Friday, 15 May 2009


Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Samson Clarke

Yes, of course I'm still angry at Dad. You don't just get over stuff like that. You're probably wondering why I'm still living in the same house as him then. Well, basically, I think he's the one who should be ousted. Mum is not on board with that though, so we're all still together.

So right now, Dad and I are both working nights while Mum is at the office during the day. Which means we're left alone at home during the day. I leave him to his guitar and I go and hang out downtown instead. I'm not going to hang around the house all day with him.

On this particular day, I went to a diner and who should be sitting behind me but Owen? That could have been awkward and I made a quick exit. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Owen. It's not his fault his mum got knocked up by my Dad. But it's a little weird running into him when I'm not expecting it.

I'm running on pure caffeine right now. I haven't slept in a couple of days. I went to work, got promoted and found out they wanted me to start my new position the next day at 9am. This is after my shift ended at 1am. I have to get some actual sleep soon!

Maybe the lack of sleep is what caused me to invite Christa inside when I saw her passing by the house. It's not normally something I'd do. She offered to set me up on a date with her friend Sky.

But when I went over to Sky to ask her if she'd like to go out, she turned me down!

Then Christa herself started flirting with me.

Then both of them grabbed me and kissed me, one after the other. Just like that. Can you believe it?

I'm really not used to girls being interested in me. It definitely never happened in high school.

Christa left before Sky did and we ended up in my bedroom.

So you can imagine how surprised I was when I ran into Sky at the beach the next night and she turned me down when I asked her if she wanted to hang out a bit.

She just walked away without a second glance. What did I do wrong?

I was kind of depressed and about to head back home when Kendal asked me to join her for a hamburger. I'd only met her once before, when I went on a night out with Trent and Emil before Trent got married, but it was nice to have someone to save me from looking like a total loser!

I didn't get much of a chance to talk to her at the bar (it's hard to talk to anyone in there, the jukebox is so loud) but we actually get along great!

Kendal lives really far away though and was only visiting Exeter, so we're keeping in contact by phone right now. But at least our night ended the way I thought it might end with Sky.

But of course, things can't go well for me without a little bit of bad luck interrupting.

I had the day off from work the next day and I saw Cathy Barton walk by our house and thought nothing of it. Half an hour later though, she's standing in our living room. I bet I know where this is going. I asked her to leave and went to find Dad.

I cannot believe he'd invite another woman over after the whole Owen thing! He claimed nothing happened with Cathy but I don't believe a word that comes out his mouth any more.

I told Mum about Kendal and asked if I could invite her over to stay for a few days. Well, I kind of already had invited her and I was really just asking Mum if she'd take the day off the next day so someone was home to let her in. Mum's kind of a workaholic and she wasn't happy about it but she agreed. I'd do it myself but I'm too new at work to go around taking days off for no reason.

Mum managed to hide her annoyance for long enough to greet Kendal and tell her to make herself at home.

I was so happy to see her again! She's changed her hair, which is probably good because we were sort of looking like twins. It's so cheesy when couples look alike like that.

I can't believe a high-powered lawyer like Mum still has the table manners of a pig. It was so embarrassing. Kendal didn't say anything but I saw the look on her face.

She mustn't have been completely scared off though because she still stayed the night. Sleeping next to Kendal that night made me realise how much I didn't want her to go back home so the next morning, I asked her not to! We're not engaged or anything but I'm hoping it's heading that way.

Random pics:Kendal's a smart girl! She and Galen have some chemistry (it's higher with Samson, if you're curious) but she's not falling for any of Galen's sleazy tricks!

Ha, Samson seriously just sat there staring at the TV while Galen was talking. I love it when things like that happen in the game.

  • None of this was planned. I was actually expecting this round to be sort of quiet for Samson. He's got no chemistry with any of the teenage girls in Sullivan but he rolled up the want for marriage and a baby straight away. So I got to work on finding him someone.
  • The back and forth between Samson, Christa and Sky went on forever. I've spared you most of it. It was quite funny! I'm pretty sure Christa woohooed with Galen when he was in college but I'm pretending that was Christa's mother, Christa Sr.
  • Christa and Sky, by the way, are messed up in the head. In between all this flirting and making out with Samson, they were giggling and chatting together like nothing was strange.
  • I don't know if Cathy actually woohooed with Galen. It pretty much happened exactly as Samson described it but I'm not as likely to jump to conclusions as Samson is. ;)
  • You can see Kendal's profile here. She's got a fabulous LTW. I thought she might have an impossible one for her (seeing she didn't go to college) like Education Minister or Mad Scientist.


  1. Good for Samson. I really like Kendal. They look super cute together.

    May I ask where you got her hair from?

  2. I believe that's a Nouk hair. She's shut down her site, I think, but I think that hair is either at MTS2 or Garden of Shadows.

  3. I'm happy that Samson found someone :) I like Kendal already after seeing she turned down Galen!

  4. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
    thank you

  5. Great pics of the love triangle. Kendal's Ltw is interesting considering she didn't go to college. Now I'm curious why she didn't, as a knowledge sim.

  6. LOL at the whole love triangle thing. That was perfect. I could see his look of confusion, especially the next time he ran across Skye and she refused to hang out with him.

    I'm glad he at least found someone. Kendall looks cute! Plus, he was struck by lightening. That has to be a sign of some sort, right?

  7. Thanks, everyone.

    Kendal endeared herself to me by turning down Galen too. Plus, she has teenage Ivy Copur face and that townie produced one of my most gorgeous Sims ever.

    The love triangle was not like anything I've seen before! I think I was as confused as Samson.

  8. Whew! Slowly, but surely getting caught up. Whoa in regards to the back-and-forth. That's kind of messed up, LOL! Those two are evil. xD

    I am in love with Kendal's hair! Do you happen to remember where you got it?

  9. D'oh, nevermind. I can see someone already asked! Silly me.

  10. That's kind of what I was thinking. Samson has higher chemistry with both Sky and Christa than he has with Kendal but I'm not going to hook him up with one of those manipulative cows!