Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sleeping where I want

Round 17: Days 81-85

Narrated by Abigail Lachance

So the homework has been piling up and I really can't be bothered to do it. At breakfast the other day, I told Dad I was thinking about forgetting college and just going right out and getting a job.

Yeah...he wasn't so into that. I got home from school that day and he'd piled all my school work up on my desk and stood there while I worked through it all. Dad says even if I don't go to college, I'm still expected to do my work.

But at least my parents let me get this makeover station for my bedroom. As you can see here, I kind of messed up Aislin's hair.

I fixed it though, see? I don't know if it's anything I'd want to do for a career. It was kind of just a whim.

To reward myself for finishing all my homework and getting my bronze cosmetology badge, I invited Caleb over while my parents were at work on the weekend.

Before we knew it, we were undressed and in my parents' bed. I hadn't planned on sleeping with Caleb but I guess we got a little carried away.

The next day, I realised something was wrong. I hadn't eaten anything unusual and I never get sick. I took a test to confirm but I already knew I was pregnant.

I have to wonder if Dad suspected something was up. He kept asking me if I was feeling okay and if I'd been staying up too late recently. I waved him off but I knew I'd have to fess up eventually.

If the pregnancy book I checked out of the library was accurate, I was going to start showing soon.

Really soon!

When I told Dad, he immediately launched into a lecture about how we should have been more careful. I guess we should have been, but it's a little late for the birds and bees talk now!

Mum didn't say much at all, apart from asking what I planned to do. I was going to keep it but that's all I knew.

I was hoping to get out of school and hide away for my entire pregnancy but Mum and Dad are insisting that I still go. My grades are still a bit crappy and people will find out that I'm pregnant eventually. I don't really want to be the subject of gossip but I've been rethinking college and I need to do better in school if I want to go.

I've been thinking about what I want to do when the baby is born and it seems like my parents have been thinking about it too. They were assuming I'd want to skip Suffolk and stay at home with them. I've decided that if I get enough scholarship money, I'm going to enrol and take the baby with me. I think they even have special housing set up for students with babies. I think Mum and Dad were both relieved. I think they would have helped out if I stayed at home but I'm sure they weren't keen on the idea of raising another baby just when they thought they'd finished.

So I've been preparing to live on my own. I'm trying to keep my room neat on my own and I'm teaching myself to cook too. I don't want to burn the house down on my first day by myself!

And actually attending school has paid off because I'm getting all As now!

This is how I spent the evening of my last day of school - giving birth. I was glad Mum was here to help me.

So this is Nicholas! It's hard to say who he looks like right now but he's definitely got my colouring.

Yes, and Caleb was there for the birth too! When I told him I was pregnant, he promised he would be and he kept that promise.

  • I rolled an ROS for Abigail which I'm too lazy to copy and paste but it was basically a woohoo scavenger hunt - woohooing in every possible object in the game. I couldn't do the car one but they woohooed everywhere else. Abigail actually got pregnant in a hot tub at the aquatic centre (which, ewwww!) but I wasn't able to get any good pictures of that. So bed pics instead.
  • I had to really think about how I was going to handle this family now that Abigail's got the baby and is going to college. I pretty much plan my whole hood to avoid empty-nesters! So Abigail will move to student family housing with Nicholas and when Jonas graduates, he'll move back in with his parents. Tatiana will be at college and if all goes to plan, will graduate at the same time as Abigail. At that point, I'll move Jonas and Tatiana to the farm and Abigail and Caleb will be with Mina and Pascal. Caleb isn't going to college, so he'll probably be in an apartment next round. I'm putting that all down here, because I'll completely forget it otherwise!


  1. Was she your first pregnant teen? I can't remember.

    It's a bit sad when it happenes, but you get over it, lol. So far I've only had one pregnant teen. But the majority of them haven't been sexually active... yet.

    Can't wait to see how she juggles college and a baby, but at least she'll have help.

  2. I'm so behind on how you guys let your teen Sims go off to college and live with their babies. I'll have to stay tuned to see how all this works out for Abigail. What a crazy ROS to roll!! LOL! Where did you get Abigail's hair?

  3. I've been wondering if you do something to prevent teen pregnancies because there haven't been any before this. Some of your teens have been quite... active.

    How will you handle the aging of the baby while in college? Are you going to let him age "naturally" or will you modify the age to be in sync with others?

  4. First of all, I LOVE her outfit in the beginning! How spunky! Where did you find that?

    I'll be playing my first college baby soon too (Keri has her senior year left still), and she's got to juggle her senior internship on top of that as well, lol! She ought to love that! ;)

    I haven't ever attempted it before, since I haven't been doing my base-hood uni very long. I've always had them drop out before. But you're playing a regular uni neighborhood, aren't you?

    Anyway, good luck to Abigail! Did she really like Caleb, or is she just kind of stuck with him now? LOL!

  5. That's a pretty fun ROS to get! Maybe not so much in the long run, now that she's a teen mom and all. Eh, just makes me glad I have all sons in real life! LOL

  6. Riverdale, yes, Abigail is my first pregnant teen though technically (if you go by their ages and not life stages), she's the same age as Hanna was when she had the twins.

    Simmington, Abigail's hair is a Nouk style. I'm not sure where I got it. Hopefully MTS2 or GOS, because I don't know where all of her site stuff has gone now that she's closed.

    CissieMae, I actually don't think many of my teens have woohooed. Isaac and Petra did, way back when, as did Linnea and Debbie. Samson was a really early starter (he was 14) but it was with a townie so no pregnancy risk. There have probably been a couple of others but the Sullivan teens have surprised me quite a bit!

    Nicholas will be aged manually. If I let him age naturally and then played college as is (without speeding it up), he'd probably be close to an adult by the time Abigal graduated. In my mind, 5 years pass while they're away at college, so he'll be 5 when Mummy graduates.

    Laura, Abigail's outfit is from Modish Kitten. They haven't updated in ages but Abigail's outfit is still up there and comes in 5 colours.

    I have actually never had a Sim drop out! That might be my next thing to try but yes, my uni is a regular uni hood.

    Caleb and Abigail have one bolt, even with turn ons adjusted, so no, they're not exactly destined to be together but they're bonded forever now! I'll have to see how they go - she's Romance and he's Pleasure.

  7. OMG pregnant teen off to college! I can't wait for those stories. Woo, will that have to be tough!

    The one time a sim got pregnant at college (Rich's mom) I had her drop out and go home. It was totally unexpected, and the baby aged while in college.

  8. Whoa, college AND a baby? Brave girl. Funny how she didn't want to go and now it's going to be difficult and she DOES want to go. Ahh, teenagers. ;)

  9. Heh, maybe she wants to be able provide for her child. There are several cautionary tales in the neighbourhood, showing what happens when you can't get a good paying job!

    Abigail's update will be posted tomorrow and yeah, "tough" is a good word. Nicholas is a very whiny baby and she had it much harder than Hanna and Augustin did with the twins, when they were in college.