Sunday, 24 May 2009


Narrated by Emil Collins

I can't believe I've been reduced to this. Digging holes in the ground looking for random crap I can sell, just so I can afford the first week's rent and security deposit for an apartment. When did my life start to suck so much?

I did eventually scrape together enough for the landlord to rent a place to me but I walked in to find that it's almost completely unfurnished! I mean, there's all the basic kitchen and bathroom stuff but no dining table, no couch, no bed, no TV.

With what little cash I had, I bought a few super cheap pieces of furniture, all for the bedroom. If I want to sit down to eat, I have to sit in front of the computer, risking slopping soup onto the keyboard.

I really hope I earn some money soon. Will you look at this piece of crap I have to travel to work in?

Well...hello! I put an ad in the paper for a room mate and Aislin Holland showed up on my doorstep. There's no way I'm going to be able to afford next week's rent on my own so this was sort of a last resort. She's an attractive last resort though, so maybe this won't turn out to be so bad.

Or maybe it would be. Apparently, Aislin isn't really into guys. Once she found out there was no bed for her, she spent the night on the couch and moved out the next morning.

And so that's how I came to be living in my mother's basement.

It's not that I don't like my family but I was just hoping by my mid-20s that I'd be out on my own. And there's so damn many of them. Getting kicked out of college wasn't a great career move, I guess, because a lot of jobs are out of reach for me now. The military pays pretty well but you know...the hair and everything.

Is every girl in Sullivan a lesbian? Shot down again!

I've gotta say, that's a new one. Being rejected because I'm not fat enough.

At least I'm still the king of games. Kind of funny, because Filippo does this for a living and I still kick his ass.

I went downtown for a game of poker the other day and showed off my awesome card shuffling trick. Madelyn was totally unimpressed though.

At least I won some money. It was kind of hard to keep my mind on the game when all these cute girls kept walking by.

Ah, so I haven't lost it! I made a pass at Sylvia here, who is one of the Garden Club leaders, and she actually seems kind of interested.

Not that the atmosphere at home is all that conducive to romance anyway. It's usually pretty quiet down in the basement, but once Evan and Amelia get home from school, you could probably hear them fighting from across town. You wouldn't think they ever shared a womb, considering they seem to have trouble sharing a room now.

Bah. Can't believe my little brother is getting more action than I am!

So I had to resort to a bit of scheming. I called up the Garden Club, hoping Sylvia would come over and then she turned up! She wasn't thrilled when she figured out I had no interest in joining the club.

But she got over that soon enough!

Evan and Amelia are old enough to get jobs and contribute to the household now but Amelia is wondering if the working world is really for her. She got a job as a file clerk at a law firm and ended up being fired on her first day, because she started filing alphabetically, instead of by colour.

Losing her job hasn't mean she's lost any of her confidence though. She still spends just as much time in front of the mirror as she ever did. Amelia is not a girl filled with any sort of self-doubt. I guess she gets it from her big bro!

Random pic:
Charlton still hates David! He sure can hold a grudge!

Wally, the dog Maria's first husband Anton bought for her while she was pregnant with Emil, died this round. I have had actual Sims die with less fanfare than Wally got. Caleb would have been there too but I accidentally cancelled out the action (Emil and Maria were at work).

  • Emil went buggy in his apartment, for some reason and my last resort to fix it was moving him out. I didn't want to go through the whole rigmorale of setting him up again (and he had no money anyway), so it was back in with his mum and stepdad for him! I was going to have him bunk with his brothers but the basement fits a double bed and I knew Emil would need one. The basement was previously a way too huge bathroom. I don't know what I was thinking. It's split in two now, so Emil is actually pretty set down there, with his own little ensuite and everything. So what if his floor is concrete?
  • Cecily the Bohemian is not a lesbian. She's just smart enough to resist Emil's advances. But I figured Emil would probably assume that anyone not interested in him must bat for the other team.
  • Evan and Amelia are polar opposites. Amelia is a neat freak meanie and Evan is a super-nice slob.


  1. Poor Emil, being turned down by all those girls LOL

    I hate it when lots or sims go buggy! I'm having some problems with an owned business lot and I don't know how to fix it other than make the sim sell it. Annoying.

  2. Poor Emil! Kinda funny watching him get shot down, glad he finally found atleast one that was interested in him! Love the whole basement living thing, that totally happens IRL, so it's funny to see it. Trying to get lucky with his parents and little siblings around, hehe.

  3. We get our own little ROS situations just dealing with the game itself. You learn quickly to be very creative with the situation you've been given.

    It's a little satisfying for me to see Emil, with his huge ego, living out of his parents' basement! The 'hair comment' was soo cute! He's got so much product in his hair. Can't see him cutting it off for the Military.

    (and, cute couch! *wink*)

  4. Is that your recolour, Simmington? It's one of my favourites. :)

    I thought the basement might be funnier than his brothers' bedroom. Less furniture manoeuvring for me too.

    I really did think Emil had lost his mojo there for a while because apart from Aislin at the beginning, he actually had at least one bolt with the girls who were turning him down! They could smell trouble, or something!

    Ha, I didn't think about all the product Emil must have in his hair but yes, it would be an epic amount now that I'm thinking about it!

  5. Ha, ha. I thas to suck living in your parents basement. But I have a feeling he'll turn lemons into lemonade and, he'll be just fine!

  6. Anna will graduate this round (hopefully!) so he'll probably try to mooch off her!

  7. The fighting twins are hilarious! I love it.

    Haha at Emil failing on being out on his home. Now he's rocking the basement. This is sort of true to life. Very cool.

  8. Thanks Mao. :)

    The twins actually get along quite well as teens but Amelia is so mean and she has constant wants to torment someone.

  9. I love the opening paragraph: "I can't believe I've been reduced to this. Digging holes in the ground looking for random crap I can sell, just so I can afford the first week's rent and security deposit for an apartment. When did my life start to suck so much?"

    Sometimes it feels like making ends meet is this hard....funny stuff.

  10. Heh, it was totally avoidable in Emil's case! Had he studied harder at college, he could have got a good job right off the bat and been much more stable financially. It was fun to play this session with him.