Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Draper farm gets a name change

Round 6: Days 26-30

It's now the Moretti farm. I want to see if I can keep all the surnames around, so Simona will be giving the Moretti name to any children. Seeing most people in the house will be Morettis, it didn't make much sense to keep calling it the Draper farm.

Down at said farm, Jonah has moved back in and brought his girlfriend Simona with him (she's telling him about her beach vacation here). Simona toned down her look a bit when she graduated. Her LTW is to become the Minister of Education - so she has a softer hairstyle and lighter make-up. She still has her nose stud though.

She wasn't completely thrilled about the prospect of manual labour but Jonah promised her he'll do the bulk of it, so she tried not to complain. Much.

Jonah and Simona soon decided they were ready to become parents, so here they are eagerly awaiting the new arrival.

For your information, neither of them have had the want to get married, which is really unusual for Knowledge Sims in my game. They're usually almost as eager as Family Sims to settle down. But anyway, they won't marry until one of them lets me know they want to.

I told you I was lucky with these genie lamps! Raffaella still has an unused one in her inventory that her nonna gave her before she died and Kristina Novak has one stashed away too. Anyway, Jonah and Simona really needed the cash because they did up the living room a bit and would like to do the rest of the house. It was very bare bones while Angelica was raising the boys, because they needed the money for more important things. It's much more inviting now.

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