Monday, 10 November 2008

Onto the Nihills

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Cedric did a pretty good job taking care of himself, I have to say. Even if Justina hardly ever left. He'd bring her home every day after school. Here they are in the townhouse he lived in as a teen.

Unsurprisingly (he's a Family Sim, remember), as soon as they moved to college, he rolled the want to get engaged to Justina.

They lived in the dorm for a while...

...but it gets a little crowded, so they move out and get their own place on campus.

It isn't long before they've graduated and are getting married.

Panic ensues at the reception. Sigh, it's raining yet again at one of my Sim weddings. It rained at Anton and Steffi's too and at at least one more wedding further down the track.

And it's not long before Justina is expecting. I take advantage of the genie lamp to give them both permanent platinum.

It came in handy too, believe me. This is Charlton and Collette. By the way, none of the twins in Sullivan were caused by hacks. Some of the Family Sims have that twin benefit from FT but none of the twins were caused by cheesecake and or the triplets & quads hack. I'm just "lucky".

And we end with a rare quiet moment in the Nihill household.


  1. What a beautiful wedding gown!

  2. It's by Xandher at TSR. It comes in a whole load of different colours.