Sunday, 21 June 2009

Wave of mutilation

Round 18: Days 86-90
Last update: Anna/the rest

Narrated by Anna Carmody

When I moved in with Emil, he moved his bed (well, our bed now) into the bedroom vacated by David and Caleb. I insisted on it - no way was I going to sleep in a basement!

I've been trying to take an interest in Emil's video games but I'm so bored with them already.

So I leave the games to him and I've embarked on wedding planning! I have a lot to do in a short time.

My friend Tatiana agreed to go dress shopping with me. Before we went inside, I tried to impress on her how vitally important this expedition was.

I don't think she really got it though. I probably should have brought one of my friends who has worn a dress more than once since she turned 13. Tatiana lost all interest as soon as I stepped into the fitting room with my first dress.

Anyway, it's nice to have second opinions but I'm perfectly capable of picking out a dress on my own. I narrowed it down to a top three.

I had to eliminate two of them because I saw other women looking at them while I was in the store. If I'm going to wear the same wedding dress as another woman, I'm going to wear it first! Lucky the one left was the one I liked best.

Emil's sister Amelia has had her boyfriend Wade over a lot lately. Evan doesn't have a girlfriend but he brings friends home from school all the time. I hope they all clear out soon. I don't want either of them to get any ideas about moving back in here after they finish college.

Mind you, Amelia's not so bad. She has a bitch streak a mile long, so naturally, we get along just fine.

Emil's stepdad, Filippo, has read just about every book there is and has set his sights on finishing the job. He's super smart. I have to wonder what he thought of Emil flunking out of college, especially seeing it's not looking like Evan or Amelia are even going to get in.

It's a shame David and I didn't hook up back in the dorms. Stupid Kirstin. Emil had his brother around the other day and I'd forgotten how sexy he is.

Still...what is it with men in this family and video games?

What have I married into?!? Yes, married! Emil and I got married! It was a shame about the snow but our wedding turned out amazing anyway.

We invited a whole ton of people. We both have huge families and we had a lot of friends who came too.

We actually managed to set up some music in the park but Emil and I and my new in-laws were the only ones who took advantage of it.

I invited Owen and was kind of regretting that decision when I saw him talking to my new mother-in-law. I was worried he'd tell her about our little fling in college because I get the feeling he's kind of the type.

She didn't say anything though, so I guess everything is okay? Except she's on my ass about getting a job now. Excuse me? She's my mother-in-law, not my mother! I'm not going to just work anywhere!

  • Tatiana spent most of the shopping expedition loitering around the vending machines outside the store. Tatiana wore a dress to Betsy's wedding (you see what I did there?) and that was 8 Sim years ago. I figure Anna brought Tatiana along because she's too sweet to say no to her.
  • Owen was the one who told Samson about Galen and started that whole shitstorm, so Anna is right. Owen totally is "the type". But he has Naomi to think about now and probably would not risk rocking the boat.
  • Anna's waiting for an opening in the Slacker career. Apparently, Emil's job as a Party DJ doesn't give him much influence because he hasn't been able to put in a good word for her or anything.
  • This entry is a bit disjointed. I was having some crashing problems so I was playing over about 3 sessions. It's hard to write for those kinds of sessions where the game is misbehaving. Hopefully I have fixed the problem so it won't happen again though!


  1. Winter weddings are really pretty and the dress she kept was the one that got my vote!

  2. Ack! Not you, too. I hope you manage to get it fixed. :( I'm still toiling with mine (haven't played any sims in like, three days, sigh... too busy!)

    What beautiful wedding dresses! I wish I cared to do more for my sim weddings... but there's just so many. Hilarious that she made him move the bed from the basement!

  3. Beautiful winter wedding! I imagine it was a little less lovely for the guests that were practically sitting in the snow drift.

    MIL nagging about a job, typical. ;) I like that she's holding out for a slacker job, way to do them proud!

  4. A snowy wedding actually looks like fun. I see that sim behind Owen and Anna's mother in law making a snowman! XD

    Anna's attitude at the end is perfect. "Excuse me?" I could just see her face when she's complaining to us about it.

  5. What a pretty wedding, even with the snow! I love winter weddings! And she picked the dress I liked best :)

    Wow, so these two actually got hitched. I can't wait to see what this marriage is like ;)

  6. I actually had my first Sim dip into the blue during this wedding, so it was definitely very cold! Amelia decided to make a snow angel, while wearing her short, sleeveless dress. She also missed the whole ceremony because she was out by the phone building a snowman.

    I usually try to avoid outdoor weddings in winter but I figured Anna wouldn't let snow stand in the way of her dream location. They can't afford to get married at Cedarwoods, so this was her next choice.

    I don't know what will happen with Emil and Anna. Emil's secondary aspiration is Family but they haven't yet tried for a baby. They both have multiple woohoo wants locked but haven't made any move to act on them just yet.

  7. "She has a bitch streak a mile long, so naturally, we get along just fine." - made me get a good hearty laugh.

    The wedding dress you chose was the one I liked best, too.