Monday, 4 May 2009


Round 16: Days 76-80
Narrated by Collette Sitko

Owen begged me and Julian to let him take over his grandparents' old room. He had it repainted and redecorated in no time. Kirstin is growing up fast and no teenage girl should have to share a bedroom with her brother!

The Greasy Spoon is going from strength to strength. The diner is at Level 5 now but unfortunately, Araminta has given her two weeks' notice to Julian. He saw it coming but he's disappointed. She turned out to be a great waitress - she really rakes in the tips.

She's very popular with the customers. I cannot imagine why.

Julian has quite a few regulars now and they're always greeted enthusiastically, which keeps them coming back.

I'm starting to realise why Julian doesn't want me working at the diner though. No way could I fix a sink with water spraying in my face and Boots McGee staring at me. Not without letting off a few expletives anyway. I hear that keeps customers away.

Owen brought his half-sister Tatiana home from school the other day. She's very, very shy. Hmph. She certainly didn't get that from her father.

Then the little snot didn't even want to accept my hug. Aren't I her sort-of stepmother? Or something? Last time I try and be nice to her.

If people would just agree with me all the time, I wouldn't have to throw drinks in their faces.

I mean, really. Brandon's a guest on my lawn and he disagrees with me?

He won't make that mistake again, if he's smart.

And another one for good measure! I showed him!

Urgh! Get the hell off my lawn!

At least some people aren't being constantly irritated. Owen has become really close to his cousin Madelyn and they've been going jogging every afternoon. I bet the overturned bin was that Brandon Kirby's fault. Joke's on him. It was empty.

The last picture of Kirstin as a child.

She's a teenager now and is off to high school. She must idolise Owen. They both want to be lawyers when they grow up.

Kirstin has an after school job helping out at a nursing home but any afternoon she has off, she heads down to the sports park with Tatiana and tosses a football around. Tatiana isn't naturally talented at sports like my daughter though.

You see?


Julian is 48 now and he's cut his hair and he's started greying around the temples. He's also got some laugh lines and frown lines. I have to say, I'm kind of glad about that. I was beginning to feel old!

Random pics:I think they might always talk like this at the table but the first thing I thought when I saw this picture was "Owen can't see without his glasses!" I was considering taking his glasses off but he's clearly blind as a bat, sitting there talking to thin air, the poor kid.

Collette is evil. This is the face she makes when I tell her to do something nasty. She also rubs her hands together with glee. All she needs are some liver spots and she'd be Mr. Burns!

Cat gossip is the best gossip!

It's much more scandalous than I ever imagined it could be!

  • I don't know what Owen is doing in the family portrait. I didn't notice his arm was up like that until I uploaded the picture. I am observant, obviously.
  • Araminta really does get lots of tips. Every few minutes while I'm playing the diner, I get an Araminta pop-up saying "Hey, thanks a lot!" with a little ch-ching sound. I have yet to catch a picture of it happening.
  • Collette was the one who rolled the "PMS - annoy the next walk-by 6 times" and her poor victim was Brandon. I think it's hilarious that Collette just happened to roll that one. Collette seems to have permanent PMS, even while pregnant, which is a biological impossibility.
  • Ah! No drama. The three houses before this one were all quite busy, so this was a nice break, while still not being boring.


  1. Collette is great! I love mean sims. I suppose her daughter is a bit mean too judging from the pic of her and Tatiana tossing the football around.

    The Greasy Spoon looks like SO much fun! I hate running restaurants in game. Does it make money for your sim? (I know there is a way to do it-- *says I as I sit here pondering formulas*) Do you have any tips? Also, do you know who actually gets the tips? Does it go to the owner of the business?

  2. That picture of Collette's face is such a great PMS picture!! Its funny she got that ROS.

    I didn't know they could get tips for waiting tables...oh yeah, I've only had one, very unsuccessful playable-owned restaurant :-)

    I really like their neighborhood and yard. Its so pretty looking.

  3. OMG, I love Collette! That picture of her being evil is priceless! :) She's so funny! This whole family is so funny!

    LOL @ the look on Julian's face when Kirstin grew up, he's like, Oh hell, I have a teenage daughter now!!! Both Kirstin and Tatiana are adorable!

    OMG, scandalous cat gossip! LOL!!!

    I think this is my new favorite family! :)

  4. OMG, Collette really is mean!!! And to be honest, I loved reading about it, mean sims can bo so much fun!

  5. I have a lot of mean Sims in Sullivan. It's funny because I didn't plan it that way. I randomised the personalities of the original Sims I moved in but somehow I ended up with a lot of meanies anyway! Collette, Kirstin, Emil, Anna and Betsy are all mean, off the top of my head. Kirstin, to answer your question Lunar, has one nice point. So she's a LOT mean!

    Lunar, I'm not sure about the tips. I'll have to play closer attention to see if it goes into Julian's funds next time I play. But The Greasy Spoon does pretty well - it makes a couple of thousand a day.

    Laura, I think Julian might be missing his little girl.

    Francesca, I feel I should confess that I didn't build or landscape their house. It was downloaded but it *is* lovely.

    Anyway, I'm glad you all like Collette because I love her too. She's lots of fun to play and to write for.

  6. Collette is a trip. Don't mess with her lawn, people! Oh, Kirstin is very pretty. I love that hairstyle on her.

  7. You pretty much just don't mess with Collette at all! She's my Queen Bitch, LOL.

    Kirstin was such a cute kid. She dyes her hair a lighter shade of blonde now though.