Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Vincenzo and Chiara disapprove

Round 6: Days 26-30
Once Vincenzo and Chiara heard about Simona's pregnancy, they invite her over to discuss wedding plans. They actually invited Jonah too but he refused the invitation. I found that very funny. He's friends with both of them, so it wasn't that. He must have known what was coming.

Chiara was still excited about her first grandchild but she'd still rather be helping plan a wedding. Maybe when Simona is done with swollen ankles and morning sickness, she'll want to discuss wedding cakes and reception venues.

This was very exciting for me. This was the first time I've proposed "Stay the Night" to someone and they've actually got in bed and slept there the whole night. Simona must have been just waiting for an invite, because she almost bolted to her old bedroom once Chiara asked her to stay. I guess it's a long drive back to the farm, especially for a pregnant woman. She slept until about 6:30am, ate breakfast with her parents and then headed back home at about 10.

Since they'd caught up with Simona, Vincenzo and Chiara decide to meet Raffaella (and Lukas, but he also refused the invitation!) at a local coffee shop.

Once there, sleazy Sacha Lachance tries to butter up Raffaella. Ew.

Emmy sees this and rushes over to stake her claim.

Chiara asks Raffaella what she wants to do and this is what she replies. You don't talk about that with your mother, Raff! I also love how Emmy is still keeping her eye on Raffaella.

She should have been keeping her eye on her husband though.

Oooh, I love unexpected Sim drama.

Noelle doesn't miss a beat though and she's back flirting with Sacha the minute Emmy walks away.

I've actually never had this happen before. Usually, once my Sims catch their spouse cheating, they're out of love and don't care what the spouse does in front of them. Emmy was an exception.

So wow. You don't mess with Emmy. Imagine if she found out about Alexandra!

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