Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hammering the cramps

Round 11: Days 51-55
Vivienne and Joseph were living in a one bedroom townhouse when they learned they were expecting a child. They obviously had to move, so they bought a little house on Queen's Bay Road, right next door to Lukas and Raffaella Novak.

It was perfect for them and there was even space in the backyard for Joseph to start growing some tomatoes.

Not to mention a formal dining room. It didn't seem entirely necessary to eat their lunch meat sandwiches there but they really loved the room.

The Carmodies lived much closer to Brandon Kirby now that they'd moved.

It was a good thing most the of the awkwardness between them had dissipated when Brandon married Vivienne's sister Leontine and had two sons with her. Tate and Trent gave them something to talk about besides romance.

Joseph has been a bit concerned with his appearance of late. He's 5 years older than Vivienne and upon approaching his mid-thirties, he's noticed grey hairs and he thinks he even sees a wrinkle! Vivienne must still think he's hot though - 3 bolts, same as ever!

Maybe it's the guitar. Every girl loves a guy who can play songs to her, right?

It would probably be a while before either of them had time for that sort of thing. Vivienne was just taking a sandwich out of the fridge for breakfast when she felt the baby coming.

It's a girl! She's got her dad's green eyes and looks like she might inherit his propensity for freckling in the sun too. Her name is Elisabeth Martine, Betsy for short.

No time for cuddles though. It's into the crib for Betsy and out the door for Mum. Vivienne had finally scored a job in journalism. She took up the position of Yearbook Club Supervisor at Sullivan High School, the job her sister, Georgette, gave up when she found work in the legal field.

As a Criminal Mastermind, Joseph was able to work from home most days so he took on full-time daddy duties.

The time just flew by and soon Betsy was a toddler. She had Dad's freckles and by the looks of it, Dad's everything else. Apart from her hair colour, there was not much resemblance to Vivienne at all.

Cute and smart! She only needed Joseph to show her the potty once and after that, she was pottying like a pro.

Vivienne had missed so much of her baby days so she was glad she could be at home to get her started on that all-important walking skill.

Vivienne's brother and sisters heard about little Betsy's birthday and headed over on Saturday to meet her.

Pascal tossed his little niece in the hair, resulting in shrieks of delight from Betsy.

Georgette was a little unsure what this young creature on the floor wanted from her (that's Collette Nihill on the front step, by the way).

Leontine had two toddlers at home so she was a total natural with Betsy, who adored her straight away.

Random funny:

Yes, that's right. Pascal tossed his two year old niece through the ceiling. I always suspected Sims tossed the toddlers too high but it was only with the addition of ceilings that I realised just how high!

  • Lucky I have Vivienne's ACR set to Spouse Only and that Brandon is such a good guy. There probably could have been trouble. Vivienne's secondary aspiration is Romance, Joseph wasn't home and she still has 2 bolts with Brandon.
  • Betsy's got some serious cheekbones going on. They usually smooth out by the teen years, if not childhood, so I'm not too worried. They must come from Joseph's side. I don't think it's a Lachance trait.
  • Collette stood on the front step for quite a while, just staring through the window (at Georgette, I'm assuming). Then she bent down, stole the newspaper and ran off.


  1. What a cute house! I hate building, but I'm making myself do it in BS. Otherwise I get bored with houses or annoyed with them. :\

    LOL, Pascal, that is no way to handle a toddler!

    It's definitely the guitar, Joseph. My Yu boys get way too much attention from their musical aptitude. /sigh

  2. Yes, those are definitely her father's cheekbones, I bet they smooth out when she's older. The skintone is gorgeous though!

    LOL @ Pascal throwing her through the ceiling! Those ceilings are pretty low - they cut off a lot of wallpaper borders and lights too.

  3. I think it must be the guitar because Joseph's a bit like Galen (who also plays guitar, come to think of it!), except not a jerk. He has lots of girls with 3 bolts for him too.

    Laura, the skintone is actually just the light tone of my regular defaults, with 2 of Corvidophile's freckles masks over it. They're the best freckles I've found.