Wednesday, 17 June 2009

If we can't get it together

So I've graduated and moved back in with my parents. The whole reason I went to college was to become a lawyer and now I am one and I can't get a job with a law firm. None are hiring. So I'm doing tabloid journalism instead. How prestigious.

I've been feeling a little guilty about my...dalliances with Anna when I was living at the dorms, so I've decided to swear off other girls and focus just on Naomi.

At dinner the other night, she told me she just found out that she was pregnant. I'm the father, obviously. It was definitely a shock but it made me think I really didn't want to have a relationship with my kid like the one between Galen and Samson.

So when we got home that night, I asked Naomi to move in with me and proposed to her. She accepted but we haven't set a date for the wedding yet. She's still a little nervous about the idea of marriage and she wants to give herself a chance to get used to the idea before we jump in.

Heh, I could have sworn my parents were listening at the door. Which is really creepy, if that's what was happening. God, what if we were in bed together or something?

Naomi's been living her for about an hour and she's already making her mark on the place. She's ripping down all my girlie posters. Fair enough, I guess. It's her bedroom too now.

We're not planning on living here permanently but while we are here, we're going to use Kirstin's room for the baby.

This is what we did to it and this is what my present to Naomi was. The teddy bear was made by my grandmother and I thought it would be cool to have it passed down to our kid. It's hardly an heirloom, because she made dozens of the things but it's a nice bit of family history anyway.

Once we got the nursery ready, we were both a little more relaxed and were just able to sit back and wait for the baby to come. I don't think we realised how anxious we were beforehand, especially Naomi.

Still no luck on the job front though. I've started working on a political campaign, which is better than working at a tabloid. It's a little closer to what I want to do but I'm going to keep looking.

Mum and Naomi are getting along okay but they've definitely had a few blow-out arguments. But I think we've all had one of those with Mum at least a couple of times. Mum just says whatever she feels like saying and doesn't really care if it offends anybody. Naomi will just have to learn to deal with her, like Dad and I do.

Dad, by the way, is still plugging away at his diner.

He finally hired a permanent replacement for Araminta. Her name is Adriana, I think. I've seen her around town before.

Anyway, the diner is doing really well lately. It's so cold and windy in Sullivan and even worse in Exeter and everyone just wants a place to come in out of the elements.

Adrienne finally arrived just before bed one evening.

She's gorgeous, of course, with my skin tone and her mother's natural hair colour. We can't wait to see her grow up.

Mum retired recently, so she's been babysitting while everyone's at work. Maybe she'll be less crabby now that she doesn't work nights any more? Nah, probably not!

Adrienne is a year old already and she won't stop talking! She must take after me. I'm very outgoing and will talk to anyone who'll listen. Naomi is the complete opposite.

Random pic:
Fantasise all you like, Owen but you're not kissing Megan. She's a married Family Sim, so she probably wouldn't go for it anyway.

  • If you're just joining us, Julian is not Owen's dad but seeing he and Collette met when Owen was a toddler and he has very little relationship with Galen (his bio dad), I figure it would probably be natural for him to refer to Julian and Collette as his parents and to Julian as his dad.
  • Naomi rolled up the want for marriage last round and it took Owen much longer (he rolled it seconds before I had him propose). If he hadn't rolled it, I probably would have figured they wanted different things in life and broken them up.
  • Naomi also has the fear of getting married, so she's definitely still a little apprehensive. I think it might have rolled away now, so I'll get them hitched next round.
  • Collette is doing her creepy hugging thing again, though she does take every opportunity to bitch out Naomi. They're friends, but their conversations are full of pouting and hands on hips, etc.


  1. Awww, hopefully these two can make it work! I can't wait to see Adrienne grown up--what a pretty name. :D

    LOL at Collette and hugging.

    Collette is letting Naomi know who runs this roost! Ha!

  2. Owen is very handsome for a sim. I love those glasses on him.

    And that crib is so pretty! You always have the nicest nursery furniture.

  3. I find I have to take pictures of Owen at just the right angle. He's a good looking guy but his chin can look overpowering at times! He's got his mother's chin.

    It's a bit of a power struggle between Collette and Naomi, I think. Naomi is just as mean as Collette but not as outgoing, so I believe it's Collette who usually starts the conflicts.

    I'm going to move Owen and Naomi back in with her parents next round. It's way too crowded there right now but I don't think Raffaella has much time left (and still with one bug to go, damn it!) and Eliot will likely be off to college this round, so there'll be some more room in there soon.

  4. Owen *is* really handsome for a sim. I noticed that as soon as the page loaded.

    I was curious if the reason Owen's having to wait is that law jobs just aren't coming up, or if it is the limit you put on professions?

    And are Owen's "girlie posters" custom made in game or are they custom content? (and for now I'll stop pestering you with questions :-)

  5. Francesca, there are still 4 vacancies in Law, as only Georgette and Ottilie work in that career currently. Owen just hasn't been lucky enough to find an opening (I bet it popped up on the computer on the second day, the one day I forgot to check!)

    As for the girlie posters, the one on the left is definitely a download I picked up from somewhere but I'm not sure about the one on the right. I made a bunch of vintage pin-up posters a while ago but I have a lot that I downloaded too. I can't remember if I made or downloaded that particular one.

    I just realised Owen had his girlie posters hanging above his grandmother's old sewing machine! LOL.