Friday, 9 January 2009

Snow day

Round 10: Days 46-50
Linnea, perhaps disgruntled over being the less-favoured twin in her father's eyes, continues to wreak havoc in the Lane household. The rug will help.

Having rubbed her feet vigorously on the rug a few times, she turns toward her unsuspecting sister Athena.

The static gives Athena quite the shock. Apparently, Linnea can't even get her father's attention by tormenting her sister because Floyd just merrily continues his conversation.

Her constant thirst for attention having gone unquenched, Linnea turns her attention to cousin Araminta, downstairs neighbour Mina and her skipping rope.

Floyd doesn't even notice his daughter is outside, at night, in winter. He's too busy discussing the finer points of music with Athena.

Another kitchen fire, surprisingly not caused by Drusilla. No, this one was caused by the usually awesome nanny, Joanna Heath. Patches is terrified.

Luckily, Linnea is there to comfort him once the fire is out and the family gets the all-clear to re-enter the house.

Ottilie has recently met both Athena and Linnea at school and comes to visit them both on Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully, the time Athena and Linnea spend together with Ottilie can go a little way towards strengthening their bond. Which is fairly weak right now.

It seems like everyone in Exeter is used to Floyd Lane and his general jerkishness now. No one pays him any attention at all unless they're on the receiving end of one of his tantrums. Drusilla tries to ignore him and focus on what Raffaella is talking about.

  • Shorter than I was expecting. I was focusing mostly on the twins this time. Drusilla and Floyd were mostly skilling and getting promoted. Well, Drusilla was. Floyd got demoted for a very Floyd-like reason - "workplace tension". Love it!


  1. LOL, Floyd got demoted for work place tensions. That's hilariously believable!

    Poor Linnea. She just can't catch a break. She's going to grow into quite the interesting teen.

  2. Ha, I was so excited when I read Floyd's chance card. It was so fitting!