Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pink lemonade

Round 17: Days 81-85
Narrated by Magdalena Novak

Lia is finally talking! It took some work but once she said one word, she was off! She chatters away like crazy now.

So of course, I had to call Mum over so she could see her granddaughter's new skill in action!

Of course, that was when Lia decided to clam up and make a liar out of me! In fairness, it was almost time for her nap by the time Mum arrived and the poor girl's eyes were drooping! Never mind. She'll have plenty of time to talk to her grandma when she's older.

Ugh, why do I feel so sick?

Oh yeah. Well...we did want another baby! I just didn't think it'd happen so fast! I'll need to get to work on the nursery and get Jace to move that flower arranging thing out of the study. That can be Lia's room.

He's got the perfect place to put it now and he promises me he's going to drag it down there! Yes, Jace bought a shop! He named it Rosa Lucida, which is a species of rose and also a reference to Lia's full name (Rosalia). I thought that was sweet.

Anyway, the store in Exeter. Jace wanted to buy one in Sullivan but this place was a total bargain - $31,000! It still ate up all our savings and we needed a small loan but that's nothing compared to how much my niece paid for her salon.

The store has been doing so well though that we've already been more than reimbursed. Jace turns a nice little profit every day. His stock is a mix of his own arrangements and plants and flowers he buys wholesale.

He's usually not home until about 7pm (he shuts at 5pm) because he stays late restocking and tidying. Hopefully, he'll soon be able to afford an employee who can take some of the load off.

I have to hand it to him though, he has not been shirking his fatherly duties at all. Once he gets home at night, he spends an hour or so playing and chatting with Lia...

...before she goes to bed at 8:30. Honestly, once Jace gets home, I don't have to lift a finger for Lia - he does it all.

When she starts whimpering when she wakes up in the morning though, it's my turn.

My sister-in-law Hanna came to visit the other day and spent the whole time bragging about her grandson. I've seen Aaron plenty of times, seeing James lives next door but who am I to rain on a proud grandmother's parade? But I can't even believe Hanna is a grandmother!

Or that James is a dad, already! He seems so young but I have to remember that he's actually only 11 years younger than I am.

Araminta comes to visit her mum and sister every Saturday. Isn't it convenient that Saturday happens to be the day when our landlord orders pizza for everyone?

Not that I'm complaining! I love that we're back to seeing each other more often now.

She did come into the kitchen to try to get her mitts on my pie. I had to tell her hands off! This is for the cooking contest.

I have never won one of these. I don't know why I bother.

Yes! Okay, so maybe the victory dance was a bit obnoxious but I was so excited. Let a pregnant woman have her fun!

I even got a nifty little plaque to hang on my wall!

Jace and I are both really excited about the new baby, which we've learnt will be another little girl. We're also really nervous about adding a second child to the family. I hope we can handle it.

Lia is school-age now (yes, and Jace finally got his flower thing out of the study, which is now officially Lia's room), so at least we can sleep right through the night now. Until the new baby comes, that is!

I went into labour while Jace was at work and Lia was at school. The only person around to help was the mailman, who really wasn't any help at all.

But it all turned out okay anyway. Meet Maia! So far, she looks very much like Lia but we'll have to wait and see what she looks like as she grows up.

  • I've done some musing about Sullivan in the last couple of days and I actually think I'm going to keep playing it (and blogging it) in its TS2 incarnation once TS3 comes out, at least for a while. I'm still planning on blogging TS3 but I'm no longer very keen on moving these Sullivan Sims over, because it's going to mean a huge change in the play style I use for them. I'm excited about TS3 but I think I'll be better off going with all new Sims for that.
  • More musing but I just realised that Raffaella and Lukas are the first Sims in Sullivan I've had alive to meet a great-grandchild (I think!). That's what happens when your kid gets his girlfriend knocked up in college, I guess!
  • Maia has grown up so that link to her profile in the last caption is not a dead link! Click it and you can see what she looks like. Very much like Lia, like I said but their personalities are different so they're not clones.


  1. Magdelena's pregnancy dress is so pretty!

    Your shops always look so good. I love the look of the flower shop.

    As for playing TS2 and TS3, that'll be interesting. It sounds like the two are different enough. But I'm can't wait to see what you'll have to say about TS3.

  2. I agree with Lunar Fox, your shops always look great.

    The girls really do look alike. I bet they both turn out great beauties when they grow up.

    Yay, I'm so happy to hear we'll be seeing Sullivan sims "in TS2 mode" in the future!

  3. Yay!!! I'm glad your going to keep Sullivan in the sims 2. I look forward to your new sims for sims 3. But I can't help that I'm in love with these simmies.

  4. Oh, I love the flower shop! It looks great!

    I'm glad you're going to keep blogging TS2 Sullivan, and I'm looking forward to seeing your TS3 Sims!

  5. *dances* I'm thrilled to hear you're keeping TS2 Sullivan!! I was wondering how you were gonna recreate all these Sims in TS3, and play them all together like this...I am like everybody else, though, I can't wait to see what you do with TS3.

    How did you find out the sex of the baby before she was born?

  6. Yeah, TS3 just isn't going to work for me with these Sims. It sounds like it's designed for single family play and I hear the story progression toggle isn't working. I also hear that the genetics are messed up and you all know how much I like genetics. So there are a ton of things in TS2 that TS3 just can't offer. Perhaps it will in the future and then I'll consider switching over completely.

    Thanks for the compliments on the flower shop. I didn't build it but I did decorate it.

    Lunar, Magdalena's pregnancy dress is from All About Style, if you want to get it for yourself.

    Simmington, I didn't really find out before she was born. If a baby is born during an update and I therefore know the sex, sometimes I pretend that they've had an ultrasound and found out.

  7. I've been playing a week and as a prosperity player myself? They've pretty much told us, "sucks to be you". Even with story toggle working, it's just a bunch of zombie sims who still age. Until they make individual families/lots freezable, it's not possible to completely play multiple families. :(

    These guys are doing really well! I only had one flower shop, a long time ago. I like that you will sometimes say they know the gender. A lot of people find out, not our fault our simmies can't. But we can pretend!

  8. I've been reading the TS3 reviews since they started coming in and the more I read, the more I know it's not what I want for Sullivan. I *hate* the idea of Sims randomly moving out of the hood or spawning children by themselves, with no second parent. If I treat it as a completely new game, separate from TS2, I can deal with it but I think I'll keep playing TS2 alongside it.

    It would be really cool if they'd added the capability of finding out the gender in game. How am I supposed to get a nursery ready?!? I'll just have to settle for pretending!