Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Round 15: Days 71-75

Narrated by Magdalena Novak

As you probably heard, I moved back in with my parents right after college to get all my finances in order. Thank goodness that didn't last long. That house is too crowded for me! Living in my new house, previously owned by my cousin Filippo, is much saner!

I'm alone for the meantime but my family comes over to visit a lot. Arianna came for lunch the other afternoon.

My troublemaking niece Naomi came over too. I wasn't quite as thrilled to see her. She can be quite nasty.

Enough about that though. Jace came over the other day after work (I'm a dancer now, by the way - not really my thing but I'm good at it) and we headed over to the pet store. I thought a pet might be good to keep me company.

Jace and I should just be banned from pet stores though, for our own good.

We would have taken home every animal in the place if we could.

Luckily, finances prevented that and I settled on a cat, who I've named Fable. He's got a lovely nature and I think he'll be a good companion.

In the end though, Jace came back from the pet store with me and sort of never left! More and more of his stuff ended up at my place until he became a permanent resident.

Mum came over to meet him as soon as she heard he'd moved in, of course.

She was pretty much sold as soon as she saw he'd set up a flower arranging bench in the backyard. She's always been big into nature and everything. Jace is more into the flower arranging for the creative part of it but that was good enough for Mum. She wants him to make her a snapdragon arrangement when he gets good enough.

I'm glad Mum likes him, because he's sticking around - he's going to be her new son-in-law!

Araminta rushed over to congratulate us almost as soon as we hung up the phone. She's almost as excited as I am.

She's elected not to join me in my new yoga regime though, instead choosing to just stand there and smirk. I've put on a few pounds since college and I want to get fit for the wedding.

Mission accomplished! We had a beautiful ceremony late Friday afternoon at home and I looked pretty hot in my dress, if I do say so myself!

Heh, we're not fighting! Maria and I are just having a very animated conversation.

Of course, Araminta was there. I'm really glad to have my best friend living so close by again!

And my brother. It feels like we've drifted apart a bit in the last few years, what with Augustin in college and then me heading off not long after he graduated. We're making an effort to spend more time together now.

Mum disappeared part of the way through the reception. It turns out she was bird watching - she'd brought along some binoculars in her handbag! I told you she was into nature!

After all the guests left, it was time for the wedding night!

Which was less "bow chicka wow wow" and more "zzzzzzz". Poor Jace was so exhausted he fell asleep in his mac and cheese!


  • I forgot how small this house is. I'm happier with the decor this time which helps but it also makes me not want to move them when they have babies. I might need to build an extension instead.
  • I had a weird crash in the middle of the wedding and I hadn't saved since taking them to the pet store (which was on Tuesday). So some of the pics are pre-crash and some are from when I replayed them, post-crash. Which doesn't make any difference to you reading it. I just wanted to have a bit of a rant.


  1. Arrgh! I've had that happen. Dang crashes. I obsessively save now, but it'll wear off and I'm sure it'll happen to me again, sigh.

    Aww, these two are cute! Loved the "less bow chick wow wow and more zzz" part, LOL!

  2. Magdalena is a beautiful bride, I love the dress and her hair! Too bad about the wedding night LOL

    I hate the game crashing! I've had that happen too so now I've become a bit paranoid about saving every other minute.

  3. That was a beautiful wedding and I loved her dress :-) I swear, you give all your brides new wedding dresses right?

  4. The pet store pics are so cute! She got a pet and a husband.

    The game crashed on your wedding? Darn game. I hate when something like that happens, but there's nothing you can do but replay.

    And the picture of the wedding night, that was awesomely funny. She's in bed waiting, and he's asleep in his mac n cheese. Haha.

  5. LOL! Jace, you couldn't stay awake for just a few more minutes and enjoy your wedding night? What kind of man are you? ;)

  6. Poor Jace, and the bride, beautiful and waiting, and waiting....
    I remember my honeymoon. The wedding night was great but we slept a lot that week! We were exhausted!

    I love the bride's dress!

  7. I tend to cycle through my wedding dresses so I don't reuse the same one. When I get to the end, enough time will have passed that the ones at the beginning of the cycle will either be brand-new or not boring to me any more.

    I'm always caught unawares by crashing on this computer. With my old computer, I saved about once a Sim day but I almost never crash with this PC (this was only the second time).

    Yeah, poor Magdalena! She was laying up there for hours before she finally got tired and crawled into bed! And Jace was still sleeping in his mac and cheese (I wanted to see how long he'd stay there).

  8. funnies line for me: Which was less "bow chicka wow wow" and more "zzzzzzz".