Friday, 1 May 2009


Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Trent Kirby (this is a longer one that usual)

So I guess what most people do once they've graduated college is look for a job. I did that (I'm on the local soccer team) but what I was really looking forward to was hitting the bars. I brought Emil and my cousin Samson along for the ride.

Drinking all night was not as exciting as I'd hoped though, so I headed upstairs and that's where I met Megan.

The conversation flowed pretty easily. She was certainly...forward. When I asked her what she wanted to do, she told me she wanted to have a baby. Uh, okay. I meant what did she want to do right this minute, but that's cool. At least I know we have similar long-term goals.

She didn't look like the camping type to me, but she loved hearing about my recent trip to Three Lakes anyway.

Emil was still boozing downstairs and Samson had struck up a conversation with a girl he'd met.

I figured it might be a good time to ditch the guys and go somewhere quieter with Megan.

Just as we were leaving though, Samson approached and just stood there staring. All the while, I'm thinking "dude, don't you have somewhere to be?"

We went to Greasers' Cafe for coffee but we found the conversation had dried up a little. Maybe the alcohol was wearing off.

A bit of dancing by the jukebox broke the ice...

...followed by Megan laughing way too hard at my joke. I don't think it was that funny! Anyway, it was pretty late by then so we parted ways and I headed home.

Did I tell you how awesome it is to be home and able to eat Dad's cooking again? I'm so over dorm food! They did pancakes there too but they're not as good as at home.

Megan came over today. Mum and Dad were both at work so I called her over for...well, I don't want to say booty call, because that's really not how I think of her.

Even so, we did end up christening my new bed anyway (I've been sleeping in my old single bed up until now). But I'd completely forgotten that I'd planned a party for that same night, so we ended up having to get dressed good and quick! The party was kind of a "Welcome Home Me!" thing.

I invited Magdalena and her husband Jace...

Araminta and Emil...

Samson (got him back for the other night, intruding on my date like that)...

Betsy and Tate...and...several others I can't remember right now!

It seemed like Betsy was in one of her moods at the party. She got all weird when I tried to dance with her.

And I don't know what she said to Megan but Megan's not impressed with her right now.

Megan and Araminta look like they could become good friends though, which is good. Megan's new to Sullivan and she doesn't know too many people here yet.

Mum and Dad came home from work during the party. Mum was thrilled to see Tate. He hadn't seen my parents since graduation.

Dad was excited too but he had some kind of emergency at the market, and he had to call in. He was on the phone with Jonah most of the rest of the party.

The next morning, Zelda (Tate's new girlfriend) came to meet my parents. Mum was pretty impressed that she came all the way out to the farm, as Zelda (and now Tate) lives on the other end of town.

Dad was just happy to have someone to talk about his restaurant and the market with, who wasn't completely sick of hearing about it. Yet.

Megan and I went out again the other night. My job is pretty tiring and it's nice to go out and relax after work.

It was pretty late by the time we were both ready to go, so it was dessert only.

Megan ended up coming home with me and in the morning before I dropped her off at work, I had a little surprise for her. Later, she told me she'd been waiting for me to propose since only a short time after we first met. So obviously, she said yes.

In the midst of all the wedding planning, we all failed to notice that Jeannie was pregnant. We all thought she was too old to have a litter but two puppies were born the night before our wedding - one boy and one girl. There's not enough room in this place for 4 people, 4 dogs and a cat though, so we're looking for homes for them.

I couldn't sleep the day of our wedding. I think I was lying in bed awake from about 4am onwards. Too jittery or excited, I guess.

The ceremony was held near the apple trees, in the exact spot where my parents were married.

Finally! Now we could relax and enjoy the reception.

We spent most of our reception greeting guests and it was an opportunity for Megan to meet my relatives she hadn't yet met. On Mum's side, there are a lot of them. Fairly run of the mill reception.

Well, except for the extra-marital affair developing right in our backyard.

I'm not sure what's going on with Debbie and Linnea but they seemed fine when I saw them later on that evening. Maybe Debbie doesn't know?

We definitely had a lot to discuss once all of our guests had left.

The next morning, we were all awoken by the most hideous screeching sound coming from the music room.

Megan was certainly no virtuoso. Even the pets were distressed.

Speaking of the pets, we've got one less now. Abigail has been begging my uncle for a puppy, so he was very keen to take one of them off our hands.

  • Trent is Family/Pleasure, so while he's very keen to marry and start a family, he always has the constant want to go to community lots. I love sending my Sims downtown, so I'm happy to oblige him.
  • Megan was another one of my playable townies, created at the same time as Henry. I think I've shown her before. She showed up at Elias's store a couple of rounds ago.
  • Megan fell in love with Trent way before he fell in love with her. She rolled up an engagement want on their first date, when Trent's LTR was about 35. I didn't make her selectable until they were best friends but when I did, Trent's LTR was at 51 and hers was at about 95. So that was new for me.
  • I definitely did not plan on Trent getting married this round. I thought he'd be single for a while, actually because he didn't have much luck in college. I was going to wait for one of my real playables to age up but he has 3 bolts with Megan (ACR score 96 and that's before
  • The tattoo mysteriously appeared on Trent's arm and I've been unable to remove it. So I guess it's staying. It kind of suits him anyway.
  • I did not plan the Linnea and Betsy thing, although I did notice they had 3 bolts while I was playing Betsy at college. "Hmmm", I thought and that was it. Betsy thought a little more, I guess. Or maybe Linnea did. I can't tell which one of them started it. Anyway, Trent doesn't know what will happen and nor do I. I haven't yet decided what to do with Debbie and Linnea.
  • That's Brandon in the post-wedding picture at the dining table. He aged to elder right after the ceremony.


  1. LOL, the first thing she says is she wants to have a baby! LOL @ his reaction too! :)

    Aww, that's cute that they got married in the same spot his parents did! Congrats to Megan and Trent!

    OMG, Betsy! She does seem lonely though, but man, no need to be a homewrecker about it, lol! Are Debbie and Linnea three bolts too?

  2. Oh my, Linnea + Betsy = more drama! And I like it LOL It'll be very interesting to see what happens, especially since Linnea is pregnant and IIRC it was Debbie who wanted a child...

    Trent and Megan are so cute together. I think it's great that they got married on the same spot as his parents, I love seeing traditions like that.

  3. Trent sure is a go-with-the flow kind of guy. Most guys would be like, Too much information, with that "me, oh, I want a baby" thing.

    The apple orchard was beautiful, as was Megan's dress. She certainly has a style of her own, with that red retro outfit :-)

    Its funny how sometimes sims are so oblivious to being cheated on and sometimes they have a vigilant radar. Pescado's jealousy hack, maybe?

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Yes, Laura, Debbie and Linnea also have three bolts. So we'll have to see what happens! I can't remember which one of them she has higher chemistry with though. That may or may not be the deciding factor for what I decide to do with them.

    Yep, CissieMae, it was Debbie who wanted a child. Perhaps Linnea shouldn't have agreed if she wasn't sure about their relationship.

    Francesca, Debbie just didn't see them kissing. She's a knowledge Sim with no Pleasure or Romance secondary, so it's likely she would have been upset if she *did* see it.

  5. Is it just me or are you having a wedding per post? :-)

    And that is so romantic for the wedding to be at the same spot as the parents.

  6. LOL simstate. Well, I suppose a new generation is off and running.

    I loved the imagery of getting married by the apple trees. How lovely. Her dress was gorgeous too.

    And I love Megan's style. Very cute! It seems rather fitting for her.

  7. Weddings! I love weddings, and they got married in the same spot as his parents. *sigh* I hope they have a long, happy, and healthy marriage, free of drama. But you never know! lol

  8. Simstate, it's not just you! I was thinking that myself. I know you've read the Moretti update but there's a wedding in that post and there's another coming up after that too! I think I might get some wedding respite after that!

    I'm glad the apple trees were in bloom for Trent and Megan's wedding. When Brandon and Leontine got married, they weren't.

    Trent and Megan are both Family Sims, so I'm hoping for drama-free cuteness from them but who knows? Sacha, the biggest cad my game had ever produced before Galen, was also Family.

  9. Trent and Megan moved fast! But they're so sweet together and lovely that they got married in the same spot his parents did.

    Oh and i'm catching up. Oh so slowly catching up. I don't want to skip ahead incase I miss something good!

    1. Yeah, my sims moved pretty fast in these days! Megan is an interesting sim. She really isn't the way I expected her to be when I moved her in but you'll see that as you go along. I still love her though. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!