeter for a game of soccer.

Julian played his hardest but Collette blocked every goal.

Any woman who could hold her own like that in a game of soccer is a woman Julian wants around forever.

So Collette and Julian were finally engaged and Collette, especially, was thrilled!

So thrilled that she left a rather extravagant gift for Julian that night.

Random funny:
Probably could have waited until afterwards to ogle the bartender, Julian!

  • I was going to wait until next round for Julian and Collette to get engaged. She rolled up the want on their first date (along with another bloody want to marry Galen, the silly girl!) and I locked it. Julian rolled up the same want right after their soccer game and I couldn't resist!


  1. Aww, I never knew playing soccer could be that romantic :) I hope all goes well, Collette deserves all the happiness in the world after the way Galen treated her.

  2. Wow, these two hit it right off! Good luck to them! I love how stand-off-ish she was to start, lol! That's great! :)

  3. Yeah, she certainly surprised me! She seemed much more keen at her house.

  4. Very cute update! I loved seeing all of their dates, both the real dates and the non-dates! Heehee. I'm glad they're getting married; they are a really cute couple!

  5. Yeah, I'm excited to play them next time. I love weddings!

  6. I liked those shots of Julian and Collette playing soccer. I didn't know that they had that kind of interaction with soccer - silly me, I've always played it solo sim! (Off to try)

  7. Hooray! Collette finally fell for an attainable man, LOL.

  8. Aw, they're so cute together! I'm glad Collette changed her mind about that date and eventually went out with him!

  9. I was very surprised she rejected him in the first place! I've never had Sims with chemistry reject a friend (Julian and Collette were already friends) for a date! I love the surprises in this game.