Sunday, 10 May 2009

I see monsters

Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Naomi Novak

Our extended family just keeps on growing. My aunt Magdalena recently came to visit us with her daughter Lia. My grandpa was excited to meet his fourth grandchild.

She started getting bored hanging out with adults though, so he took her upstairs where she played with Eliot.

While Lia was occupied, I talked my aunt into letting me do her hair. I have to keep in practice now because I've just opened my own salon!

I took out a $100,000 loan to buy it but isn't it great? It's called Oh Bee-Hive, which is kind of lame but I couldn't think of anything better so I'm keeping its original name.

I've hired Kimberly to help out at my salon and honestly, I'm not sure I like her. She's a good stylist but we seem to clash a lot.

But anyway, the salon is pretty successful so far. We're up to a Level 4.

Galen needed some convincing before he'd let me shave his head but he just needs to trust me.

Of course, I don't always make the best decisions.

Poor Eliot. We're all so busy at home that I think he gets lost in the rush sometimes. Especially with Grandma. Eliot will just have to learn that you don't bother Grandma while she's bug hunting.

I decided to be social and invite Kimberly on a girls' night out. I dragged my friend Betsy along as a buffer, in case we started brawling.

We started out with dinner at Dragonfly, where I found that Kimberly wasn't so bad after all. Betsy spoke to her more than I did.

After dinner, we headed off to P.U.R.E. and wow, that place is dark! Probably makes it easier for guys to pick up girls who are way out of their league.

Speaking of guys, the situation was pretty dire at P.U.R.E. that night so I situated myself at the bar and steeled myself for a night of drinking.

And hey, after a few cocktails, everything is funny!

I must have been pretty...tipsy...because I didn't even notice how well Kimberly and Betsy were getting along. I didn't find out about that little gem until I spoke to Betsy on the phone the next day. So Kimberly likes girls, eh? Well, at least we won't fight over guys.

Grandma has officially retired now, so my days off are spent with her. It's actually a lot of fun most of the time. Except when she starts talking about her damn bugs.

She found another one recently. That's 29 of the 30 she needs. I hope she finds it soon so we can all stop hearing about it.

Mum is getting back into astronomy but I think she spies on the neighbours more than anything else. She always seems to know who's bought a new car, who's put a pool in and she seemed really scandalised out on the balcony the other day!

She and Dad are still doing well. I'm happy about that, even though I could do without seeing the evidence all the time. Betsy's parents recently separated and I'd hate for that to happen to mine.

Sullivan Primary School update-within-an-update:

It didn't fit into the update, seeing I wrote it from Naomi's perspective but I know some of you have been wanting to see the primary school in action, so I'm including some pics and commentary here.

I've chosen Augustin as the principal/teacher. He's actually on the seemingly never-ending list of "one nice point only" Sims in Sullivan, but he's never acted that way so to me, he seems like the kind of cool, relatively young male teacher that all the kids adore. Almost any young male teacher is idolised by the kids at the school I work at. Anyway, here's Augustin meeting his new students. He's shaking hands with Amelia here.

Making sure Amelia and Max stay on task at the computers, while Evan looks on.

Zaria making a nuisance of herself in the cafeteria. It's so rare that Sims do this. I think this is only the second time I've seen it. The first time was way back in the base game, with a teen girl who had literally nothing else in the house. So I was surprised to see Zaria doing this at school, where there are multiple fun things to do.

As soon as they're finished lunch, all the kids rush out to the play equipment. Sometimes a couple of them will go and play soccer too.

Abigail leading the class in a song during a music lesson. I'm sorry but I love this child. Will you look at that face? Is she winking at me?

She's great. She turns into a teen this round and I can't wait to see how she turns out.

Can you imagine the noise in this classroom? This is why I'm not a music teacher!

I like this picture a lot, because it looks like Augustin is singing.

The kids also had an art class this round but I don't seem to have taken pictures of that. I'm going to use any paintings they create in art class to decorate the art room and the hallways. There are a couple up already.

You may remember my post from a few days ago about my Round 16 ROS, where I was worrying about the "Fulfill Greatest Fear" ROS I rolled. Well, I can now tell you that I rolled it for Lukas and it turned out to be a whole lot of nothing! I was terrified I'd have to kill off Raffaella but no, Lukas' greatest fears were "Death of Noelle" and "Death of Mina".

Well, sorry, Noelle but you never had a chance. I was quite sad to kill Noelle off but not as sad I would have been to kill Mina. So rest in peace, Noelle. You were a brazen hussy with absolutely no shame. If you need some back story on Noelle, you can find that here and here.

Here's how Noelle left this world...

Early one morning, young Noelle strolls by the Novak residence, perhaps hoping to rekindle their affair. Lukas soon makes short order of that request. As far as he's concerned, his philandering days are over and he won't be cheating on Raffaella with Noelle or anyone else!

So, persistent woman she is, Noelle decides to camp out the Novaks' lawn. But hey...what's that in the sky?

Some fiery piece of space junk which has unfortunately landed right on Noelle. I'd say at least she didn't suffer but looking at that, she probably did.

Grimmy arrives and puts her out of her misery. Hopefully, there'll be some more marriages for her to ruin wherever she's going now. It's obviously what she loved doing best. And what about Lukas? Lukas who claimed he'd be so upset if Noelle died that he would take a 5000 point aspiration hit?

Well, he was upstairing woohooing with his wife. He's distraught, obviously.

  • Naomi's already paid off most of her loan. She has about $20,000 to pay back, I think. Provided she gets that last business cash reward, she should be able to do that easily.


  1. Wow, she's paid off 92000 already? Tell me her secret, lol!

    Wow, that's some remorse. It takes a lot of courage to woohoo with your wife while your ex-lover dies.

  2. The salon looks good! I like getting peeks into how other people play OFB. There's so much to do with that game.

    And your school-- how fun! If only more real schools ran like that. How many students do you have?

    Poor Lukas looks quite distraught, doesn't he? XD

  3. Crescent, she's actually paid off $80000 which is still nothing to sneeze at! Her secret is getting those cash rewards for boosting your business rankings! You get $1000, $3000, $10000, $20000 and then $50000, so it makes it easy to pay off a loan.

    Lunar, there are 8 students in the school, 6 of my own kids and 2 townies. I haven't tried playing with more than that. My high school has always had 8 too. I seem to naturally make classrooms that can't fit more than 8 students, so it's working out well!

  4. Oh Bee-Hive looks incredible! Its much nicer than most of my sims ever start with, and impressive she's doing so well with it.

    The school looks like its really come together. I love the picture of the kids at the computer and the little girl on the bean bag reading, and the idea of putting up their artwork in the hall.

    Sullivan rocks!

  5. Thanks!

    I downloaded Oh Bee-Hive ages ago and I *had* to use it! It's an amazing lot.