Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Hot gossip

Jonas starts out his weekend with a date with his girlfriend Tatiana at the aquatic centre.

But can it really be considered a date if Mina and Pascal have insisted that Jonas take Abigail along? Luckily, she's a Fitness Sim so she's quite happy to occupy herself in the pool.

No sooner Tatiana and Jonas enter the pool than they were both horrified by the sight of Anna in all her glory in one of the hot tubs. Aren't there any regulations at this place?

After shooing Anna out (well, they weren't going to sit in there with her!), Jonas and Tatiana get some time alone.

This picture may have tipped me in favour of remaking certain Sims for TS3! Because I'm sorry but they're adorable!

A bit of chivalry never goes astray!

And Jonas even sits at the same table as Tatiana when they have lunch. A certain other Sullivan Sim could take some lessons from Jonas!

"If only we didn't have Abigail with us..." You can finish that however you like.

There's definitely some kind of mugging epidemic going on at the aquatic centre. They should post some security guards around, at least at night!

I wonder if this was why Mina and Pascal were so keen for Jonas to get Abigail out of the house?

It seems like they've been getting amorous all over the building while their kids were out.

Yep, there too. It's amazing this elevator is still functional, with the workout it gets.

Not everyone is so lucky though. Debbie is still understandably upset about Linnea and Makenzie.

In other news, the itty bitty puppy Pascal bought from Leontine and gave to Abigail...

...has grown into a rather enormous dog.

And Abigail herself has also grown up and is off to high school with her big brother...

...who, unfortunately, is having acne issues just as he's got himself a girlfriend.

So Jonas decides to take his mind off his zits for an hour or so and relaxes with one of Mina's "tinkering" magazines.

He's somewhat surprised at what he finds! "That's...not a screwdriver".

While poor Jonas's mind is being corrupted, Abigail is trying to get David to put in a good word for her with his twin brother Caleb.

And maybe he did, because Caleb comes to visit the next afternoon.

Abigail, being Mina's child, doesn't waste any time. Like mother, like daughter.

And just like her mum, she always gets what she wants.

  • This one was commentary style just because it seemed easier. First person is usually easier for me but sometimes the words don't come so I switch to another style.
  • I don't know why Tatiana and Jonas were thinking about Abigail with a red cross over her face. They both have high relationships with her.
  • I'm not sure exactly why Debbie slapped Linnea. I just heard that "boing-oing-oing-oing!" sound and panned over to see that. I thought maybe Linnea had flirted with someone but the only people I could see around were Drusilla and Cordy. Perhaps someone made a quick exit. Can't say I blame them.


  1. "That's...not a screwdriver".

    I was seriously cracking up at that. I could not stop laughing.

    Great update! :)

  2. Jonas and Tatiana are so cute together. I love seeing all these playable couples!

    My sims always think about a sim who is using the bathroom with the red cross over his/her face. I find it very annoying especially when I'm taking pictures. I guess they'd prefer the toilet-goer doing his "business" on the floor...

  3. Jonas and Tatiana are a very cute couple. That picture that has you thinking or recreating Sim 2 sims in Sims 3? Yeah, that one caught my eye too. Very "squee"-able.

    Poor Linnea! Getting slapped like that! I think maybe Debbie is in that second state of sim anger. You know the one where just the sight of that sim they're angry at will make them annoy and harass.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    CissieMae, that's probably what it was! Kind of odd though, as there are at least four toilet stalls in each bathroom.

    Maybe you're right Lunar...I just wish I had a better eye for these sorts of things when they happen with families I'm not playing at that moment. I always seem to hear that BOING! noise and go scrolling madly to find what happened!

  5. I've been making my way through your blog to try and catch up, and so my comments will probably be pretty infrequent for a while. Jonas's observation about the tinkering magazine was just so hilarious, though, that I had to say something! So funny. :) Now I'm off to read more!

  6. Rachel, hey, thanks for commenting! :) Glad you enjoyed my silly joke, lol.