Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Made in the shade

Narrated by Tatiana Moretti

See that grin? I just found out I qualified for the last scholarship I need to enrol at Suffolk. I could try for more and get cheaper tuition but a) my mum can well afford it and b) I'm not a total brain. My main reason for wanting to go is Jonas. It was bad enough when we were at school and he lived all the way in Exeter.

I don't know what I'll do on campus without all my dogs though. I wish I could bring them with me. We have 2 adult dogs right now, plus 3 puppies who are growing up pretty quickly. It's a bit of a mad house here, especially seeing they seem to prefer to be inside, even though there's so much space for them outside.

School is kind of a bummer lately.

It's hard to watch everybody being all lovey-dovey when my boyfriend is so far away. I just have to keep telling myself ,"just a little while longer!"

Even that cow Amber has her eye on Joe Grundstrom.

Pity for her that she still hasn't figured out that making boys cry does not endear you to them.

She spends a lot of time in my grandma's office. I think she should have been hauled in there long ago. Grandma is too soft. Or maybe it's just that I really, really don't like Amber.

We've been in the workshop a lot at school lately. I don't know how we can spend so much time in there and still Abigail has no idea how to use any of the tools.

Of course, it's my favourite thing about school so I tend to take a lot more care than the other kids.

Half the time, they're not doing work at all.

Me though, I end up going in there at lunch time. We're not supposed to but I guess this is one of the perks of having your grandmother as the principal.

Another perk - after school driving lessons! Now that I'm 16, I get to drive Grandma home from school instead of the other way around.

Sadly, Grandma has now passed on. She was 77, which isn't that young but I thought we'd have her around a little longer.

I don't think I've reached acceptance yet. I'm still pretty confused and sometimes angry.

Poor Mac was upset. He was howling for ages.

I've been focusing my energies on this crappy old car my step-dad found for me. I'm trying to fix it up but it's hard going.

So Jonas comes over to help out on the weekends, when he's got the time to come up from campus. Now that I'm going to university for sure, Jonas and I are making plans to live together when we're both there. Mum wants to get to know him better before we do, so that's the other reason he's over.

I have to admit, I get a little distracted when he's around. Ugh, FOCUS, Tatiana!

But, look, we finished! I had to take it for a spin, of course.

I didn't go anywhere that interesting, just to buy a couple of magazines but I went there in the car I fixed all by myself! Well, Jonas did all the body work for me but other than that, it was all me!

I think I'm supposed to hate Liam but I don't. We get along really well and I'm excited about my soon-to-be-born baby brother or sister. I was sort of worried that Mum would feel differently about me and the new baby, because the new baby was planned and I was the result of a one-off fling, who Mum has barely spoken to since I was born. But seeing they've both assured me that that's not the case, I've relaxed a little bit.

Mum went into labour while she was crating fruit in the greenhouse - just like a true nature Sim. It was about 3am, but somehow Liam heard her and the presence of mind to get dressed and run out there to help, just in time to see little Jacob take his first breath.

We thought his hair was black at first, like Mum's but it's actually brown, just like my grandpa's was.

He's very cute but he seems to be constantly followed by a smelly green cloud.

Because I'm so close to being an adult, I'm expected to help out with Jacob.

It seems to be expected a lot when he needs a change, funnily enough. I don't mind though. I want at least a couple of kids, so I better get used to this.

Thankfully, Liam took over the potty-training once Jacob got older. No more nappy changes!

I'm due to leave for college in the morning and am a bit sadder than I thought I'd be. I actually said a proper goodnight to Mum, which I hadn't done since I was much younger.

And there it is. My last night in my childhood bedroom. Tomorrow it's off in a cab to Suffolk University.

Random pic:
Like I said yesterday, I've moved a lot of buildings around in Exeter and added some. This is another pic I just liked. I also like that David is all "MINUS! MINUS" and you can see Amber's dreadlocks just off to the side!

  • Visitors should be able to be invited to do way more than they can. I made Jonas selectable to get him working on the car but I think that should have been coded into the game. It seems like something people would do - have their friends help out with things like that.
  • Tatiana has completely revitalised my interest in this family. I love her, in case you couldn't tell. I don't usually love Sims with such average personalities like she has but her slight tomboy looks and all the squeeing I do over her and Jonas makes her rather endearing to me.


  1. Poor Tatiana! Long-distance relationships are never easy. At least she'll be with Jonas soon. ;)

    Haha, Amber making the boys cry. I used to beat the crap out of boys, though it wasn't because I liked them.

    I wish family members would do more if you invited them over. Like special, family options to have dinners/etc. That would be cool.

  2. Tatiana sees Jonas far more than most of my teen girls see their college boyfriends, so she's actually pretty lucky. I pegged Arianna for the permissive type.

    I don't know if Amber is too fond of the boys either! She heart-farts at them but I've never seen her flirt or anything like that. Just ventrilo-farting and joy buzzering. She's an interesting young lady.

    Yes, there's so much stuff visitors should be able to do that they can't. Use the toddler table, for one! I have Sim visitors coming in and picking books up off shelves and reading them (which I have never known anyone to do, ever, in real life) yet they can't help restore a car or play blocks with their cousins. It's silly.

  3. Oh, I agree! Even made selectable, there's a lot they still can't do, like visiting grandparents can't put babies in cribs!

    I like Tatiana too! She's adorable! I'm glad she'll be with Jonas soon - and I hope he's being a good boy at Uni and waiting for her ;)

    Exeter looks great! Very urban! :)

  4. Thanks, Laura. I think I'm definitely going to move at least Tatiana and Jonas over to TS3. I don't want to stop playing them!

  5. I love Tatiana and Jonas! They're so cute and I love their hairstyles and personalities.

    I agree, visitors should be able to do a lot more! And I like Mao's suggestion that should be special family options for visiting relatives.

  6. Somehow, I almost missed a Tatiana post! When I noticed there was one, it made me happy. I really like her too. She's definitely got a personality. You certainly make her come alive. That tomboyish edge suits her perfectly.

    I love that she was the one working on the engine. I'd be proud if I got a clunker like that working. Plus it's adorable that quality time spent with Jonas = working on her car. XD

  7. Thanks Shana and Lunar.

    It wouldn't have felt like her car if she didn't do all the grunt work! Jonas just took a quick look at it for her. ;) I actually didn't realise until this play session that they were both tinkerers. As if I needed another reason to squeal over them!