Thursday, 4 June 2009

Until you break

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Arianna Weaver

We've had to sell one of the dogs. Taking care of 5 enormous full-grown dogs was just too much for Liam and me, so we found one of the youngest ones a good home with Ottilie Draper.

We had always meant to sell them before we grew to like them all so much, but it really did get too hard. We'd be scolding one of them for digging in the dirt and meanwhile another would be doing the same thing right behind us. I really hope Tatiana understands.

Speaking of Tatiana, she's got a break from classes so she came to stay with us for a couple of days. It was so great having my little girl back home!

No wonder the dogs didn't seem so much of a chore when Tatiana was living here. I'd forgotten what a huge help she is around the house. It was nice to have someone else feed Jacob while Liam and I enjoyed a leisurely dinner.

Tatiana joined us later and told us all about university. She's missing Jonas a lot since his graduation and can't wait for her own graduation so they can live together again.

I know it looks like our daughter's come to visit us and we've just put her to work but we didn't ask her. She just got started!

We did ask her to fix the bathtub but Tatiana has always liked that kind of thing.

She fixed our computer too, which we didn't even know was broken!

She headed back after a couple of days though and left us to our own devices again. I wonder if Tatiana really was an easier baby or if Jacob just seems more difficult because I'm so much older now. I don't think I have quite the patience I did in my twenties.

I don't know how our nanny does it. She's much older than me but she never looks tired. Never gets vomited on. Amazing.

Liam set up a barre on the top floor and all his practice has done wonders for his career. He's actually a tap dancer now.

He doesn't start work until the afternoon but he's usually up in the mornings anyway to help me with Jacob, so most of the time, he's running on caffeine.

I think Liam and I were both relieved with Jacob started school. He's no trouble at all now. I hope he's not bothering his sister in her dorm though - he calls almost every day.

Jacob is very active though. He runs absolutely everywhere. He's extremely energetic.

The playhouse we bought him for his birthday is getting a lot of use. He's going to love it when he gets to school and sees the play equipment they have there!

  • Tatiana only has 5 neat points, just like her mum, so I don't know what her deal was with all the cleaning.
  • Not much happened in this round but I was pretty proud of myself for finally remembering that there's a ballet barre in the game. Duh. I don't think I've used it since Leontine was a little girl and seeing she's now in her late 60s, that was many, many rounds ago!
  • No high school update, in case you noticed. I've chosen Betsy Carmody as the new principal but apparently remembering that I had a ballet barre used up all my brain power, because I totally forgot to transfer ownership to her! Duh again.


  1. Apparently, in sim world, cleaning is fun. XD What is wrong with them? But that's so sweet that Tatiana was helping out.

  2. Tatiana looks just like her mother, and they're both so pretty! They have a very unique and refined look about them.

    Tatiana was so funny, cleaning and fixing up things. I guess she was raised well :)

  3. Are her parents helping pay for college? Maybe she felt she owned them and that was her way of saying thanks. lol

    And why do those kids run every where? I don't get it.

  4. I wish I could have fun cleaning! Tatiana's not actually that neat but I love when the neat Sims actually pump their fists when you direct them to clean. I bet my neat freak mother does that when no one's watching her.

    Yes, all my Sims' parents pay for their kids' tuition, so that's probably why! She's sucking up so her mum doesn't cut her off! No...I think she's just a sweet kid who genuinely wants to help out.

    Jacob is super-active. I think he has 9 points. So wherever he's going, he wants to get there fast!

  5. Neat sims are my solace. I may have an issue with trying to make most, if not all, my sims neat. The sloppy eating just drives me bonkers, LOL!

    Haha, Tatiana! That's how I feel when I go home (even though I graduated college 2 years or more ago)... I get put to work. "Oh, you might need to clean your room... and the upstairs bathroom, and maybe the kitchen, you know, if you want to use it." Fantastic.

    I love the idea of paying tuition. I wish I had the patience to do stuff like that, but since I do twenty million blogs at once... it usually falls by the wayside.

    I'll just live vicariously through organized folks like you, haha.

  6. Heh, I just hate having to clean up after the messy Sims. They clean up but it's me that has to sit there watching it!

    But generally, my personality points go towards "Outgoing". I don't know why because I actually find shy Sims really sweet but that's what I naturally gravitate towards when I'm making Sims without using any randomiser. I made Jesse with him being a bit of a mooch in mind. So he's got full outgoing (I think) and 1 neat point. I'm already regretting it. The shower puddles! Argh!